The strange thing of the classmate society 48 -year -old aunt is pregnant and has children

May Day is approaching, and the temperature has gone up suddenly. In the season of animal reproduction, I often see some surprising things!Today, let’s talk about the classmates that I often encounter every year, and we are all closer to us!

With the advancement of society, people have gradually bid farewell to the era of material deficiency, and it is not like the past part of the past may never be seen in a lifetime!Slowly, I started to pursue some spiritual enjoyment. Some nostalgic friends began to think of some people and things in the past. After all, some people caused some people because of their parents’ life or family gap and information occlusion in the past.In the end, I couldn’t come together, or friends who had not seen it for many years because of work. After all, the information and transportation were not enough to support everyone as I can sit or call the feelings together.Classmates can not only satisfy everyone in their youth, but also see some old friends to retrieve the good memories of their classmates. At the same time, everyone can help each other!But some people may have made some money these years, purely for showing, or for a female classmate before!Today, I will share the meeting scenes of some Xiaobian classmates!

After the big family phone contact the day, it is basically AA. There is a meal, basically most of them are May Day or National Day. The Spring Festival is a big festival.Come back to see the parents and children of the parents, most people in the big festivals are also holiday, so the students have time to relative to the number of people. After all, most of them are once a year.Then I also felt a little bit of gangs sitting together in groups. After all, most people still have their own circles, and then eat and drink for a while.Relatively speaking, it is relatively polite. After pushing the cup and changing cups, start to talk about what you are doing, salary is paid, and women may talk about some topics such as parents’ short -term husbands.Xiaobian is generally not much to drink! After the meal is finished, go to concert songs together. With the help of alcohol, you are not so restrained. You can relax. At the same time, the wine glass starts to touch it.By 2 o’clock, the money is basically the same, and some will start to leave the field in advance, and the editor later is not clear!Anyway, Xiaobian is the Lord who has to go home quickly!

However, in the past two days, the editor saw a video that made Xiaobian stunned. A 48 -year -old aunt was experiencing the pain of my father. Her husband left her because of cerebral hemorrhage.During the classmate, Aunt Zhang was still immersed in pain at the party. He was single with Mr. Wang of his classmates, so he talked more and drank a lot of wine. After the banquet, Mr. Wang said that he couldn’t let it go.Aunt Zhang went home, and as a result, the two sides lacked the hotel, and there was something described in the middle!

The next day, Aunt Zhang woke up and found that she had made a big mistake. Later, Aunt Zhang found that she was pregnant. Xiaobian had to admire. Aunt Zhang was really brave. LaterMr. Wang sent Ms. Zhang a house and 60,000 yuan, and the child Mr. Wang raised himself. Because Aunt Zhang also had to raise his daughter’s pressure, the money was essential, so he agreed!

However, when Aunt Zhang gave birth to the child, Mr. Wang did not fulfill his promise at all. Now the child is about to go to school. Mr. Wang has not led the support fee, and relocated the child’s account and changed his name!Aunt Zhang had originally wanted to reduce the economic burden, but now this situation is almost gone to the mental illness!This matter is still entangled!I do n’t know if I should sympathize with Aunt Zhang, but I feel that the child is still very poor.

After watching the official official after reading it, it is estimated that like Xiaobian, I feel that our little brain is so unhappy. It is better to play a lot as the aunts. As the saying goes, the poor people must have their hate, or take care of ourselves.Belt!Seeing that May Day is approaching, Xiaobian is still reminding you that the party’s party is fine itself. Although some classmates have changed their tastes, they have become offering wealth, hooking up!But there are still many positive energy in it, see how we grasp it ourselves!Be sure to be optimistic about your lower body. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are single or married. You must clean up and do n’t have a few glasses of wine to do something that makes yourself regret!In the end, the friendship of classmates also made the crushing!

What is your classmate gathering?You can share a message in the comment area together!

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