The seven -year -old girl threw a three -year -old boy. The ten -year -old boy licking his lower body for a fifth -year -old girl.

On March 8, 2023, in Songming County, Yunnan, a seven -year -old girl picked up her neighbor three -year -old boy and threw it into the well. The boy held his hands to hold the well, crying for mercy, and the cruel girl opened the boy’s hand.And holding the boy’s head, let the boy fall into the deep well.Afterwards, the girl calmly left.

On May 21, 2020, Shanghai Qibao Wanke Siefri Bookstore. A 10 -year -old boy was slowly approaching a 5 -year -old girl. He first persuaded the little girl to go to the men’s toilet with him.Take off her underwear, to her, and even trick the little girl to lick her lower body … When the girl told her mother that she was bullied, the boy’s parents said that the girl was "voluntary."

On November 25, 2013, Ms. Wu took her one and a half year old grandson to play downstairs. When she reached the first floor, Ms. Wu first moved the baby car out of the elevator room.The doorkee key.Just as the elevator went up, the witch girl began to beat a child who was only one and a half years old.First, he held his hands with his hands, then pinched his face, and then picked him up and fell hard to the ground.Witch girl repeatedly kicked and hit a child over 1 year old until the elevator reached the 25th floor.The witch girl dragged the children who had been beaten out of the elevator, dragged them into their own house, continued to beat, and finally threw it from the balcony on the 25th floor.When Ms. Wu came up to find, the witch girl also helped find it together and comforted Ms. Wu many times.

Do you think these three starts?No!The number of reports on the Internet is unclear, and there are still many that have not been reported and not discovered.

Is human nature really evil?

The first sentence of "Three Characters" is "the beginning of man, sex is good", and they think that human nature is good.

The Confucian Asian Mencius said such a sentence, "Everyone has a heart of concealment." This sentence means that when life, there is sympathy. If no one is required to teach, you know what is true and beautiful.

However, some people have completely opposite views, Xunzi believes: "The nature of human beings, the good ones, the pseudo -pseudo."

Xunzi believes that every life is "hungry and full, cold and warmth, and to take a break."

Human beings are born with evil thoughts. It is precisely because of this evil nature that the society has various malignant events such as snatching, fighting, killing and setting fire.

In fact, there is no good and evil in the world. Goodness and evil are the concepts of imposing to humans.However, with the concept of good and evil, human beings can be separated from animals, and have been separated from the survival of the instinct of animal instincts. Since then, it has the meaning of life.

Some people have said that children’s evil is pure evil.Children’s world view, values, and life views are not mature, and the concept of good and evil is insufficient. It is easy to do things that irreparable things are irreversible because they want to satisfy the pleasure of instinctual desire.Therefore, I think that the biggest responsibility of children’s crime comes from these three parties.

1. Parents

Parents are the first teachers of children. Children’s concepts are usually the most affected by their parents.Parents’ discipline has some decisive role.

2. School

In today’s society, schools pay attention to the rate of education.Elementary schools are almost only three major subjects, and they only care about the results of the three major subjects.My daughter is in the fourth grade, and her thoughts are always occupied by Chinese lessons.

3. The country

State law stipulates that under the age of 12, no criminal responsibility is required, only the guardian needs to pay civil liability.To be straightforward, it is a big deal, as long as you lose money.But now 12 years old is actually a big child.The cost of crime is too low and too low.

And even if you do not investigate criminal responsibility, you will not be able to evaluate it.Some anti -human and anti -social personality, as long as you lose money, things will be turned over.In fact, this is an irregular bomb.

The state should be legislative. Even if it is not held criminally responsible, psychological assessment and psychological intervention should be performed, and psychological assessment must be performed in the next few years.

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