The stones in the body are not painful, be vigilant, be vigilant in the "big move"

In life, many people’s attitudes towards diseases usually do not actively seek medical treatment as long as there is no obvious pain, such as urinary stones.However, in the urinary system disease, stones can be called "silent killer". Although the patient has no symptoms, it may still cause serious damage to the kidneys.

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Sudden urine -absorbent purulent blood disease

"Culprit" is actually urinary stones

Mr. Zheng, 52, was sent to Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital by his family because of severe low back pain and fever. After arriving at the hospital, his blood pressure began to decline. He was accompanied by infectious shock. He was out of danger after rescue.Gao Jinlong, deputy chief physician of urology, said that Mr. Zheng caused urine -dysurotoxemia due to urinary system infection. This is a systemic infectious disease, dangerous condition, and severe cases.The "culprit" that caused Mr. Zheng’s urinary system was urinary tract stones.

It is understood that Mr. Zheng had discovered kidney stones during the physical examination many years ago, but he did not take it seriously.After a long time, kidney stones dropped from the kidneys to block the ureter, causing urinary tract obstruction, but because there was no obvious pain, he did not notice it.After the diarrhea of the urinary tract, a lot of water has been accumulated in the kidneys, a little bacterial infection, and the breeding rate is very fast, causing the disease to develop rapidly.


Generally based on surgical treatment

After fever, cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine conditioning

Gao Jinlong pointed out that the drop of kidney stones causes urinary tract obstruction, which will severely cause urine -dysurgous purulent leather, induced infectious shock, and combine diabetes or cardiovascular disease.This situation is generally based on surgical treatment. Putting a tube under ultrasound guidance, let the pus flow out along the tube, reduce fever and low back pain, and then use Chinese medicine conditioning and surgery to remove stones.

Kidney stones fall to the ureter

Sudden kidney colic when running

The 38 -year -old Mr. Huang, after running, suddenly had a severe colic on the left waist. Hemurusturization appeared after pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and quickly went to the emergency department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University.Emergency color Doppler ultrasound reminds the upper parameter stones (1.2cm sizes) with the median stagnation of the left kidney, and the left kidneys are obviously leaked.

Bai Peide, deputy chief physician of urology, introduced that the "kidney colic" that Mr. Huang’s sudden occurred was because the left renal stones fell into the ureter, and the stones blocked the ureter, similar to the severe pain caused by "the sewer blocked".Bleeding causes hematuria.


The stones do not hurt, it does not mean that it is good

The stones may still be in the ureter

Bai Peide said that for acute kidney colic like Mr. Huang, it can take symptomatic treatment such as anti -inflammatory, antispasmids, and analgesic.Essence

Bai Peide also reminded that some patients think that stones do not hurt. The stones have been discharged. In fact, stones may still be stuck in pyelone or ureter, but they do not cause pain., Cause kidney water.The stagnant water continues to increase, which may eventually lead to the full loss of the kidney and kidney function of the accumulated water, resulting in losing the kidneys.


Drinking plenty of water is both economical and effective

Can reduce the formation rate of stones

Gao Jinlong said that the best way to prevent stones is to drink plenty of water, which is both economical and effective.Drinking plenty of water can reduce the formation rate of kidney stones. Generally, the amount of drinking water a day is above 2000 ml, but some people need a larger drinking water.The easiest thing is to determine whether the amount of drinking water is sufficient through the color of urine. If the urine is clear, it means that the amount of drinking water is sufficient.If the color of the urine is yellow, it means that the water drinking is insufficient.

For the type of drinking water, take the most common calcium oxalic acid stones as an example. It is generally believed that it is advisable to use non -milk product liquids with less oxalic acid content.It is recommended to drink plenty of orange juice, sour fruit juice and lemonade. You should avoid drinking too much drinks, black tea, grape juice, apple juice, and coca -cola.

Some patients should adjust their diet structure

Don’t eat seafood and internal organs without drinking alcohol

There are also a small number of patients with kidney stones caused by hyperurice.If you find high uric acid, adjust your diet, do not drink, do not eat seafood, animal organs, and do not drink a long long soup.At the same time, drink plenty of water to discharge uric acid in the body through urine.

Patients with kidney stones should be guaranteed

Normal calcium diet intake

Many people think that patients with stones should limit the intake of calcium and not eat tofu, soy milk, and milk foods.Bai Peid said that this is actually wrong.

The prevention of stones is that patients with calcium stones should not be supplemented by additional calcium, such as taking some calcium tablets, but their diet requires a normal calcium diet.Because a low calcium diet can cause the "negative calcium balance" in the body, although it can reduce the excretion of urine calcium, it may cause osteoporosis and increase the excretion of urine oxalic acid, but increase the occurrence of stones.To this end, he recommends that patients with kidney stones should ensure the intake of normal calcium diet. They can eat foods such as dairy products (milk, cheese, etc.), tofu and small fish. The daily calcium intake of adults should be 1g-1.2g.Only patients with calcium oxalicate stones with clear diagnosis as absorbed high calcium urine need a low -calcium diet.


Attach importance to the cause of stone etiology

To do stones metabolism evaluation

Bai Peide said that kidney stones are mainly used in urine (calcium oxalic acid, phosphate, uric acid salt, etc.) formed in the urine.Balance is destroyed, so that the crystals and stones are formed.Due to the high incidence and recurrence rate of urinary tract stones, it is necessary to attach great importance to the cause of the cause of the stones. The very important is the 24 -hour urine metabolism analysis and the analysis of stones.Each patient must do stones for evaluation. If stones are discharged, they must be analyzed by stones, clarify what the ingredients of the stones are, and guide patients to prevent treatment.

Different stones

Treatment methods are also different

Gao Jinlong emphasized that it should pay attention to the annual medical examination.If the stones in the kidneys are relatively small, the position has not moved, and the volume has not increased, it does not need to be treated.

Once the stones fall into the ureter and cause urinary tract obstruction, it must be treated.The stones that obstruct the urinary tract are less than 6 mm. You can drink Chinese medicine excrement. Drinking traditional Chinese medicine can make local inflammation and increase the amount of urine. The stones are effective.If you do not do surgery or in vitro shock waves.The treatment of stone drugs above 1 cm is poor, and surgeons need to be treated.

He particularly reminded that Chinese medicine rowing only is effective for the stones that have fallen into the ureter, and the smaller volume is effective.The stones are relatively large. After a long time, it will repeatedly stimulate inflammation and grow with the tissue of the ureteral wall. In this case, taking Chinese medicine is invalid and can only be intervened through surgery. However, some patients also take Chinese medicine all day long.Condition.

Bai Peide said that for kidney stones smaller than 2 cm, you can choose in vitro shock wave gravel.For patients who are not suitable for conservative treatment or in vitro shock wave gravel, they can adopt a miraculous urethral ureteral mirror 钬 laser gravel gravel, or mixture of mirrory mirror mosaic stone.


High incidence of urinary stones in Fujian

Men’s incidence is 3 times female

The overall incidence of urinary stones in my country is 1%-5%. In the south, especially in Fujian and Guangdong, it is as high as 5%-10%, and its recurrence rate after cure is very high, and the recurrence rate of 5-10 years can reach 50%.

The "urinary tract stones" are often said to be kidney stones, ureteral stones, bladder stones, urethral stones, etc. Among them, kidney stones are the most common. Ureteral stones are generally caused by adequate admission to ureteral obstruction.It is more common for workers with physical strength. The incidence of men is higher than that of women, and the proportion of men and women is about 3: 1.

Source: Xiamen Evening News

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