The sweet text of the female lead when I go to college

"Law of Professor Lu"

Ling college students know that Lu Zhaoyu, an associate professor of the Department of Mathematics, not only gave birth to a good skin, but also spoke a good classroom.Strict personality, rigorous academic, and sighs: Flowers in Gaoling can’t pick them.This post related to Professor Lu was put on the top of Lingda all year round.

Suddenly one day, a landlord named "Mu Shutan" on the 25000th floor sent a new comment: not only fried with good dishes, but also speaking a good mouth, but also coaxing people, but also hurting people, always saying:I am as a treasure.Friends were surprised that there were many discussions on the 25001st floor. Until a sharp -eyed bar friend found that a "lzy" responded to the 25000th floor 1 minute ago "LZY" "Good, go home for dinner".Bar friends: "LZY → Lu Zhaoyu?", "Really Professor Lu?", "Is that a master?"(╥_╥) ""

"Mu Shutan is also", "@“ “, the important rule of the chasing of Professor Lu" … There were countless posts, and the comment area was completely exploded.

The girl Shu Ge was red with a red face and put down her mobile phone, pursed her lips and looked at the man who clamped the pork ribs in her bowl. I thought: Isn’t it me chasing it!

"His little baby"

The freshman who just entered the middle of this year knows who Zhou porridge is.It is not just hanging on the glorious list every day. The town school school is the first in the city.

They all know who Chen Yi is.Isn’t it that the grass school that just came back to the school, all the girls in the hearts of the girl’s heart, the first city in the city.Good guy, both are the first in the city?Is this the legendary fairy fight?

Freshman in high school: fight!Fight!

Knowing that Chen Yi in the hearts of the people who eat melon, looking at the Zhou porridge on the side, silently began to care about the results, "Oh, don’t say the results, I have to press you everything."

Zhou porridge: "Are you wrong?"

"Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs"

The vinegar and vinegar of Wen Tun stood in front of the cooking table. I don’t know what dishes are going to make today.Gu Wenyan was holding a PAD to read the report and said casually: "Just eat ribs."

Tang vinegar: "Braised?"

Gu Wenyan: "Sweet and sour."

Tang vinegar: "Sweet and sour … but I want to eat sugar vinegar fish!"

Gu Wenyan put the PAD to the cooking table, and the niche: "I think sweet and sour and pork ribs are the best."

I think, do you have to do your feet!

"The Rice Bucket next door"

Rice Bulu Girl VS Chef God Professor, this is too sweet for CP, so good!

Qiao Feng is single to this day, and there are three difficulties that cannot be overcome: First, too handsome, two, too rich, and the IQ is too high.

When all Xueba worshiped Professor Qiao wanting to talk about love, the world changes color, and the wind rises.According to legend, Qiao Feng has an extremely abnormal IQ test paper. Those who want to be his girlfriend take at least 60 points. However, the blue shirt took ten minutes and successfully dodged all the correct answers.Wind’s girlfriend …

Why is this?IntersectionBecause, the rice bucket that has been eating rice all year round needs to be debt with the body …

"Xue Xiaoran’s Ancient Laboratory Journey"

a bolt from the blue!As a foodie, he was forced to open the difficult mode!Xue Xiaozheng himself, whether he was full, or warm, he didn’t say it. There was a big "burden" around him -a "blind and dumb disabled man".

The two interpret the jungle online with their strength to live on the jungle.

However, in the lonely men and widows get along, the wild man is actually becoming more and more handsome?Xue Xiaozheng, a mother -in -law, started to the beautiful man …

"One Hundred Sweets of First Love"

"It is said that school uniforms are the best couple clothes." He never worn school uniforms, and suddenly put on school uniforms today.At the start of Xinshan No.1 Middle School, all students in class 13 of High School reported that one classmate was absent.

Zhou Yan looked at Lin Man’s name on the roster.A week later, Lin Man, who had delayed the start of school, returned to class.And Zhou Yan became the front and rear tables.Zhou Yan raised his eyes and wanted to say hello to Lin Man. Who knew that she opened her face indifferently and pretended not to know.

Zhou Yan began to be full of dilemma.Zhou Yan and Lin Man were originally a bamboo horse, because Zhou Yan’s "not goodbye" that year "formed the beam". In fact, the two had a good opinion of each other’s heart.Essence

Lin Man accidentally learned that he was not his mother’s life. Zhou Yan solved her and accompanied her to spend a difficult time before the college entrance examination.The two graduated smoothly and were admitted to two universities in the same province.

"Hello, my name is Zhou Yuyu"

Zhouyu fish, small pepper in the mountain city, white skin and beautiful brain, skateboarding enthusiasts, Trump, disillusioned as soon as he spoke. The dream is to be the host.

Gu Zige, an authentic Beijing master, Qiuyue Middle School grass, fucking a Beijing film, owed to the poverty -stricken*people, fun is to find faults for Zhou Yuyu.

Mother Zhou and mother Gu did not come and go for the fact that they were fighting for the factory. Look, this damn fate!Mother Zhou explained hard: Fish, seeing Gu Zige going to go around and know.Zhou Yuyu: Students in the same class, do you go around?

Gu’s mother’s ears: When she smashed, although her girl was good -looking, she was not allowed to see at a glance!Gu Zige: … This is a bit difficult. The school grass Gu Ge is gentle at school and harvested a large number of girls’ hearts.It has become a funny, walking gourmet book.

"The President of the Empire is bad"

If you accidentally become pregnant, the child is still the number one who has the number of wealthy and wealthy. What should I do?

Yu Mu’an said: "Beat! The head can be broken, the blood can flow, the child cannot stay!"

To fall from the stairs, he was held by Feng Yan; he was crazy to eat big crabs, but he was punished by Feng Yan for a month.

Yu Muan’s desire to get rid of the child never succeeded."Want to get rid of this child, right?"

Feng Yan raised Yu Muan’s chin and asked."Hmm!" Yu Mu’an nodded like pounding garlic.

"Okay, yes." Feng Yan picked up Yu Muan to the bedroom and walked to the bedroom.

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