The three "pregnancy taboos" often said by the old man sounded a little superstitious, but there are scientific principles.

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In daily life, when asked a woman who had a family who had a family, when did her family have the highest status?Presumably her answer is a high probability that it will be "when I am pregnant."Indeed, when a family has a pregnant woman, I believe that the whole family will turn around at this time, but even so, pregnant women sometimes encounter some troubles.

After confirming that she was pregnant, Lili (pseudonym) resigned from the family’s strong demands and raised her tire at home with peace of mind.But Lili is an unable to stay, so she wants to do something for her children during pregnancy.

She thought about it, and finally decided to embroider a bellyband for the child, but after Lili just bought the materials and tools.The mother -in -law said angrily to Lili, "Whether the pregnant woman uses a needle line and scissors, I can’t see it. Give me what you bought, I will hide it."

These words of her mother -in -law made Lili somehow, and felt that her mother -in -law was too superstitious.However, I said a lot of reasons in my mother -in -law. What uses scissors will make the child’s personality timid, using needle will make the child’s eyes smaller, etc., Lili finally can’t hold her mother -in -law’s nagging, so she gave up embroidery.The idea of the bellyband gave all the things I bought to my mother -in -law.

I believe that many pregnant women have heard some of the pregnancy taboos told by the old people. The old people will tell the consequences of these taboos.For the sake of a good mentality of yourself and the fetus, he finally heard the opinions of the old people.

In fact, the reason why most elderly people believe in these things is also for some reason.The three "pregnancy taboos" that the elderly often said, sounding a little superstitious, but there are certain scientific truths, pregnant women should pay more attention.

1. Can’t move during pregnancy, you will move to the "fetal god"

If some families want to move, when there are pregnant women among family members, some elderly people will say that pregnant women cannot move during pregnancy.Essence

These words will definitely feel that the elderly are too superstitious when they hear, but when there is a pregnant woman at home, it is indeed not suitable for moving behaviors.

As we all know, moving is very tossing, and even if pregnant women do not need to participate, they will follow the worry. After all, pregnant women also have their own personal items. In addition, the pregnant woman may not get a good rest during the movement. This may move.Time gas.

2. Do not use sharp tools such as scissors and needle threads during pregnancy, which will hurt the "fetal god"

I believe that many pregnant women have heard it. These tools are obviously a must -have tool for daily life. Why can’t you use it when you are pregnant?This is actually not allowed to use for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, pregnant women will become larger and larger. At this time, pregnant women are not suitable for sedentary. Sitting may cause pregnant women back pain, and these sharp tools may also hurt pregnant women.

3. Can not attend the banquet during pregnancy, it will take away "joy"

Most pregnant women will be banned from attending banquets during pregnancy. This is actually reasonable, because there must be a lot of people in the banquet, and people who come and go will likely hit pregnant women, which is very dangerous for pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a very hard process, and there are many taboos during pregnancy. For these taboos, pregnant women are best accurate. After all, it is related to children.Here also remind everyone that when there is a pregnant woman in the house, the family must care more about taking care of pregnant women and keep pregnant women a good mood.

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