The six reasons for rural cows in China have caused infertility. Many farmers reflect this problem

Many farmers reflect a problem, that is, the cows are not conceived repeatedly. What is the cause of this?In fact, there are many reasons for cows with infertility.

The first reason is that after the cows are playing, the breeding time is not right, and it is urgent to breed without reaching the adaptation period, which will cause a problem that may not be deserved.Therefore, when the cows are fighting, pay attention to the time. Generally, the success rate of the post -column in the later stage is the highest, that is, 12 hours after the cow has signs of the railings. At this time, ovulation has been ovulated.Waiting for the bull to crawl.

The second case is caused by the lack of inflammation after cow production.This situation is more common in improper artificial assistance of cows, causing endometrial damage, and failure to condition in time after birth and cause endometritis.Or after the production, the fetal clothing does not rot inside the uterus, causing endometritis, and repeated estrus is not conceived.The best way to do this is to clean the uterus, and then combined with anti -inflammatory drugs to inject progesterone before breeding, so that the probability of conception will greatly increase.

The third reason is caused by the physiological problems of cows.Some cows have the performance of the fence, but without ovulation, they cannot get pregnant even if they are breeding.The remedy method of this situation is to use drugs to stimulate ovulation, and the section of ovulation occurs synchronously to make the cow to get pregnant.It is sufficient to promote drugs for pregnant horses, but generally Dongge is not recommended, it is still the best ovulation, and the medicine is three -point poison.

The fourth case is infertile due to the thickness of Niu Tian’s uterine wall.There are basically no remedy measures in this situation. Many cows look very good and healthy, but they are not worthy.At this time, it is best to find a professional veterinarian for inspection. If infertility is caused by the thickness of the uterine wall, Dongge suggested to eliminate it.

The fifth situation is the most commonly existed now. During the feeding period, in order to keep the cows in a lot of emotion, a lot of feed feed is fed, causing the cow to be too obese, causing the cow to not fight or the fence cannot be matched.The solution to this situation is to reduce the ingredients, and then let the cow reduce the emotion. It takes about two months to restore the reproductive ability.

The sixth reason is that the synthetic feed causes the cow breeding system to be damaged.Nowadays, many people will add some synthetic feed to cows in order to allow cows to grow quickly, such as calfs and cow cows.Because these feeds are added with prohibited antibiotics or increasing agents such as prohibited, resulting in severe damage to the reproductive system of cows, causing cows infertility. In additionInfluence.The remedy method is to stop feeding synthetic feed, or choose feeds with high quality without prohibited ingredients.

The above is the reason why the cow infertility sorted out by Dongge. There is something wrong to look at the industry elites to correct me. If there are better ways, you can leave a message below. Dongge represents the majority of farmers. Thank you.

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