The sophomore girl of the medical school secretly flows the drugs by themselves, almost bleeding and death

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When it comes to people studying medicine, in the eyes of many people, it is a magical existence.I remember when I first went to college, every time I went home to meet a high school classmate, I would be asked:

"Is there an anatomy of the corpse? A scary or scary?"

"Well. So disgusting, don’t touch me with your body that touched your body."

"Haha, girls who study medicine dare to move, who dares to find you as a girlfriend?"

However, some people think that learning medicine is very good, not only can I see any disease, but relatives and friends at home are much more convenient.

Speaking of any disease, I will see it. When I first started the appraisal, I felt that those teachers and professors were bulling as soon as I entered the hospital, and I knew everything.After two years of studying, I feel that it is just a routine, and I can watch it myself.When I was in my junior year, I found myself miserable, and I was sick.It wasn’t until the internship really started to find that I was actually blank, and the theory and the actual was 10,000 miles away.

As the saying goes, the ignorance is fearless. It is when I know half -knowledge that I feel that I understand everything.

When a sophomore girl, when she went to clinical trainees, seeing the teacher gave the patient a drug and abortion, it felt very simple.The patient took the medicine for two days at home. On the third day, he came to the hospital.It seems that the difference between diarrhea is not too big.

I did not expect that I was unfortunately recruited in an unfortunate accident, because I was afraid that I would be known to the hospital, so I secretly got the medicine of the drug flow.(PS: Drugs are prescribed medicines. Ordinary people have no such convenience, not you can buy it casually.)

What is drug abortion

Divine abortion is generally applied to intrauterine pregnancy within 49 days of menopause, and pregnancy sac is less than 2.5 cm.The specific drugs are used by two drugs of meterone and macoolitol.Mepitone can help embryonic velvet misiner and fall off, while macolytolin can promote uterine contraction and discharge the shedry embryo tissue outside the uterine cavity.The drug flow needs to take medicine for three days. Two days ago, I took it at home, and there were few discomforts such as abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding.On the third day, you need to come to the hospital for observation, because the third day will not only abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, but also the doctor will determine whether the drug flow is successful.

According to the data, within 39 days of menopause, the use of migrathium ketone with antimotisol for drug abortion, the success rate of miscarriage can reach 95 %.However, with the increase in menopause and the increase of pregnancy sac, the failure rate will increase. The shorter the menopause time, the higher the success rate of abortion.

Advantages of drug abortion

The girl was very simple to see someone else’s drug abortion, because she only saw the advantage of the drug flow.The biggest advantage of drug abortion is that it can avoid abortion surgery and reduce the occurrence of abortion such as uterine perforation and abortion syndrome.If the drug flow is relatively successful, it can also reduce the damage caused by the uterine endometrium to the endometrium, reducing the occurrence of complications such as less postoperative menstrual periods and uterine cavity adhesion.For scar uterus, lactating pregnancy uterus, uterine malformations, etc., drug abortion is also a better choice.

Is it possible to get the medicine as long as the positive is detected?

The drug and the abortion are suitable for intrauterine pregnancy. First of all, the B -ultrasound must be performed clearly that the pregnancy sac is within the uterine cavity.However, when the urine HCG positive or blood drawing was found to be pregnant, because the menopause time was relatively short, at this time, even if the B -ultrasound was performed, the pregnancy sac could not be seen.Through B -ultrasound, the earliest time to see the gestational sac in the uterine cavity is about 5 weeks of pregnancy.If a woman with irregular menstruation and the ovulation time is delayed, the time to see that the pregnancy capsule determines the internal pregnancy.

Although the earlier and the higher the success rate, the higher the rate of success, it is also necessary to take medicine when it is determined to be internal pregnancy and eliminate ectopic pregnancy.So you can take medicine as soon as you find pregnancy.

Risk of drug abortion

The drug flow seems simple, not surgery, take medicine alone, and solve the problem in three days.But in fact, there are still many risks.

1. Increased drug flow: The success rate of the drug flow was 95 % mentioned earlier, that is to say, there are still 5 % of women who may experience incomplete drug flow and need to clear the palace again.And with the increase of the gestational week, this failure rate may increase.

2. vaginal bleeding: Incorrect drug flow may cause bleeding. If the embryo tissue is necrotic and fall off, but it cannot be discharged out of the uterine cavity, it is just stuck in the cervical mouth position, which will affect uterine contraction, lead to continuous vaginal bleeding.Stop bleeding.In severe cases, hemalized shock may even cause blood, or even killed.The sophomore girl was bleeding and almost lost his life because of the risk of drug flow.

3. Drug adverse reactions: When using drugs, due to the role of the drug itself, patients may have gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and uncomfortable hands, fever, numbness, and numbness.However, these are the normal reactions of the drug and can be relieved soon.

4. Long vaginal bleeding time: Compared with artificial abortion, vaginal bleeding time is longer, and the risk of infection will increase.


The contraindications of drug abortion include: heart, liver, kidney abnormalities, and adrenal cortex dysfunction, long -term receiving corticosteroid treatment, ectopic pregnancy, and device pregnancy (some studies believe that the pregnancy can also use the drug flow under the close monitoring and guidance of doctors.Patients) patients, and prostaglandin drugs are allergic, glaucoma, and asthma patients are all taboos of drug flow.

Girls dare to give themselves a drug flow after studying for two years. Although this can avoid leaking the wind, they also put themselves on the edge of danger.Once an accident occurs, it may be killed in minutes.

Do not do medical, even if you really become a doctor, not all the diseases can be solved by yourself.I still remember that I once took the mirror in front of the mirror in the mirror of the mirror in the operating room. I saw a professor next to me and asked which department I was from.Ask me: "Then do you give birth to a child in the future?"

Haha, unfortunately what I did at the end was cesarean section, and there was no way to break my belly by myself.


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