The school showed "irritable" students, causing teachers to have a miscarriage, please do not blame him

The current students are really unhappy, especially middle school students, whether they are junior high school students or high school students, they are now in more electronic products and information networks, and they are generally more premature.

Many students are not only unable to control the parents, they can’t even control the teachers. The teachers have worked hard to prepare lessons, teach and educate people, and want to make each student become the pillar of the country, but there are always students thinking about it.Fa and teachers "confront" to highlight their ability.

According to reports, in a long -term middle school in Hunan, a student of the second year was mischievous and did not follow the classroom education at all. Later, the teacher criticized and educated a few words, and then had a mouthful, and then evolved into a "mutual fight."Later, the female teacher’s husband knew this. He was very angry. He rushed to the school with anger, walked to the classroom to grab the boy, fanned a lot of slap on his face, and stabbed with a screwdriver with a carried with you.student.

However, the pregnant female teacher did not avoid luck. Due to the conflict this time, he also caused his congenital abortion. Then his husband quickly sent her to the hospital for treatment.The students and the parents of the students apologized. He thought that both sides were hurt now, so they put it in advance, but they are now claimed by students and students’ parents to claim 100,000 yuan.

The specific details are two months of pregnancy. During the class, his student Yue Mou has been talking to other classmates, and then Teacher Zhang reminded him with his eyes.The teacher’s warning should be serious.Later, Mr. Zhang angrily knocked on his head with his mobile phone and asked him to stand up and reflect.

Yue Mou, who was punished, wanted to get angry, the more he felt more angry. He felt that he was not alone in the classroom. Is the teacher targeting him, so he threatened: Are you a teacher, is it awesome?It’s about to kill her.

As soon as Teacher Zhang heard this, she was angry, and she slapped Yue Mou. Yue Mou was unwilling to show weakness, and did not realize his mistake. He returned to Mr. Zhang’s slap. LaterThe result of the beginning.

Although Teacher Zhang was aborted, students and parents were still reluctant, and the two sides also conducted mediation. Because the differences between the two sides were relatively large, they did not achieve reasonable results.Now Teacher Zhang’s husband is also summoned by the police organs. It is necessary to deal with it according to law, and Teacher Zhang will also be handled by the school and the Education Bureau, which may be unemployed because of this.

Many students are really un respects now, and I am doing it.Although the students are still in a minor, things like this cannot be allowed to do their will. If this is the case, which teacher dares to teach them.

I also hope that the relevant departments will investigate this matter, and they will also deal with the teacher and reasonable treatment, otherwise it will really be cold.

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