The top stream star "one -night stand" caused the female party to become pregnant: this matter is never that simple …


During this time, the entertainment industry is quite quiet.

First, Huang Zijiao stirred up the "blood rain" of the entertainment industry in Taiwan. The people who ate melon were watching the "good show" on the other side.

This time, the protagonist in Gua Tian was Cai Moukun, a top male star.

As soon as the incident came out, the whole hot search was bursting.

what happened?

Let’s take a look at the main clues first.

On the morning of the 26th, an account called "Mr. C should not be too brave" suddenly released a message.

After the name of the name of the name, the male top and the woman C were romantic overnight, causing the woman to be pregnant, and he immediately asked her to get a fetus.

The mother learned of the news that her first reaction was that her son was blackmail.

She confirmed to her son if she did not take measures, and after getting a positive answer.

As she asked the staff to contact Ms. C, she hoped that the other party would give birth, and promised to give certain compensation.

While letting a private detective track Ms. C and install a pinhole camera at the door of her house.

In July 2021, it is a busy time for the top male star team.

In the chat records of suspected top streaming male stars and team staff, she gave detailed discussions on Ms. C’s pregnancy.

One: Ms. C is really pregnant?Can the fetus grow?

Two: Is Ms. C’s checklist real?Is the source of the path true?It is also necessary to confirm with the hospital’s attending doctor.

Three: If the inspection single is real, is it sure that this person who does it is Ms. C, not her friend or others?

The process of the entire discussion is detailed and precise, and the process is long. In order to figure out, whether the child is a top male star.

Seriously, except for "committing the crime" in person, the top stream stars were done by others.

Anyway, everything can be poured, and the young man has to save it.

On July 18, 2021, the mother star mother began to consider compensation.

In a telephone recording of a suspected top male star mother and staff, his mother proposed:

Compensate 500,000 to Ms. C, but don’t give so much at one time, because there is no sense of trust in each other now.

On the other hand, the private detective arranged by his mother is also working nervously.

Why do you want to do this?

Obviously, it is to master Ms. C’s evidence, so as to prevent her regret after the sun, the team of the top male star can counterattack.

It really made them "find".

Ms. C brought a man and a lady home at 3 o’clock in the middle of the night. Ms. C in the Cai team was pregnant with the man.

But the result was confirmed that the two were just ordinary friends.

The counterattack is not possible, what is the result?

Ms. C found the pinhole camera at the door, so there was a conflict with the top male star, and the two sides made trouble to the police station.

After negotiation and compensation, Ms. C expressed her understanding and was not held accountable.

Later, after this shocking melon was exploded by paparazzi, it suddenly detonated the hot search, causing discussions on the entire network.

For a time, the top -stream male star "Pure Young Master" set up a fierce collapse, and there was nothing left to destroy the residue.

As of now, the top running male star team has not yet responded.

If it is fake, in accordance with the past entertainment industry’s practice, it has long been reported to the police or a lawyer’s letter, but there is no response at present, indicating that there are still some clues in it.

But we cannot confirm whether this is 100 % true. The only thing that can be certain is that the top running male star team has lost the golden period of public relations.

Regardless of whether this is true, his career will be greatly affected.

I don’t know if you found that in the past few years, there are more and more "collapse" incidents in the entertainment industry?

The big boy who showed innocently in front of the fans may be a big scumbag behind the confusion of men and women;

The beautiful girl who has set a pure person and looks innocent may be a swear words behind it, and it is indifferent to their children.

In the end, why, these idols sought after, will they frequently lose virtue?

There are some words, I don’t vomit.

Many people say that the stars of the internal entertainment have caught up with the best times.

indeed so.

The money of celebrities is so much so that our ordinary people cannot imagine.

Zheng Shuang’s paid exposed in previous years, with a daily salary of 2.08 million;

Deng Lun, who was blocked by tax evasion last year, had to pay up to 106 million taxes.

And Wang Chuanjun, who even non -traffic stars, said that when he was the poorest, he had only 1 million in the card.

The richness of the stars, ordinary people cannot imagine at all.

And do they need to pay for so much money?

As an idol, as long as the face value is online and interacts with fans more, it can cause a screaming, allowing countless people to pay for their products, surroundings, and concert tickets.

As an actor, they don’t need any acting skills at all. They only need to move their lips and do expressions. A play can be confused, and tens of millions of film pay can be available.

In the final analysis, the money of the stars is still too easy.

Perhaps because of this, they do not know how to cherish and adhere to.

The money that can be obtained at hand, the reputation of the call comes, and the touting of the continuous followers has caused them to have an illusion:

As long as I think anyone has to listen to me, I can easily get anything.

Therefore, they used their reputation and face value to treat each men and women, and to hurt people in the world of emotion;

They used their resources to ignore regulations and disciplines, prostitutes, drugs, etc.

Because they know that even if they trampled their bottom lines, there will still be crazy fans screaming and cheering at them, and the team will be good for them no matter what.

They expanded to the heavens, and there was no awe in their eyes.

They do not understand the truth that "the higher the standing, the more miserable falls".

Such a character cannot afford their fame.

It is also inevitable.

In the past, movie stars would say that people like to watch their movies are "audiences" and "fans".

Those singers in the past would call people who like to listen to their singing "audience friends."

These titles are a kind of respect from the heart. The stars have not regarded themselves as a high person. The audience only likes him because he likes these excellent works.

But now, the stars uniformly call them "fans."

This word sounds so -called.

It does not have a specific direction, that is, the idol you like, even if you do n’t play movies, do n’t sing, professional skills do n’t work. As long as someone likes, he can become a star.

Even, in order to make their favorite loveders debut, some fans would rather pay their own pockets, put money, and exhaust all their minds.

The term brain residual powder is a brain -free pursuit, and it is synonymous with bottomless tolerance.

And the fans of the inner entertainment, for the idol, how can there be no bottom line?

They can ignore even illegal crimes.

Zheng Shuang’s surrogacy caused the entire network to be blocked. However, there are still people who are missing their "little fairy".

Even if Wu Yifan went to step on the sewing machine, there were still some hardcore fans missing him.

As soon as the fans of Cai Moukun came out, the team had not yet ended, and the fans couldn’t sit still, and they washed him, and scolded "Mr. C" to make rumors.

Not to mention various draft variety shows, fans brush the list, fake data, and help Aidou’s vote and other dark inside stories, countless.

They were fainted by the halo of idols, lost their ability to distinguish between right and wrong. They liked and worshiped without brain, giving the so -called "idols".

Coupled with the blessings of capital and false publicity, the big fame and fortune field in the entertainment industry is running towards the arrogance, dirty and ugly direction.

Such a chaotic situation should really be managed.

Some people may say that the stars have become crazy and gradually move towards the edge of illegal discipline. Fans can’t control it. Is their family no matter what?

There is a word that is good, behind each bear child, there is a three -view parent.

The recording of the suspected top male star mother was exposed on the Internet.

She said to Ms. C: You love someone, and you really do everything for him and do not ask for rewards.Even if you lick his toes, like a slave, you are willing, right?

Ah … what kind of confusion is this?

In the eyes of this mother, everything the son did was not worth mentioning at all.

Don’t you like my son?Then we must cooperate with us, block the mouth of Yoyo, and let things solve silently and keep his star journey.

As for whether girls have been hurt?It’s not what she is worried about.

Sometimes, a mother who does not distinguish between right and wrong, the impact of the three views brings to her son is huge.

The same is true of Wu Yifan’s mother.

Wu Yifan’s mother, when he had a scandal, the first reaction turned out to be blackmail, so she immediately reported to the police in an attempt to send Du Meizhu into prison.

Unexpectedly, in the whole incident, her baby son was the initiator.

Doesn’t she know Wu Yifan’s inferior?

No, it must be doubtful, but too many times before, let her think that the reputation of the sun can be greater than the law and can cover the heavens alone.

And Zheng Shuang’s father.

In the years when Zheng Shuang became popular, he kept spending his daughter and using his daughter’s reputation to do business and went to variety shows.

In Zheng Shuang’s surrogacy, facing his biological bones, Zheng Shuang and Zheng’s attitude were abandoned.

In order to fame, they can even depend on the blood and blood, and because of the surrogacy incident, Zheng Shuang no longer has the possibility of turning over.

These people, they harvested the dividends of the times, and got fame and aura that ordinary people may not get in ten lives, but they still have to build their happiness on the pain of others for their selfish desires.

As parents, they did not teach their children to adhere to their original intentions. Instead, they did not hesitate to hurt others for fame and fortune.

In the end, everything was able to follow.

Why do I write this today?

Because, in the background, I have received a letter from countless crazy fans, and I have seen many young children doing too many unbelievable behaviors in order to chase stars.

That’s why we exclaim: It turns out that some people really affect the values of a generation.

Why do we resist inferior artists?

Because their words and deeds, they really bring a lot of children’s three views.

Why do we prevent over -entertainment?

Because the malformed industries brought after excessive entertainment, they will really create the fall of children.

I really do not want to see that our children who grew up in the prosperous age, under the influence of influence of inferior artists, have grown into one -one -one -one -not -responsible and irresponsible teenager.

I really do n’t want to see that we have managed to be strong and prosperous, and we lost again in an entertainment environment.

Whether you are a star or an amateur, no matter where you are, we should understand:

The bottom line cannot be shaken, and conscience cannot be annihilated.

Unjust is doomed to destruction!

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