The variety of fetal dreams, from the perspective of psychology, should be interpreted like this. Don’t boo after reading it.

Have you ever done dreams?What is the dream that impresses you?I have made a lot of dreams, and what impressed me most was the dream I had done during pregnancy.

When I was eight months pregnant, I dreamed that an old god wearing a white clothes and holding dust came from Yunxia and gave me a baby.Then left with a smile.I hold this child, I am overjoyed …

A beautiful dream, after waking up, I touched my stomach: Wow, maybe this doll can become a big device in the future!

The princes are general, and there are no vision when they are born.

So, I took my girlfriend Lulu to study together, and wanted to know what this dream foreshadows. What kind of "powerful master" will my baby in the future.

A lot of historical books have been turned over, and all of them say that these visions are fabricated for themselves for "big people" for "showing".

Professor Wang Liqun said that Emperor Hanwu’s vision was intentionally stated to Jingdi, in order to let Jingdi pay attention to his child.Not to mention Liu Bang, he pressed himself after being an emperor.

That dare, my dream is meaningless?I am too expected myself to have such a dream?

"No" Lulu said: "We may be a cultivation in the future!"

I do n’t believe it, do n’t Freud have a "Analysis of Dreams"?I want to study.

Alas, Master Fu’s book is not a dream interpretation, but a professional academic book. At my level, I can only give the four words "obscure."But after reading, remember something.For example, dreams are a subconscious language, and I want to tell you something through dreams.I also remembered 7 words "Dreams are the achievements of wishes".

It was still Wu Zhihong’s column more grounded. I learned from his "Self -Dream Interpretation".Summary, share it with the sisters, and solve your "fetal dream".

1 Keep your body after waking up

Keep it, look back at the details of the dream. If you feel more important, record it.

Why not keep moving?The explanation of psychology is more complicated, let’s not say it. Remember: move, dreams can’t remember.If you don’t believe it, try it.The best way is to not move, and then recall it again.

2 Free Association

Free associations of what you dream of.See what you can think of.

The shallow layer is that Freud said, "Dream is the achievement of wishes."For example, if you want to eat buns during the day, do n’t eat, you have a dream of eating buns; if you urinate, you want to go to the toilet, and you have a dream to find a toilet; who you do n’t like, you may be a “who” to participate in the “who”The dream of the funeral; I hope that the baby has a chance, and I have a dream of "sending a baby" … In fact, it is too much, so there is such a dream.

Then there is more vague, even more associative.For example, someone dreamed of a snake. He thought of his mother’s belonging to a snake, and the relationship between himself and his mother made himself uncomfortable … This dream explained.Another girl dreamed of a woman walking towards herself. She thought of her girlfriend and combined with the form of the people in the dream. It turned out that this dream was warning her girlfriend to be unbelievable …

When a boy was on a blind date, he saw a girl with a good appearance, and he did not intend to have a further relationship.But at night he had a dream and dreamed that the girl stood with many girls, but she was the most beautiful.He brought himself into the scene and found that Dream was reminding herself that the girl deserves in -depth understanding and cherish it.

3 generation role

After doing Lenovo, you must substitute yourself into the role.

For example, dreaming that a woman comes to herself, brings herself into the woman’s body, and see how she looks at herself, she understands that "girlfriends" are not real "girlfriends", she loves to laugh at herself.

Some people have a worse dream. For example, the prospective dad will have some dreams about living after having children. At this time, you may wish to lie quietly and bring yourself into the scene to experience your feelings.At this time, you will find that dreams are your concerns about future life, and sometimes the subconscious is expressing your deep anxiety.

In addition to having a dream, many pregnant women will also be lost in babies and miscarriage.

Dream is just a subconscious talking to you, or expressing your expectations and concerns, which does not indicate anything.Try to explain from the perspective of psychology, and you will settle down.

Don’t take it too seriously, maintain a positive attitude, and live with sunshine, it will get better and better.Dream cannot determine your life, but if you understand the opinions of dreams, you can refer to it.

In this issue of book: Baijia forum Wang Liqun: Wang Liqun reads "Historical Records", Freud’s "Analysis of Dreams", and Wu Zhihong’s "Dream Knowing the answer".If you are interested, you can read it.

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