The signal of the illness of the uterus, the first is "abnormal bleeding"

As a symbol of women’s unique symbols, the uterus is not only the cradle of life, but also the key department of metabolism.

The uterus is located in the middle of the pelvic cavity, with the front of the bladder, neighbor rectum, and the tubes and ovaries on both sides.The lower vagina connects with the outside world. The "big aunt" of female friends every month is discharged from here.

Some people have met the uterine image as an inverted pear, which are divided into uterine body and cervix specifically.The uterine body is composed of muscles intersecting and horizontal, with various arteries and veins in it.The outer surface of the uterus is covered with peritoneum, and the inner surface is wrapped in the endometrium.This layer of endometrium will "stage" periodic hyperplasia and falling off under the action of hormones.

The uterus is a palace for life.It is covered with blood vessels and passes nutrients through the placenta when women are pregnant; the smooth muscles and elastic fibers of the uterus are very powerful, and they can be stretched fully during pregnancy to ensure sufficient space to accommodate embryo growth.At full moon, the volume of the uterus can be increased to hundreds of times before pregnancy, and the weight will increase by nearly 20 times.

The uterus is the "birthplace" of menstrual blood.The menstrual blood discharged by female friends every month, in addition to blood, also has endometrial fragments and inflammatory cells.The characteristics of cyclical fluctuations in estrogen hormones have promoted the endometrium of the endometrium, and periodic hyperplasia and secretion have eventually peeled off. This is the origin of the "aunt".

In the center of the pelvic cavity in the uterus, it has an important role in maintaining the position of pelvic organs.Studies have shown that if the uterine is removed, it will cause pelvic support for structural defects and increase the risk of pelvic floor dysfunctional diseases.

The uterus also secrete hormones.Prostaglandin, prolactin, insulin growth factor, relaxin, endothelin, and enzymes are all secreted by the uterus, while participating in the normal operation of endocrine function.

The uterine function is powerful, but it is also very fragile.Among them, uterine fibroids are the most anxious.

Our uterine fibroids do not mean that the fate is sentenced to fate. The fibroids are also different. The key is to discover early and treat early.When the body releases the following signals, it may be the uterus reminding you: she is sick.

Abnormal bleeding

Including irregular menstrual period, endlessness, excessive menstruation, excessive amounts of contact, contact bleeding, and so on.It is necessary to remind female friends that not only have abnormal bleeding in uterine fibroids, but also endometrial polyps, endometrial cancer, and uterine sarcoma may have this symptom.

Lower abdomen pain

Pain is also divided into many cases, or chronic or acute, or periodic or irregular, or it can also be painful or colic.If the fibroid degenerates, or the late period of uterine malignant tumors, it can also show lower abdominal pain.


Some female friends have not naturally become pregnant a few years after marriage, and may be a problem with the uterus.If the uterine fibroids compress the uterine or endometrial lesions, it will affect fertility.


Some female friends can touch the block and mass in the lower abdomen, or it may be transformed into uterine diseases.

Even if these symptoms appear above, there is no need to be too anxious. The benign lesion accounts for the majority. First, the cause can be clearly treated to better treat.

Source: Affiliated to Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University

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