The top flow collapsed house, revealing the huge business behind the celebrity

Recently, the entertainment industry is really too lively.

The news of Cai Xukun’s collapse room burst like a thunder all day. It is indeed the top of the internal entertainment.

Cai Xukun, who once said that he was an honest man, was exploded with a one -night stand with a lady of a surname C. Not only was she pregnant, she also gave birth?

Even the fruit came to ask the fox girl, is this true?

I told Guozi: The entertainment industry is too deep, you still stay in your technology circle with peace of mind!

Although Cai Xukun has not responded, Humei found that fans couldn’t sit still.

Some tea don’t think about it, and shouted "Brother is wronged"; others have taken off the powder on the spot, and they are not stopped selling the surroundings.

The signature photo was only sold for about 20 yuan, and the photo album also fell to 30 yuan.

You know, at least a few hundred yuan before these signature photos.

I felt a lot of money for a second, and spent a lot of money to hoard the surroundings, and could only sell it.If it is those who have collapsed more thorough stars, let alone selling second -hand, I am afraid that no one wants to send it.

So, what kind of business is this business around the star?

Do you dare to believe it?

Zhang Songwen, who had just some popularity, could be sold to 8,000 yuan.

I am afraid that he has been confused. What kind of violent industry is this?

Behind this, it involves the gray industry around the star.

In fact, in the fan circle, the business around the star has a mature industrial chain.Fans, standing sisters, and celebrities are all indispensable in this secret industry.

There are many types of celebrities. Among them, the more common is signature photos, small cards, Reuters, videos, and so on.

The larger the star traffic, the higher the surrounding price is sold.A photo of a popular artist can even sell a few hundred yuan. If it is a signature photo, the price will be higher.

On a second -hand platform, there are many star signature photos selling only dozens of yuan. Don’t think about it, it must be false.

Print a photo and practice according to the artist’s words. There is no cost. Why not?

The point is that many fans are willing to believe it is true, then it is true.

In addition to selling photos, you can also sell star videos.

One minute of video is 500 yuan. If it is relatively red, the two or three minutes videos are priced at more than 2,000 yuan.

Of course, it is still expensive to pay attention to things.For photos or video shooting difficult, the price will rise.When the crew of "Zhenhun" was a guest, a photo photographer asked for 5,000 yuan.

Driven by high profits, many people joined the games around the star.

In order to get the signature photos of the celebrities, they often squatted in all corners of the stars, pretending that fans asked for signatures.

Then, the obtained signature photos are sold at high prices of second -hand platforms.

Now celebrities participate in the event, and the signatures must be careful.Because someone will pick up their signatures on the background board directly, selling at a high price.

In the entire sales star industry chain, the station sister is the most active and most important part.

Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu have a CP station called Yueyue Mountain River.Because the picture was taken well, the copywriting was well written. In just two months, it sucked 110,000, becoming a small "big station" in the "Soul Soul" circle.

As a result, she soon started to sell the surroundings of fans such as photo sets.Photo set is also called Photobook, and the fan circle referred to as PB, which is actually a photo album made by fans.

As a result, about an hour of sale, the number of reservations exceeded 15,000 copies, and the total sales exceeded 2.6 million yuan.

The huge flowing water instantly shocked the entire powder circle.As a result, many fans teased and forwarded this Yueyue Mountain River, and you will be happy to mention a house within 2 hours.

With the more and more sounds of cursing, the mountains and rivers had to close the link in advance.

Although she couldn’t stop the pressure of public opinion after the incident was fermented, she returned all the order money.

But can a fan’s homemade version be achieved?Fox Mei can’t help thinking, how huge profits are this industry around the star?

In fact, the cost of PB is very low. A few dollars can sell hundreds of dollars.

This Yueyue Mountain River is a bit conscience. Many so -called big stations sisters are essentially to profit.

Don’t look at them, they can go up the mountains and the sea in order to take pictures, and even conflict with the crew at all, and they all enter the police station.

But it is not because of loved idols, but pure for benefits.Some station sisters even rolled the money after receiving hundreds of thousands of PB of PB, and turned around to continue the money. Anyway, the routine was familiar.

Therefore, selling the surrounding stars can really like the sea view room.

In Taobao, the quality of the peripherals of micro -shop sellers is worse, the cost price is a few cents or two or three dollars, but it is sold at a price of 8 to 10 times.

This year, the offline performance market has recovered strongly. The stars have all been in the concert.

Just in the past Beijing Mayday concert, the official Guang Ying supporting stick sold more than 7 million yuan. Good guys, some second- and third -tier singer concert tickets could not be sold so much.

With the tenth anniversary of the TFBOYS concert official, the highly anticipated "lantern war" is about to start.

Tuan Fan vowed to die orange, two -character powder should be green, three -character powder should be raised, and four -character powder should be red. Almost every Weibo has a QR code selling lights.

For fans, this is a battle of dignity related to honor.

In fact, no matter whether it is a lamp, a hand scatter or a PB, many of them are spontaneously organized and purchased by fans.

Strictly speaking, if the relevant portraits and names are not authorized, fans sell the surrounding are infringement, and some brokerage companies have clearly prohibited.

However, due to the stubble of the stars, the market is so large, and there are many derivatives around the stars. Even if there are questions about illegal infringement, it is repeatedly banned.

The point is that many fans are not allowed to buy them. They do everything possible to find unofficial channels to send money to others.

And not only to buy, but also to compare, depending on which star sells more, you must not lose to home.

For merchants, when do you give the door to the door like this, when will you not even stay?

Zhou Yu hit Huang Gai, willing to hit one and be willing.Fox Girl does not know that she should persuade the station to be a little conscience.

The so -called: "As soon as I entered the meal, it was like the sea, and money was a passerby."

In fact, chasing the stars is a joy, why should you feel true?

If you are linked to money, you must be more vigilant.I am afraid that you like the speed of the stars, you can’t keep up with the speed of the star collapse.It is likely that in the end, the wife was lost and the soldiers folded again.

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