The whole body of the celery is treasure. Many people only eat stems.

Introduction: This dish is a treasure. Many people only eat stems. In fact, leaves are treasures!Fresh and nutritious, steamed buns are so fragrant, it is a pity not to understand!

Hello everyone, I am a silly sister food. Buns are one of the staple foods that our northerners often eat.You can put it in the refrigerator and save it. You do n’t have time to cook. When you get up or get in the pot early, you can eat it.

There are many types of vegetable stuffing, such as the chives, Chinese cabbage, winter melon, fennel, etc. we often eat, and most of the vegetable stuffing we often eat.Haven’t eaten celery stuffing buns?When eating celery, many people take off the celery leaves. In fact, celery leaves can also be eaten, and the nutrition is higher than the celery stems!Celebrity leaves have low blood pressure and lipids, laxatives, and increased appetite.A few days ago I went back to my mother -in -law’s house, and I was catching a lot of celery planted in the mother -in -law’s vegetable garden, which brought a lot. I saw that celery leaves were particularly fresh and green, and it was a pity to throw strangers.The big buns, I didn’t expect the taste to be much more delicious than expected.Let ’s share with you the delicious practice of celery leaf buns. Let’ s take a look!

[Celebrity leaf meat buns] The ingredients prepared are: celery leaves, fresh pork, pepper powder, oyster sauce, salt, edible oil, sesame oil

Specific methods: 1. Take a bowl, put the yeast flour and an appropriate amount of sugar in a bowl, dilute them with warm water of about 35 degrees, and put the appropriate amount of flour in the large pot.Pour the yeast water into the flour, then pour the flour with 35 degrees warm water, add a small amount of several times to stir the flour into a flocculent face, and finally knead the dough with both hands.Light.When the weather is cold, it can be fermented in water at about 50 degrees. When the weather is warm, it can be fermented naturally.

2. The picture below is the dough that has been fermented for an hour. From the surface, I clearly see that there are more honeycomb shapes, which shows that the dough has been fermented, and the surface of warm water and the dough of the surface of the dough is smooth.Wrinkle, faster time to wake up.

3. Wash the celery leaves selected, clean the celery leaves in the pot and hot, and boil the water for 140 seconds to get into the cold water to cool it.The celery leaf water is to remove the bitterness in the celery. It itself has a bitter taste. The taste after the water is smooth and tender, making the color of the celery leaves more green and bright.Dry the celery leaves after the water, cut into pieces with a knife, and cut fresh pork into a small diced into the vegetable filling.Can.

4. Rub the fermented noodles for a while. After discharge the gas inside, use your hands to form a steamed bun embryo with the same size, and then roll it into a buns with thin and thick edges in the middle.Spread it in the buns evenly and wrap it into a beautiful and perfect bun.

5. Put the wrapped buns and put it in the steamer after twice, and start the heat and steam. After the water is boiled in the pot for 20 minutes, the fire can be turned out for a while to get out of the pot!

The delicious and nutritious celery leaf buns are steamed. The celery leaves have a smooth and delicious taste than the celery stems. After the table is served, the whole family likes to eat it.Fragrant.

Do n’t throw the celery leaves when eating celery. Whether it is making dumplings or steamed buns, it is particularly delicious, and the nutrition of celery leaves is very high. Its nutrients are higher than the celery stems.Patients eat.

Have you ever eaten celery leaf buns?What else is there for celery leaves?Welcome to leave a message to share your cooking experience and make more friends learn to benefit. If my sharing is helpful to you, remember to like it, collect, and pay attention. Today’s sharing is here. Thank you for your reading and support. WeSee you tomorrow, goodbye!

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