The three queen queen in ancient times became pregnant, but the ending was completely different.

There are places where there are rivers and lakes, and the emperor’s harem is no exception. In recent years, some ancient palace fighting dramas have set off an upsurge. The women in the harem are fraudulently scammed, and they are fighting for the emperor.However, there is a class of women in the harem. You can become the most right to have the rights in the harem. This woman is the emperor’s mother and the queen queen.

Although the queen queen in the harem is powerful and lives a life of respect and respect, it is actually a widow.They will not get pregnant again when they become the queen mother, but there will always be a few exceptions. As the queen queen, they are pregnant!

If this matter is not a thing worth celebrating, but instead of humiliating the reputation of the royal family, what is their result?Today, I will introduce several queen queen queen in history to see how their endings.

Many people must have watched "Yueyue Biography". In the play, Yueyue announced that she was pregnant in front of the cultural and military officials. She said that she dreamed of the first emperor at night, and the emperor dreamed to make her pregnant.This statement is simply nonsense. People who can become a minister are not stupid. How can they believe in such a rhetoric?

But Yueyue was in a special status in Qin State. After her son Qin Zhaoxiang was entitled, Yue Yue was in charge of the government.

Friends who have watched "The Biography of the Moon" must know who the children in the belly of Yueyue. Yue Yue seduced Yiqu Jun into the Qin at the cost of him., Also gave birth to two sons for Yiqu Jun.

The feelings of Yueyue and Yiqu Jun in "Biography of the Moon" are moving, but the ending is that she killed Yiqu Jun in Ganquan Palace.Yueyue became the biggest hero of Qin Kingdom.So even if Yue Yue was pregnant, who would blame her?

The queen mother was also Qin Guo, and she was the biological mother of Qin Shihuang Zhengzheng. As the mother of Qin Shihuang, his ending was completely opposite to the Empress Dowager Xuan, and he could not end well.

King Qinzhuang Xiang was a short -lived person. At the age of 36, he died early, and Zhao Ji became the queen mother.Soon, Zhao Ji found an eunuch in the palace, which was 嫪毐. As one of the two famous eunuchs of the Qin Dynasty, he was famous for his great work and quickly captured Zhao Ji’s favor.

Soon Zhao Ji was pregnant, and they had to hide in the palace outside the palace and gave birth to two boys.He was afraid that after the incident of the East Window, he would be executed by Zheng Zheng, so he became usurp. The Empress Dowager Zhao even agreed to the lover’s plan and prepared to remove the Qin King, that is, to get rid of his own son.

However, their plans were quickly discovered by Zheng Zheng. They were divided by five horses, and the two illegitimate sons were killed on the spot.The Empress Dowager Zhao had no lover and son, and died in depression, and died within a few years.

The prototype of the Li Weiyang in the TV series "Splendid" is Queen Mother Feng. She is the queen of the Emperor of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Tuoba Jun, and the aunt of the Emperor Tuoba Hong.Feng was originally the princess of Beiyan. After the death, he was filled with the Hermus of the Emperor Taiwu Tuoba, and finally became the queen queen.

The Empress Dowager Feng was also a young age. In "The Biography of the Northern History, the Biography of the Northern History" recorded that the Empress Dowager Feng loved Li Yi, eventually causing the emperor’s resentment, and killed Li Yi."Afterwards, I started to spoil Li Chong because" the instrument can be better. "

Later, the Empress Dowager Feng abolished Emperor Xian Wen and killed him, and re -supported Emperor Xiaowen, but the Empress Dowager Feng was also found pregnant soon.

Of course, the Taiyi found that the queen mother was pregnant, but she did not dare to say it. She lied that she had suffered from other diseases and prescribed two abortion medicines.

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