The wife is pregnant and a man mentioned AA. After the mother is hospitalized, his wife: If you want to serve, yes, 250 a day

Silvia Plas once said: "From a distance, I found that he was a flawless man, but once he was closer, I immediately discovered that he didn’t meet my ideals at all."

When you are in love, you just need to consider how to coax each other to be happy, consider what the other person likes, do not need to worry about other things, and even the spending of your parents when you fall in love are given by parents.

However, after getting married, it is a matter for couples to operate marriage, work hard, raise their children, treat interpersonal relationships, and run in husband and wife.When two people live together for a long time, because the filter generated by the distance is broken, you may see his true face and understand whether the person you want.

There are many factors that can destroy marriage. Among them, money is the most critical factor.The clever woman is difficult to cook without rice. There is no money, and it is a problem to survive, let alone solve other things.

Tu Lei once said: "Money is not the only criterion for testing true love, but money can measure the deep feelings."

As there is a saying on the Internet, men who are willing to spend money on you can’t say that they must love you, but men who don’t even want to spend a penny will definitely not love you.

For example, regardless of his wife’s opposition in the marriage, men who have to implement the AA system have not loved their wives.

When you are in love, the AA system is implemented. It is not wrong. After all, who’s money is not scraped by the wind, and no one has the obligation to spend money on people who may not have results.However, marriage is different.

Marriage has different requirements for men and women. Men and women need to pay for marriage and cannot be measured by money.

Don’t say anything else, ask those men who want AA, don’t you want children?How should I be AA such a thing such a thing?

"He wants a child, so he endured it for two years, and it was not until I was pregnant before I put forward AA. What made me feel more disgusting is that he just wanted to follow me on money and not let me spend his money.But I hope that I will be a good wife and mother, take care of the family in order, and let him return home to be an uncle. I also want me to respect his parents, but I never care about my parents.What do you use? "

When it comes to her husband, Ms. Zhu was angry at one place, hate her teeth itch, and has been scolding herself blindly, and did not see the true face of the man.

When she was in love, Ms. Zhu’s husband, Mr. Geng, performed well. Not only was she gentle and considerate, but when Ms. Zhu made her small temperament awkward, she gave up everywhere and coaxed Ms. Zhu with her pattern, and she was very generous to Ms. Zhu.

"At that time, I found a job facing nine nights and six. The working hours were free. You only needed to have computers and nets. You can work everywhere. If you have any trouble, you can not go to the company.The price is that the salary is not high, less than one third of him, but I spend it alone. "

When falling in love, Mr. Geng was very generous to Ms. Zhu, and often asked Ms. Zhu for dinner. At the beginning, Ms. Zhu took the idea that she should not take advantage of men and asked AA to pay half of them. However, Mr. Geng always grabbed grabbingAfter paying for, he refused to accept Ms. Zhu’s transfer afterwards.

"I think the two of us can do it. I spend a little money for our women.

Although they are not a high -level place, a meal of meals is about thirty or forty dollars, but Ms. Zhu is still very satisfied with the performance of her boyfriend, and feels that he is a good man.

When talking about marriage, the two did not have any differences in money.Since Mr. Geng’s parents bought a house in the provincial capital when his son was in high school, it was full. Even the decoration was ready. Ms. Zhu’s parents did not make a name or buy another set.Wan Cai Li, Mr. Geng agreed happily, and the two also stepped into the palace of marriage.

After getting married, Ms. Zhu also felt that her income was too low, contributed too little to the family’s economic contribution, and was not suitable, so she moved the idea of resigning and replacing jobs.

However, when Ms. Zhu discussed with Mr. Geng, Mr. Geng did not agree and gave her own reasons: "It is a man’s business, isn’t it me? What are you worried about?For economic pressure, the mortgage does not need to be repaid. You are married in the car. I can earn more than 10,000 a month, which is enough to spend. Besides, I need you at home. I do it every day until nine o’clock in the evening.After having children, I really have no time, I can only rely on you. "

Ms. Zhu felt that Mr. Geng said very reasonable. In addition, she quickly became pregnant, and she dispelled the idea of changing jobs.

"Do you know when he proposed AA with me? It was not when I was pregnant, but when I was seven months pregnant. Why did you choose this time? I can’t guess it? If I am in me?When he was pregnant, he dared to turn his face, even if he didn’t want a child, I would divorce. But, for seven months, can I give up the child? Am I not life? "

Mr. Geng suddenly proposed the AA system. The reason given was that Ms. Zhu’s spending was too much. It was too much to spend money. He couldn’t afford it, which made Ms. Zhu feel inexplicable.

"When a woman is pregnant, is it abnormal to spend a little bit? The birth checkup must be done.Well, when you buy something, you will definitely buy as much as possible according to the economic situation. The poorest can not be poor.

Occasionally, when I saw the chat record of Mr. Geng and her mother -in -law once, Ms. Zhu suddenly realized that she dared to disgust, and she really disgusted the people who had made less and spent more money.The AA system was proposed in the month, which made Ms. Zhu very disappointed, and she was dissatisfied with her mother -in -law.

Despite Ms. Zhu strongly opposed, and the Cold War with Mr. Geng, she failed to change the idea of Mr. Geng and her pregnant wife AA, which made Ms. Zhu feel extremely cold.

"I won’t sit still! The child I can’t give up, I will give birth to the child first."

After Ms. Zhu’s parents knew, she was also very disappointed with her son -in -law. Considering her daughter’s pregnancy, they gave her daughter some money as a pregnancy production, and let her daughter give birth to the children in her belly first.

After the suffering of her birth in October, Ms. Zhu gave birth to a daughter. The news spread to her hometown. The mother -in -law shouted her backache and back pain, saying that she was poor, she could not take her child, and she could not wait for the confinement.And Mr. Geng also helped his mother to speak, making Ms. Zhu more angry.

"Fortunately, I used to like to read books and also like to write novels.When I go out to work, I can get out of the time when I have money in my hands. "

However, before Ms. Zhu was divorced, Mr. Geng’s mother fell.Mr. Geng’s dad came and got used to his mouth to open his mouth. It was not a care of people at all. He didn’t know how to take care of his wife, and Mr. Geng was too busy to take care of his mother, so he stared at him.Ms. Zhu, who also brought her baby at home, asked Ms. Zhu to fulfill her daughter -in -law’s obligation to serve his mother.

"If you want me to serve, yes, 250 a day. The AA you mentioned should know the principle of managing your parents. Let me go, you have to give me a labor fee."

Mr. Geng refused to give it, and he lost his temper to Ms. Zhu. Ms. Zhu was too lazy to listen to him to fight, enter the house to pick up his daughter, and then show off with Mr. Geng, asking for divorce.

"He refused, I told him, unwillingly, we can continue to be the roommate of the shared rent, everything is AA, and the housework is also AA. Do not expect me to take care of his parents.He regenerates his son. It is estimated that I have seen that my heart has been decided, and knowing not to divorce without any benefit to him, he barely agreed. "

In the book "The Women’s Futures Decisive Ending", Carnegie said: Economic independent women, they have the ability to create happiness, they do not need to please and rely on men.

My three words of you sound are beautiful, but there are really few men who can be willing to raise you for a lifetime. Only a few women are so lucky.

If you easily believe in him, give up your job, or find a job with low income to make more time to take care of your family. When you have no way to support yourself, everything will be rely on him, and you will have no dignity.Essence

Instead of giving fate to others and being disappointed, it is better to grasp your destiny.


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