The twins born more than 20 years ago have grown up, and parents are pleased to review the growth process.

More than 20 years ago, a couple came out of the hospital. The man Lier’s face was sad, and women Barbie leaned on men and could not cry.

It turned out that the doctor just told them that due to the disorders of Barbie’s pituitary body dysfunction, she suffered from severe fertility diseases, and they might not have their own children in their lives.

Perhaps God cares for the loving couple, but a year later, a miracle happened.They have their first daughter.

I thought this was a gift of heaven, but what I never expected was that a big surprise was waiting for them later.

After her daughter was two years old, Barbie and Lier decided to try to have a child again. At that time, the experts proposed to use a drug that stimulated ovulation to help Barbie get pregnant.

At that time, Barbie did not know what kind of impact will they bring on their lives and body after taking ovulation -promoting drugs, but when they regularly went to the hospital for B -ultrasound scanning, the results on the B -ultrasound made them stunned.

It turned out that her uterus showed that there were 7 embryos, and they were all healthy.

But the excitement of the parents once again just passed, and the doctor’s words undoubtedly splashed a pot of cold water.

An obstetrics and gynecologist explained that they may consider reducing the number of fetuses selectively, otherwise all fetuses may be dangerous.

However, if they choose to reduce the number of fetuses, they may also lead to death of other fetuses.

Obviously, this is a dilemma.After repeatedly, they decided to leave all the fetus. If they succeed, they will give birth to 7 cute babies.

Although the Lelsman’s confidence in his decision, he still received many criticism from the public. They believed that the probability of retaining the failure of all fetuses was too high, and they should not be so irresponsible.

But who can say it is irresponsible?Is it responsible for giving up part of the fetus?

The Lils decided to actively condition the body and emotions regardless of the opinions of others, and strive to meet the birth of children in the best state.

When Barbie was pregnant with the news of the twins, their hometown of Aiwari began to help them, and kind people also began to donate items to them.

The diaper of the box, free nanny service, free supply of milk powder for one year, and even a RV suitable for the whole family … have been sent in.Similarly, they also got free opportunities for food and grocery supply for one year.

In the end, what made them unpredictable was that a 5,000 -square -foot big house was also given to them by Clark as a gift.

Waiting for the birth of the child is full of anxiety and nervousness at all times. The Leh husband knows that a little carelessness will make the children face the risk of premature birth. Although they are nervous, they are full of hope for the future than ever.

As the due date of Barbie approaches, the birth of the seven twins has begun.When there was 9 weeks before her due date, the doctor told Barbie to prepare a cesarean section.

After some intense busy, fortunately, seven babies were born in 6 minutes, and all babies are alive!

In order to celebrate the successful birth of 7 twins, the hospital’s entire team gathered together and took this unforgettable photo.

Once this little family with only 3 people suddenly became 10 people.Among the twins, there are 3 boys and 4 girls.

But unfortunately, premature birth still brought some complications. When Ackson and Nathan were born, they both had a little cerebral palsy, which means that they would have some difficulties when they walked.Fortunately, it is not particularly serious.

When Barbie successfully gave birth to seven twins, many reporters scrambled to go to the hospital for an interview. At that time, the parking lot of the hospital was full of vehicles of the reporters who camped.

However, the waiting time for reporters and the crew was far greater than their expectations. Three months and 10 days later, the great mother, Barbie, was approved to be discharged by the hospital.

In order to ensure that they and their children were not disturbed, and even the police were dispatched to protect their safety and escorted them to their homes together.

It didn’t take long for them to hold a small ceremony in the garage of the new house with the assistance of Clark. At the ceremony, the chairman of Clark handed over the keys to the new house they gave them to the Lel husband.

Later, Time Magazine contacted them and wrote an exclusive interview for them.This may be an award that has never been imagined for Lilf.

With the overwhelming reports, there were also accusations and abuse. Some people even claimed that they had had too many children and destroyed the environment.

In addition, another case of the same five twins and their five twins gave them deep warnings.Because the family was exposed to the media too much, the children became the public’s "circus", which seriously affected the healthy growth of the children.

So they decided to live the lives of normal people as soon as possible to keep the children away from the media.

The next life seems to be full of challenges everywhere. They have to wash almost 17 times a week. In order to catch up with the speed of the children replacing clothes, they have to buy two new washing machines and dryers.

The diaper needs to change 52 sheets every day and drink 42 bottles of milk.

And every day when she walks, she looks like a team.When the neighbors just started to see the Lael’s luxury baby car lineup, they were stunned.However, soon they were used to the existence of this group of cute people.

What is distressing is that my mother wants to provide breast milk for all babies, which means that she will provide 4-5 gallon of milk every week, and this situation has continued until the children were 3 months old.

When the novice parents are busy turning the children, relatives, friends and volunteers consisting of friends, family members, and other relatives and friends came to help look at the baby and clean the room.Even the construction workers who came to repair the house would come to help a bunch of this couple when they were busy, which moved the Lilfu very much.

The eldest daughter, who was already more than one year old, suddenly had a group of younger brothers and sisters. She was so happy that she had to feed her brother and sister to drink milk in person.

While the child’s birth brings surprise and happiness to the Lilfu, they have greatly increased their daily fiscal expenditure.In order to reduce the cost of living, they were allowed by the local government to open up their own vegetable gardens and plant their own vegetables.

Many people say that twins will use their own "hidden language" to communicate, and ordinary people cannot peek into it.For the seven twins, it still exists.

Every time on the birthday of the seven twins, it is a special day for the Lils. They thank the Holy Land for giving them seven cute and beautiful children.

But as the children grow up day by day, the height of the seven twins is different, and their personalities are different.Children grow too fast. In order to meet the needs of dressing, Carter said that it will provide clothing for seven twins until they are 5 years old.

Do you think this is over?The bigger news is still behind. One day, my mother received a call. The US President Bill Clinton came by himself and wished them and the children’s health.At the same time, she promised that when the children were in school, she would work in any large company in the United States.

"You will be the most organized manager in the United States," said the president.

Barbie was so happy that she never thought that the birth of the children could bring her so much good luck.

But later, President Bush met them again.

When they were 8 years old, the Lilfedo again agreed to ask them to board the magazine cover and wrote an article with parenting reference and help for other parents.

When they went to high school, the lineup was larger, and they shuttled in the school’s hall together. They almost did not need time, and they quickly integrated into the school’s life.

In the blink of an eye, they ushered in their 16th birthday, and on their birthday, Dad decided to give them a gift that was about to recognize, that is, learning a driver’s license.It is expensive to learn driver’s licenses in the United States, but my father thinks that this is the best adult gift for them.

The children are finally 18 years old, but for their parents, it is obviously not easy to give adult adults to adults given to so many children.

On the day they graduated from high school, this meant that they finally became adults and could freely choose the way they were going to go in the future.

Among them, some children went to college.

Brandon went to a soldier, "I have dreamed of being a soldier one day since I was three years old." Now it has finally realized it.

Xiao Kenny has been a concentrated person since he was a child. He likes carpenter very much. At present, he is already a professional and outstanding young carpenter master.

Lexis with mild cerebral palsy likes early childhood education. She has become an excellent kindergarten teacher and often share her experience through social media.

Natalie is also a teacher, but the difference is that she will become a primary school teacher.

Nathan became a scientist. He was very smart and once joked that he was going to be the next Einstein.

Joel was very interested in computer since he was a child. He studied computer science at university and was a computer genius.

The old and middle -aged couples, the lively and noisy life, suddenly became quiet as the children left.Most of the time in the empty old house, only the two of them.

We seem to have forgotten a person, the younger sister of the seven twins.

She is only one year older than her brother and sister. She has completed his college studies and married.

For their father, it was undoubtedly the most correct choice to make a decision to leave all the fetus with their mother.Later, they wrote their story into a book called "Seven from Heaven".

Among them, the photographer also took a lot of precious photos for them as a beautiful memory.

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