The umbilical cord is drooping, and the life hangs a line!They "grab" the twin baby’s life in 11 minutes

Recently, the secondary department of the Gansu Maternal and Child Health Hospital staged a "speed of life and death". A pregnant pregnant woman with a pregnant pregnant woman suddenly drooping the umbilical cord during the preservation process.It only took 11 minutes from the discovery of the umbilical cord to the two newborns.At present, the mother is discharged smoothly, and the situation of the newborn is stable.

Ms. Zhang, who was 31 weeks pregnant, was treated from the outer hospital to the provincial maternal and child health hospital for premature rescue and premature birth.At 13:42 on November 19th, the tense call for the family broke the tranquility of the secondary ward."Doctors, doctors, come to see, my lover has something to do between the legs of both legs!" Liu Xiaohui, deputy director of the second section of the industry, and Li Aining, a class nurse, quickly went to the ward where the pregnant woman was located.Liu Xiaohui, who has clinical experience in obstetrics for more than ten years, immediately realized that it was "umbilical cord lush".

After rapid examination, one of the fetal fetal hearts only 60 times/min (the normal fetal heart rate of the fetus was 120 to 160 times/minute), and the situation was very critical.Under the command of Director Liu Xiaohui, the medical staff immediately pushed the fetus first exposure, lifted the hips of the pregnant woman, and also the navel cord in the vagina.Rescue preparation.Everyone urgently pushed the bed in the pregnant woman to run towards the operating room. Someone opened the door, someone pressed the elevator, and someone pushed the bed. The division of labor was clear and the crisis was not chaotic.state.At this time, neonatal doctors, anesthesia doctors, instrument nurse, and patrol nurse were ready to quickly move the pregnant woman to the surgical bed, and urgently performed a cesarean section surgery.

At 13:52, the umbilical cord drooping fetal delivery, boy, 1340 grams, APGAR score 5 points; then the second fetus was delivered smoothly, girls, 1560 grams, APGAR score 9 points.At the same time, neonatal doctors have performed positive pressure ventilation and short -term rescue of boys. Newborns have physical activity, heart rate gradually recovers, and the skin tone gradually rosy. After 5 minutes, the APGAR score reached 8 points.There are many ideals.As a loud baby cried, the tense atmosphere suddenly relieved, and everyone’s hanging heart finally landed.Subsequently, the staff transferred the dragon and phoenix baby safely to further treatment. As of press time, the mother was discharged smoothly and the newborn condition was stable.

In the short -term rescue process in just 11 minutes, the team’s medical care has gone through tension -joy -thanks -pride, nervous to the umbilical cord, which means the fetus hangs a line.The cooperation of medical work is proud of the unity of the maternal and child team and cooperating with each other. For many years of repeated emergency drills, it has completed successful rescue again and again.

Director Liu Xiaohui introduced that the umbilical cord prolapse is obstetric emergency, which refers to the rupture of the fetal membrane. The umbilical cord is taken out of the cervical mouth, or it is reduced to the vagina or even exposed to the vulva.The umbilical cord prolapse is a very dangerous situation for the fetus. The umbilical cord is pressed between the tire first exposure and the pelvis, causing the fetal acute hypoxia. If the cord blood circulation is completely blocked for more than 7 minutes, it will endanger the fetal life.Once the umbilical cord is prolapsed, the fetus should be given as soon as possible.

From: Lanzhou Daily

Source: Gansu, China

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