The sore throat may not be "Eryang", alleviate symptoms, try Chinese medicine for tea drinking

Recently, many people have symptoms such as dry throat pain, and some netizens said that after a few days of dry throat pain, "Eryang" appeared.Is the sore throat "Eryang"?What are the sore throat?How does home scientifically relieve sore throat?We invited Yan Zhanfeng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Eurryngin Department of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to answer the answer to everyone.

"There are many causes of sore throat. The most common is the inflammatory response of the throat caused by virus or bacteria, which is often called upper respiratory tract infection. In addition, trauma, foreign body, tumor, and neighboring organs of the throat (such as gastric esophageal reflux stimulation stimulation stimulationCauses sore throat), bad living habits, irritating gas effects, etc., can cause sore throat. "Yan Zhanfeng said.

After experiencing the new crown "blade throat" some time ago, people will worry about whether they have a new crown virus."It may not be ‘Eryang’. This wave is more of the throat pain caused by ordinary colds and influenza." Yan Zhanfeng pointed out.

"Many people think that sore throat pain is a small problem. There is no need to move to the hospital for a big move to the hospital.Or it is difficult to swallow, but patients with faster progress may cause dyspnea, suffocation, etc., and seriously endanger life.

Before talking about treatment, we should first identify diseases that cause sore throat.It is recommended that people go to the hospital for professional treatment and do not take medicine blindly.

Patients who have a certain diagnosis and treatment experience and do not want to go to the hospital, you can take some slices and Chinese medicines for relief; if yellow sputum or tonsilization occurs, antibiotics such as cephalosporin, linomanticin, etc.Too long.The continuous medication is still not relieved for 3 days, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for professional diagnosis and treatment.

Daily home wants to relieve sore throat. In addition to quitting smoking and drinking, light diet, maintaining a good mood, but without a louder, Yan Zhanfeng suggested to try Chinese medicine for tea."When applying tea, you must also emphasize dialectics." Ordinary people can use 3 grams of chrysanthemum, jade bamboo, and licorice for tea drinks; patients with fever and yellow sputum can choose gold and silver flowers first, and prepare tea for the fat sea.Take about 3 grams per soak in each one, you can add honey appropriately.

Beijing News reporter Zhang Zhaohui

School counterpart Zhang Yanjun

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