The wife is pregnant, the husband suspects that you are unhappy#Douyin recommendation

Unexpectedly, the son frowned.Little cute.

In the past few years, her mother -in -law finally waited for the good news to tell my wife at this moment.Jiao Suqiao was pregnant.Everyone was very happy to hear the news, only the husband’s mind was heavy.Because the man went to the hospital not long ago, the result was infertility. How could his wife get pregnant?The more you think of the husband, the more he felt wrong, but the whole family was immersed in the joy and took care of Suqiao.The status of his wife is now the first, and the whole family loves her as a baby.But the husband didn’t believe it, and asked his wife if he was wrong.Let his wife test it once, and the wife said how can there be fakes, and the test strips have been measured.The husband doubt whether his wife has seen others.His wife answered never seen it.Husband suspected that the child was not his.At this time, I remembered that my wife was holding with others, and the man was still entangled with his wife every day. Is it related to him?On the other side, her mother -in -law began to add nutrition to her daughter -in -law and boiled a pot of chicken soup.When the son was unhappy, could he speak well.I won’t eat it.There is something wrong with the unit in the morning.I have to go quickly.How do I think Bai since I was pregnant, Lidong didn’t seem to be very happy.On this day’s wife and a small meeting, the two had to open a shop.Women agree.E Qiao was seen by her husband, and now the husband is even more certain that the child is not his.

After returning home, her husband began to test his wife and asked her that she had never seen others these days, and the wife said she had never seen it.Then the man came to the hospital again. As a result, it was still infertile.Now I am convinced that the wife is derailed.On this day, the husband found that his wife was wrong, and the makeup sprayed perfumes, and she dressed beautifully.

Then his wife took a taxi and went out, and the husband chased behind, and his wife and man were together.Chen Nan told me several times. He wanted to open a studio with me.This is not that I have never dared to tell you, I’m afraid you misunderstand.What is afraid of me misunderstanding, this is a husband and wife shop.You have rich people, they are all stinky problems. They all like other people’s wives, right?If she really hurts her, she wrapped her two.Whose child is this now, I don’t know yet.His wife left when she heard her husband.As soon as Su Qiao returned home, it hurt.This is a bad thing. Her husband quickly hugged his wife to the hospital, and his parents scolded his son.But the man said he was right, and the doctor came out at this time.

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