The whole process of women’s board is cowardly, and men and women must take a good look!

There are many ways to contraception. Why do women suffer so much?

Xiao Hu was 35 years old and completed the second child mission early. Because the child’s birth brought greater pressure on life, Xiao Hu’s couple discussed that he would no longer fight for three babies.

But in the future, the two have different differences.

"Let’s wear a sleeve in the future, convenient and safe."

"But it’s uncomfortable to wear a set, it’s not okay to take medicine."

"Why don’t you say that taking medicine will cause damage to your body. If you don’t want to wear a sleeve, just ligate."

"How can I ligate a big man? I heard that ligating will affect the function. It is better to go to the ring, the effect is the same, and once and for all, don’t worry about it in the future."

Dialogue like this, Xiao Hu has been counting how many times it has been experienced.

In the end, she couldn’t stand the persuasion of her husband and mother -in -law, and chose to go to the ring.

But who knows that the ring ring has not been long, Xiao Hu has various physical discomforts, lumbar pain, and back pain, and menstruation is not normal.

In fact, there are not a few women like Xiaohu in life, especially the older generations will choose to go to the ring in order to achieve long -term contraception.

There are two sides of everything. Although the Sheung Wan can contraception, it will also cause some adverse reactions. If these potential problems are ignored, women’s health is difficult to guarantee.

How does the birthplace work play a role?What is the process of Shekuan?What pain may be experienced after women on the ring?If you have to choose the ring, what should you pay attention to?

I will answer it today.

The birthplace is also called an in -palace. It generally affects conception through local tissue to reject rejection (cause local aseptic inflammation).

There is also a medicine -saving device, which mainly affects the effects of the operation of organ operation through progesterone and prostaglandins.

Affected by factors such as materials, shapes, and functions, there are many types of breeding rings.

In terms of material, stainless steel, silicone, plastic, copper, polyethylene, etc.

The common shapes are single -loop type, twist type, V -shaped, T -shaped type, etc., and can also be customized according to the size of the uterus.

In terms of functional division, for example, without a drug -free ring, it is generally a metal or rubber ring, which uses rejection or allergic reactions to achieve contraception.

For abnormal bleeding, the birth ring containing progesterone or hemostatic drugs can be used, while contraception can also improve the bleeding phenomenon.

1. Pre -operation examination

The Shanghuan is easy to say, in fact, it is also calculated in the scope of surgery.Since it is surgery, the pre -operative examination must be done in place.

Preoperative examinations generally include basic physical examinations, previous fertility history, and medical history, which are used to evaluate whether women meet the requirements of the upper ring.

If women suffer from related diseases, they are generally not recommended.

For example, systemic diseases include heart failure, anemia, abnormal hemorrhagic diseases, and gynecological diseases include severe erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis, uterine fibroids, and severe prolapse.

Only after the taboo is excluded, it meets the requirements of the upper ring.

2. Preparation before surgery

After female physical conditions meet the upper ring standards, individuals generally recommend a light diet for a week to prevent the irritating food from adversely affect the body.

If food stimulation causes swelling, congestion or inflammation of the tissue in the palace, it may affect the smooth progress of the upper ring.

3. Exploration

After women are prepared, the medical staff will disinfect the peripheral of women’s lower body, and use the pushing throughout the passage to disinfect the cervix.

After the disinfection is completed, the depth and space of the palace are generally used to detect the inside of the palace to prepare for the choice of the birthplace.

4. Select on demand

Considering the physical fitness of each woman, the history of fertility, the depth of the palace, the size of the space, and the degree of side reaction of different types of material -saving rings.

Before the Shekuan, you need to choose the appropriate birth ring in conjunction with the actual situation in the palace.

For example, women who have a history of caesarean section can choose a T -shaped ring, and women in the history of birth can choose a circular ring and uterine ring.

If you do n’t know what type of birth ring you are suitable for you, do n’t worry about it. Doctors will recommend the types that meet the needs and safe and reliable types according to the actual situation of women.

5. Expansion of the palace

In order to successfully send the birthplace to the correct position, the doctor will expand the uterine mouth with the palace expansion in the uterine expansion before the upper ring, and then send the birth ring to the palace to complete.

It is understood that most women do not feel obvious pain. Doctors can be placed in just two or three minutes.

Considering foreign objects, the human body needs time to adapt. Women will feel mild discomfort for a period of time.

Later, for 30 minutes, the same room was prohibited in accordance with the doctor’s order within half a month, and the breeding ring would really begin to play a role.

On the surface, the entire operation process of the Sheung Wan is not complicated, and the pain is also within the range of women. It only needs to be placed in the correct way to achieve long -term contraception.

But even so, the birth ring will cause varying degrees of damage to women’s health.

1. Pain in the lower abdomen

Many netizens with experience in Sheung Wan said that after placing the birth ring, it is obvious that they are more likely to have backache and back pain, especially the lower abdomen is close to the position of the nursery ring, and the pain is obvious.

This is actually caused by the stimulation of the health ring. Some people gradually adapt to the body, and the symptoms will be reduced.

However, if abnormal pain continues to occur and the pain is aggravating, it is recommended to check for medical examination.

Each woman has different sensitivity to the birth ring, and the rejection response is also different. For those who aggravate symptoms, please also actively intervene in scientific intervention.

2. Abnormal bleeding

Clinical observations have found that there are varying degrees of bleeding after women on the ring.

In non -menstrual stages, there will always be a small amount of bleeding, and when the menstrual period comes, there will be excessive menstruation.

Abnormal bleeding is generally caused by the copper -containing ring.

Copper ions act on tissue cells to produce toxicity and have hemolytic effects.

After the women go to the ring, there is a reckless reaction to a foreign body. The environment in the palace is weak during the menstrual period, and the coagulation function decreases. Under the hemolytic effect of copper ions, there is too much menstruation.

3. Chronic inflammation and fibrosis lesions

The non -medicine rings are mainly caused by sterile inflammation through rejection reactions to inhibit conception. However, compared with the non -ringless state, the inflammation caused by the ring does not meet the rules of the body’s operation.

If women have a long time for too long, more than 10 years, the risk of chronic inflammation and fibrosis lesions will increase.

4. Pole, displacement, organs damage

There are many factors that cause perforation and displacement.

For example, the size of the birth ring is inappropriate, the doctor’s operation is improper, the strenuous exercise, the sharp -shaped shape of the birth ring, the physical inertial effect, and the contraction squeezing, etc., can all cause the breeding ring shift or perforation.

Once the uterine perforation and the birth ring enter the abdomen, it will displacement with the physiological activity of exercise and organs.

If the inspection is neglected for a long time, it will be allowed to walk around everywhere. The bladder, pelvic cavity, and intestinal tissue near the uterus will be damaged, causing various problems such as incarceration, inflammation, and adhesion.

5. Bringing ring pregnancy

Many people think that Sheung Wan can be "all over and all", but many cases in reality tell us that even if Shanghai Ring, there is a certain failure rate in contraception.

The contraceptive effect of the intrauterine pregnancy ring is mainly aimed at the uterine range, which means that the embryo may be in other places.

Once the embryo is abnormal before the uterus is reached, women will face problems such as abortion, fallopian tube rupture, and fertility system damage, which will be severely or even endangered.

Another situation is to have an internal pregnancy in the palace.

For example, some women have not carefully selected the eligible birthplaces before going to the ring, which causes the material, shape, size, and the state of the uterine state. If the birth ring has shifted and deforms in the palace, the contraceptive effect will be greatly reduced.

For another example, some women do not pay attention to follow -up review for a long time, and do not pay attention to the situation where the expires of the birth ring expired or out of the palace mouth.

When the birth ring loses the effect of contraception or cannot play a role in the correct position, the risk of ring pregnancy will increase.

In terms of contraception, both men and women are responsible, but no matter which method choose, as long as the two sides reach consensus to respect each other.

The long -term contraception effect of the scientific use of the birthplace is still good. If the two sides finally choose to go to the ring, please do the following.

1. Pay attention to pre -operation preparation work

As mentioned earlier, if the material, shape, and size of the birth ring do not meet the needs of women, contraceptives may fail in the future.

Therefore, when choosing a ring before surgery, women must actively cooperate with doctors to choose a birthplace that meets the needs, so as to greatly increase the success rate of long -term contraception.

2. Pay attention to postoperative physical changes

Considering that the upper ring is a foreign body invasion, the human body will have a corresponding rejection reaction.

Therefore, many women will have a small amount of bleeding, mild pain and other problems in the early stage of the off -ring.

However, as the human body gradually adapts, related discomfort will be reduced.

If women have severe abdominal pain or abnormal bleeding after a long time, and the amount of bleeding exceeds the amount of menstrual flow, it is recommended to seek medical examination as soon as possible.

The increase in bleeding may be caused by excessive sensitivity of the body, improperly on -board operation, or inappropriate for the birth ring.

3. Care after surgery

Some people believe that there is no need to recuperate the body like Shanghuan, but in fact, paying attention to postoperative restraint, and promoting the body’s adaptation to the birthplace of the body.

If women are quickly put into life after surgery, they will be exhausted and weak all day long, and they will increase rejection.

4. Do a good job of cleaning

The upper ring may cause endometrial damage. If the individual cleaning is ignored in the early stages of Sheung Wan, the possibility of infection will increase.

It is recommended that women use warm water to clean their lower body every day after going on the ring, and do not take a bath within two weeks.

5. Postoperative review

Many surgery need to be reviewed on a regular basis after surgery, and the upper ring is no exception.

It is recommended that women go to the hospital for examination in 1, 3, and 6 months after going to the ring, and then check once a year.

You can understand whether the position of the birth ring has occurred in time through a review, including some changes in the upper -ring harem.

If it is necessary to make adjustments, the result of review is an important basis.

6. Take it out on time

Many women in life have forgotten to take out for a long time, especially in middle -aged and elderly women who have a life -breed life in the 1980s and 1990s.

Some people are very lucky. After living in a foreign body, they have been safely taken out for decades. Some people are very sad. The breeding ring runs around, which not only causes infection and perforation to damage other organs.

There is a period of use of the birthplace. The validity period of the metal material is generally 10 to 20 years, and the validity period of plastic and silicone materials is about 5 years.

If it is not removed or replaced by the life limit, it will first affect the possibility of contraception and increase the possibility of contraceptive failure.

Followed by the follow -up harm, the physical fitness of women will gradually decrease with age, and the state of the uterus will become worse and worse.

If you do not take the ring for a long time, the chronic infection in the palace will not heal for a long time, which will be unfavorable to health.

In addition, women enter middle -aged and elderly people, atrophy of the uterus, and tissue incarceration occurred in the breeding ring.

In addition, affected by metal materials, metal substances will affect the results of the inspection during medical examination and easily cause misdiagnosis.

It is recommended that women learn about the use of different births in advance and remove or replace them on time. If menopause, there is no need to continue to bring the ring.

Contraception has never been a woman’s side. It requires both men and women to bear it together. If you must choose the Shang Ring, please treat it scientifically.

To understand the risks in advance, and pay attention to postoperative care, so that the birth ring can better play a better role in gender.

Dear friends, if you also have long -term contraception, will you choose to go to the ring?What kind of contraceptive method do you prefer?

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