The weight gain during pregnancy is particular. It is not good for too low. How many pounds do you increase during pregnancy?

Many women may care about the development of baby babies after pregnancy, but at the same time, many women will care about their weight after pregnancy.Is it so fast?

In fact, women’s growth during pregnancy generally grows to these places, and pregnant mothers who do not know about it!

① fetal

Throughout pregnancy, women will grow around 6-7 catties. Your baby is too heavy. When you go to the birth check, you will have data on the B-ultrasound. If you do n’t know where you are, you can consult a doctor.However, the weight on the B -ultrasound will have deviations from the actual, but in general, the difference is about half a catty, and the deviation is not large.

② placenta

Under normal circumstances, the weight of the placenta is 1/7 of the weight of the fetus. If the fetus is 7 pounds, then the placenta is 1 catties.

③ amniotic fluid

Under normal circumstances, the amount of amniotic fluid weighs about 1.6 catties; these are almost 9 catties!At the same time, this means that after childbirth, women can reduce about 9 catties (take 7 pounds as an example).

In addition to the decrease in nine pounds after production, there are more than a dozen pounds, where are they all?Actually here:

① Palace

With the development of the fetus, the uterus is also growing. By 40 weeks of pregnancy, the uterine weight gain is about 1.8 pounds.

② breast

It is also increasing. Women’s breast tissue will increase by almost one or two cups than before pregnancy. This is also one of the reasons for the weight growth of pregnant mothers. The weight of breast growth is about 1.8 catties.

③ Blood capacity

The blood capacity of pregnant mothers is also increasing. The circulating blood capacity will begin to increase from 6 weeks of pregnancy. The peak will reach the 32-34 weeks of pregnancy. The blood capacity will increase by about 30 % to 45 % during pregnancy.About 1500ml.In the late pregnancy, the blood weight gain was about 3.6 catties (which is one of the reasons why there are so many women after pregnancy).

④ Organizational fluid

In addition, the tissue liquid in the pregnant mother will also increase during pregnancy, and the entire pregnancy will increase by about 3.6 catties.

The uterus will gradually return to the size before pregnancy after the feminine delivery, and the weight will naturally decrease:

However, women’s breasts will not become smaller after delivery, because women need to feed their babies after production, so this means that it will only increase and cannot be lighter;

The excess tissue liquid and blood will be excreted from the body through women’s urine and sweat, which will slowly reduce the weight of women.

Therefore, after 6 weeks after giving birth, women should also be reduced -1.8 (increased uterus)+3.6 (increased blood)+3.6 (inter -tissue liquid) = 9 catties.This means that women will be reduced by about 18 pounds after production, and women can reduce about 1.8 catties (increase breasts) by about 1.8 kg of lactation.

If women grow more than 18 pounds during pregnancy, after production, the rest of the 18 pounds may become women’s flesh, but after production, women can exercise appropriate exercise to reduce their weight to reduce their weight., Restore your body.

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