The secretion during pregnancy is also a "barometer" that reflects the health of the baby. Do pregnant mothers understand?

Women will become very sensitive after pregnancy, and any changes in her body will worry and fear her. For example, the secretions during pregnancy will increase, and the pregnant mother will not help but think about it. Is there any problem with the baby?In fact, this is a normal phenomenon after pregnancy. As long as there is no abnormalities, pregnant mothers need not worry too much.

The increased secretion is formed due to the changes in hormones in the body after pregnancy. Under the action of progesterone, the blood flow in the pregnant mother’s body is accelerating, and the body temperature will rise.Glandular secretion will also be extremely strong. Therefore, there will be many secretions, especially in the third trimester. The pregnant mother will change the underwear almost every day.Moreover, the secretion is composed of moisture, protein, glandular secretions, and benign bacteria and metabolites of other private parts. Normal secretions are transparent, slightly sticky and non -odor.The physical condition is good. On the contrary, other abnormal conditions occur, and pregnant mothers and fetal treasures may have problems.

Therefore, the pregnant mother can also understand the health of her and fetal treasure by observing the secretions during pregnancy. If the secretion is abnormal, the pregnant mother should pay special attention to it, and immediately come to the hospital for examination.During the work, Lao Miao often encounters pregnant mothers who come to ask for help for various problems. Of course, there are many problems with abnormal secretions.He hurried to the hospital and wanted to find a doctor to confirm the baby’s situation.

After inspection, the colleagues of the obstetrics and gynecology were diagnosed with abnormal secretions caused by the low position of the placenta. It is recommended to go home and rest in bed to avoid excessive fatigue. For the situation where the placenta position is too low, the doctor also does to Ms. Wang to do it to Ms. WangExplanation -When the uterus slowly increases, the position of the placenta is also likely to rise, so you don’t have to worry too much. As long as you check on time, pay attention to physical changes at any time. The health of the fetal treasure can still be guaranteed.

Some pregnant mothers may not care about their secretions, but when the problem is serious, they may regret it. Therefore, the pregnant mother must pay special attention to it.

We all know that the fetus is extremely unstable in the early pregnancy. If the pregnant mother occurs in the early pregnancy, the secretion is blood or bleeding, then it is likely to be a threatened abortion. Pregnant mothers must immediately go to the hospital for examination and treatment.If this kind of situation occurs in the third trimester, it may be the signal of the fetus that is about to childbirth, which is what we call red. In this vaginal bleeding, the pregnant mother must pay attention to it.Do not delay, so as not to cause accidents.

Generally speaking, this happens only when the fertilized eggs are beginning to bed, and the time is short and the amount is small. Only one or two days. Many pregnant mothers may not know that they are pregnant.Caused by menstruation, so I don’t care much.However, if the duration is long and a large amount of brown or dark red secretions are generated, it may be abnormal embryos, early abortion or fetal stopping.If the darker the color, the explanation is very dangerous, the pregnant mother should try to avoid activities as much as possible and let the family send themselves to the hospital as soon as possible.

Yellow -green secretions generally appear during the third trimester. At the same time that many pregnant mothers have yellow secretions, they will also be accompanied by green foam secretions.The unpleasant smell produces, and the pregnant mother is easy to distinguish.At this time, pregnant mothers should seek medical treatment in time to prevent fetal treasures from being affected.

Pregnant mothers usually pay more attention to the health of the private parts. The best way is to clean it frequently to ensure that the private parts are breathable and dry.Remember that the water temperature is too high when bathing, because the cooling of the private parts is slow. If you put on clothes directly after taking a bath, it may cause the private parts to be too humid and humid, thereby increasing the possibility of infection with bacteria.When taking a bath, try to choose a shower, so as to effectively prevent pregnant mothers from infected with bacteria.Also, it is not recommended to soak hot springs during pregnancy, because exposure to high water temperature will increase the probability of malformations in the baby, and during the cleaning process, you only need to use ordinary soap, or a bathing item for pregnant women.Do not over -clean the private parts, because the mucus in the private parts has a certain protective effect on it. If it is washed away, it will also cause genital infections.

In addition, pregnant mothers also need to change their underwear, try to choose cotton panties with good water absorption and soft texture, so that they will have a better protective effect on the private parts of the pregnant mother.If the pregnant mother has the problem of itching in the pussy, do not apply the drug at will. Be stable, and should still use the medicine with the advice of the doctor. Only in this way can the healthy development of the fetal treasure be guaranteed.

Regarding the distinction between secretions during pregnancy, what else do pregnant mothers want to say, please leave a message in the comment area below and discuss with Lao Miao.

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