The urine test is positive after eating mutton rice noodles, and 3 people shouted wrongly

The weather turns cold, the temperature difference between day and night is large

Eat a bowl of lamb rice noodles after get off work

Warm from the head to the toe, let alone how comfortable

But as the business of the lamb shop is getting more and more popular

Some illegal businesses

Even "ingredients" were added to the mutton soup


The news of "3 people was tested after eating mutton rice noodles" rushed to the hot search.

Not long ago, when the police of the Baima Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Panzhihua City, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, when he handled a public security case, he conducted a urine test on five illegal suspects and found that three suspects were positive.After learning the results, the three suspects shouted wrongly and said he had never taken drugs.

After observation and verification, the police found that three suspects did not have the symptoms of drug use and drug abuse.

What about this?The police puzzled for a while.

At this moment, a suspect said that three people met in a lamb shop in the morning and had a rice noodle.This sentence was inspired by the police.

Subsequently, according to the clues provided by the suspect, the police handling the case immediately joined the staff of the Miyi County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau to conduct an assault inspection of the lamb shop, and seized a number of poppy fruit in the kitchen of the shop.The staff conducted a random inspection of the restaurant. The soup test results were positive and contained in poppy ingredients.Police and on -site staff immediately seized the sample samples.

The staff of the case of the case and the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau immediately conducted an assault inspection of other similar stores, and the morphine measured value was 143 micrograms/kg in the soup of another mutton soup pot restaurant.

According to the owner, in order to make the lamb soup taste more delicious, he put poppy to the soup.I heard that someone was arrested for putting a poppy in the lamb soup, and I was very scared, but because I was lucky, I thought it was not easy to be discovered, and a bag of poppy shells was left.Come.

At present, the person involved in the case was criminal by Miyi Public Security for suspected production of toxic foods.The case is undergoing further.

This incident also aroused heated discussion among netizens:

Can I use poppy shells to lift incense?

Tell you clearly


Poppy shell does not have a seasoning function

Because it is neither condiments nor spices

Zengxiang and tilted incense are rumors!

What is the real purpose?


Foods with poppy shells

I want to eat it after eating

It is not the taste of food

But poppy shells make people dependence

Bad businesses take this to recruit back customers

What are the consequences of long -term consumption?

Seriously damage health

Poppy shell contains morphine

It has a certain toxic effect on human liver and heart

If long -term consumption of food containing poppy shells

It will appear cold, sweaty, fatigue, fatigue

Symptoms such as yellow muscles and sleepyness

In severe cases, the nervous system may

Digestive system causes damage!


How to punish the poppy shell in rice noodles or hot pot?

Poppy shells are placed in rice noodles or hot pot foods suspected of constituing production, selling toxic and harmful foods.

Article 144 of the Criminal Law stipulates that in the foods that are produced and sold in foods that are mixed with toxic and harmful non -food ingredients, or selling toxic and harmful non -food raw materials in the salesThe following imprisonment and fines; those who cause serious harm to human health or have other serious circumstances, shall be imprisoned for 5 years and less than 10 years, and a fine;Punishment of Article 141.

From: Weiyan said

Source: rule of law Yiyang

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