The wife is pregnant with someone else’s child to pretend to be sick, her husband loan to her, neighbors: all married

Yang Xuewen in Liyang City, Hunan Province has recently encountered a sad thing, and it is a strange thing!

Her wife, Zhou Xiaoqing, was 8 months pregnant and was about to give birth. It was a very happy thing.

However, because Zhou Xiaoqing’s call has made this happy thing a sad thing, and it is still strange.

One night, Yang Xuewen, who worked outside, received a call from Zhou Xiaoqing.

As usual, Yang Xuewen was about to ask his wife.

He hadn’t said it yet. Zhou Xiaoqing on the phone on the phone said, "Husband, tell you a bad news."

Yang Xuewen was shocked. He hurriedly asked, "What’s? Is it a child’s abortion?"

After listening to Yang Xuewen’s words, Zhou Xiaoqing changed from sobbing to crying. She asked Yang Xuewen: "Is there only a child in your mind? Is there no me?"

Yang Xuewen quickly explained: "Wife, I don’t mean that, don’t be angry, you know, I don’t know much."

After a while, Zhou Xiaoqing still said with a cry: "I am terminally ill, it is melanoma. The doctor said that if it is not treated, it is only half a year."

Yang Xuewen: "When is it?"

Zhou Xiaoqing: "I got the inspection report this morning. I have been hesitating to tell you."

Yang Xuewen: "Say silly words, of course, tell me that I will come back tomorrow and accompany you to the hospital for treatment."

Zhou Xiaoqing: "Don’t come back, you can’t speak, and you can make me angry. The doctor said that my illness can’t be angry, otherwise I won’t live for three months."

Yang Xuewen: "What do you say?"

Zhou Xiaoqing: "Don’t come back, you have to make me angry as soon as you speak. Let’s go through the divorce procedures first.


Yang Xuewen racked his brains, and he didn’t come up with it. What is the relationship between treating the disease and divorce?

However, he didn’t dare to ask, because he was afraid of saying that he was not good, and made his wife angry, he had to agree with his wife’s request.

After the divorce, except for the eldest son returned to himself, the rest were Zhou Xiaoqing.

Yang Xuewen thinks that it is fake anyway, why care about this?

After divorcing, Yang Xuewen paid 20,000 yuan in medical expenses to his wife, and supported …

Time passed day by day, in a blink of an eye, it has reached the days of Zhou Xiaoqing’s production.

Yang Xuewen wanted to go back to accompany the birth, she refused; Yang Xuewen asked the video, he wanted to see his daughter, but Zhou Xiaoqing refused.

Later, Zhou Xiaoqing just sent him a picture of his daughter, and his pink was very cute.

Looking at the photos of her daughter, Yang Xuewen’s heart was about to melt.

Therefore, although Zhou Xiaoqing refused to meet again and again, he did not answer the video call again and again.

Although Yang Xuewen also felt strange, he still transferred money to his wife again and again. He cared about his wife’s body and looked forward to seeing his daughter as soon as possible.

Later, one day, one day, he couldn’t even call Zhou Xiaoqing’s phone. Suddenly he had a bad hunch. Is his wife already?Nympho

He didn’t dare to think down, he started looking for his wife and inquired around the world.

When the neighbors of their hometown learned that Yang Xuewen was looking for Zhou Xiaoqing, they were surprised. Someone asked Yang Xuewen: "Are you divorced? What do you find?"

Yang Xuewen: "Divorce is fake, because Xiaoqing is sick."

Neighbors: "You are not dreaming, are you stupid? After Zhou Xiaoqing’s divorce, he has hugged his daughter to marry someone. It has been several months, and everyone knows at the door."

What?Yang Wenwen almost fainted on the ground …

What exactly is going on?Let’s take a look at the story between Yang Xuewen and Zhou Xiaoqing.

Although the neighbors are very sad, Yang Xuewen knows that this is true!

Because the two are too close to, they can’t escape the eyes of everyone’s eyes at all, let alone getting married?

Yang Xuewen put down his work and rushed home quickly.

However, Zhou Xiaoqing has never answered the phone!

He had to find his mother -in -law’s house, and the mother -in -law’s house was also at the door, because they were working abroad all year round.

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However, the mother -in -law told Yang Xuewen on the phone that her daughter was indeed remarried, and they always thought that her daughter was divorced.

However, they did not know the specific address of their daughters, but they only knew they were in the city.

In order to find Zhou Xiaoqing, Yang Xuewen had to invite reporters from the TV station to help.

With the help of reporters, Zhou Xiaoqing reluctantly agreed to meet with Yang Xuewen.

After many twists and turns, Yang Xuewen finally met Zhou Xiaoqing.

When he met, Zhou Xiaoqing was still embraced his daughter for several months.

Seeing the child’s pink -carved small face, Yang Xuewen wanted to hug his daughter and kissed him.

However, he still restrained his impulse, because since he learned that his ex -wife remarried, Zhou Xiaoqing no longer admitted that his child was Yang Xuewen.

So, what about Zhou Xiaoqing?Is she really sick?Judging from her current situation, the face is red and full of villain, it is not as healed at all.

Yang Xuewen began to question his ex -wife: "You are obviously not sick, why deceive me?"

Zhou Xiaoqing replied, "What did I deceive? I used to have melanoman, and the inspection report also showed you. Is there any fake?"

Yang Xuewen: "How do you be good now?"

Zhou Xiaoqing: "Why? Do you look forward to me dying? I have melanoma, benign, cured, is it disappointed with you?"

When Yang Xuewen heard Zhou Xiaoqing’s words, he said in a while, and he didn’t know how to answer.

Seeing Yang Xuewen’s appearance, Zhou Xiaoqing was very happy, and then she issued a series of soul torture to Yang Xuewen: "No wonder you agreed so quickly that you would divorce me.

It turned out that I saw that I had a terminally ill and wanted to abandon me. I hope I am going to die, is it?"


Obviously Zhou Xiaoqing deceived Yang Xuewen. Why does it seem to have become Yang Xuewen’s fault now?

Not to mention Yang Xuewen, who is honest, even seeing a lot of knowledge, and a journalist who has been in a hundred battles, was tortured by Zhou Xiaoqing’s soul.

Seeing the ex -husband who was stunned by himself, Zhou Xiaoqing was very proud.

Next, he fell into bitter water to reporters, and accused his ex -husband Yang Xuewen.

Zhou Xiaoqing said that 5 years ago, he was only 18 years old. When working outside, he met Yang Xuewen.

At that time, many people pursuing themselves, many men lined up to give her flowers and dinner.

However, she didn’t see anyone, but she looked at Yang Xuewen, who was honest and honest, and was 7 years older than herself.

Originally, she felt that greater herself, her personality was honest, and she could give herself a sense of security.

They didn’t know long, and they were together. In 2016, the eldest son was born.

Therefore, they were married and held a wedding ceremony. In 2017, when they were old, they received a marriage certificate.

However, what she didn’t expect was that although Yang Xuewen was 7 years older than her, it was like a child who hadn’t grown up.

Apart from going to work a day, I played games and paid a salary. I would rather buy the equipment of "Glory of the King", and did not buy milk powder for children.

In addition, Yang Xuewen also borrowed online loans. It was either repaying debts or on the way to repay the debt.

Zhou Xiaoqing also said that she has been with Yang Xuewen these years without any sense of security, so she will be derailed in marriage.

She is now married to Li Tianliang, and her daughter is also Li Tianliang. She hopes that Yang Xuewen will not entangle her anymore.

For Zhou Xiaoqing’s speech, Yang Xuewen said that a word could not be recognized.

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