The weight of life, talk about my pregnancy experience

For more than 30 years in my life, the two things that have the biggest influence on me are the college entrance examination and the other is to have children, because these two things are very difficult. Today, talk about having children.

I was born in the seventh year of getting married, which was a baby in 17 years. In fact, I did not want to get pregnant two years before the marriage, because there was no existing house at that time, that is, the down payment of the house was paid. I want to wait for the house to pay the house.The baby was still planning innocently at the time. How to decorate after handing in the house, how to avoid formaldehyde pollution, how to install the children’s room, how long you live in pregnancy, etc., but the plan has not changed quickly. LaterAccording to your plan … Talking about my physical condition, I have dysmenorrhea since I was a child. I have a very serious one. I diagnosed it myself as a primary dysmenorrhea.It was found that there was a subtinal uterine fibroids during the physical examination around 14 years. At that time, it was more than 2 cm. The doctor said that it was okay and observed it regularly, but this fibroids have been growing up.tumor.

I also started to prepare for pregnancy in 13 years, because my stomach has never moved in half a year, so I was a little panicked. I started various examinations in 14 years.It did not affect the conception, so I started to check my husband. As a result, his sperm quality was not very good, so the two of us took Chinese medicine. At that time, we were a little panicked.If you have to rule this, let’s take a look, then grab the medicine and take medicine.The ovulation period is measured every month. Pay attention to the diet. A few days before the menstrual period will be anxious, and the lowest mood will fall in those days.

In 15 years, I did the last inspection, which was a tubal examination. Seriously, it hurts very painful when doing tubal angiography, just like many people said that if it is common, it doesn’t feel much, but if it is not connected,It will be particularly painful, as very painful as dysmenorrhea. Lying there is cold and painful. At that time, my heart was really uncomfortable. Why is there so simple?I don’t know when it is the end.The result of the angiography is that the bilateral fallopian tubes are not connected, and the adhesion is raised. It is recommended that it was admitted to the hospital for surgery. My husband and I were hesitant at the time. Because the surgery was successful, there was a failure.Can’t do it.

We decided to do conservative treatment after discussing it, and first went to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for three months of enema, microwave, and sticking to the navel. In fact, these can not solve any problems.Yue didn’t know what Chinese medicine, and I wanted to vomit when I saw Chinese medicine.After tossing for a while, my husband and I were sober a lot. I discussed that I couldn’t treat it so blindly. The surgery could not be avoided. Then go to a large hospital for surgery. Later, I saw that this decision was correct.We first chose Beijing’s Concorde, and later found that a hospital in Zhengzhou was also good to perform this operation, so I was determined to prepare for it.

In October 16 years, the fallopian tube dredging surgery in a hospital in Zhengzhou, by the way, cut two uterine fibroids by the way, and was discharged from the hospital a week () In fact, there were a lot of 7 days.After a monthly review, another month later after another month, I was pregnant after the same room. I remember when I called my husband with a pregnancy test stick in January 17th, he did not believe it.Maybe life is amazing.Later, it was logical. This baby is now in kindergarten. Now I think of the course of pregnancy like dreaming.

Through my own experience, there are several suggestions for those who are distressed by pregnancy: the first is that both husbands and wives must do a comprehensive inspection, especially the tubal examination cannot be omitted.

The second is that if there is a problem with the fallopian tube, you need to know which kind of problem is. For example, I have a bilateral fallopian tube that is not through and adhesive. It is not very useful to do water, because even if it is through, I can grab the eggs.

The third is to find regular large hospitals during tubal surgery. Large hospitals have good conditions and a large number of patients. Every day, people are doing such surgery, which means that they are skilled in surgical technology and have a high success rate.And this operation cannot be used for medical insurance,

Finally, I wish you a good pregnancy

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