The same is pregnant. Why is the "navel" of the pregnant mother protruding and depressed?Related to fetal gender?

"As the saying goes, the pregnant mother’s belly button is raised as a male fetus, and the depression is a female fetus."

After pregnancy, if you pay attention, you will find different pregnant mothers. Their navel status is different. For example, some are raised to look out, and some are hidden in the depression.

HH?Is it really related to the gender of the fetus?

After Xiaoli pregnant mother was pregnant, her mother -in -law was very happy and took the initiative to take care of her responsibility.As the fetus developed day by day, Xiaoli’s belly was also rounded and bulging.

After seeing her pregnant belly, her mother -in -law said to Xiaoli, "As the saying goes, the navel is a male treasure, and the navel is concave as a female treasure. You see your belly button is so convex. This child is definitely a male male.precious."

In Xiaoli’s heart, it doesn’t matter if the fetus is a male or female. As long as it is born smoothly, I don’t care what my mother -in -law said.

In this way, under the careful care of her mother -in -law, on the day of Xiaoli produced, she was born as a female baby.The mother -in -law looked at the female baby hugged in her arms and was dumbfounded.

It can be seen from the above case that even if the pregnant mother is convex outward when she is pregnant, it is not necessarily a boy born.

"Medicine has also strictly stated that the unevenness of the navel of the pregnant mother has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus."

Therefore, people should maintain a scientific and sober cognition about the relationship between the bumps of the pregnant mother’s navel and the sex of the fetus.

Overall, the pregnant mother’s belly button is raised or depressed, and is affected by the following five factors:

1) Pregnant mother’s own skin condition

"Whether the skin of the pregnant mother’s skin is tight or relaxed, which affects the unevenness of the navel."

Under normal circumstances, compact skin is more flexible than loose skin.

If the skin of the pregnant mother is relatively tight, in the face of the pressure caused by the fetus to the abdomen, the abdomen skin will automatically adjust to the "relaxation state" that adapts to this pressure.Vigger.

On the contrary, if the skin of the pregnant mother is relatively loose, the abdomen skin can only be "helpless" to the fetus pressure on the abdomen due to no tension. In this process, the navel will also be affected and have to bump outward.

2) The front and rear positions of the placenta

"The placenta is in the front and rear positions of the uterine wall, which will affect the unevenness of the pregnant mother’s navel."

Some pregnant mothers’ placenta positions on the back of the uterine wall, and the pressure on the abdomen will be relatively small. As a part of the abdomen, the navel will not bump outward, unless the fetus develops a lot.

On the contrary, if the placenta is located on the front of the uterine wall, at this time, there will be more pressure that the abdomen needs to bear, so the navel will be forced to bump out under this pressure.

3) Whether the pregnant mothers are exhausted

The accumulation of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will put pressure on the fetus, body, and spirit, which may cause the navel to bump outward.

For example, some pregnant mothers do not pay attention to rest after pregnancy, and their bodies are more exhausted, which may cause urgent changes in fetal positions, causing indirect bulges in the navel.

4) The congenital condition of the pregnant mother’s own navel

Some pregnant mothers’ navels are not good in congenital. For example, there are umbilical hernias, so when the belly is enlarged by the fetus after pregnancy, the belly button will also protrude out under the same pressure.

5) Different size of the fetus

After pregnancy, some fetuses have sufficient or genetic constitution due to sufficient nutritional nutrition during pregnancy. Compared with other fetuses, development will be relatively large.

Therefore, the pregnant mother’s belly will support the big and round, and the navel will be convex outward.

Some fetuses may be relatively small. Even in the third trimester, they will not cause too much pressure on the abdomen, and the navel will not bump outward.

Therefore, in the above perspective, it is possible to draw on whether the pregnant mother’s navel is prominent or sunken, which has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus. It is more related to the factors of the pregnant mother and the size of the fetus and the size of the fetus.

However, the condition of the navel will cause adverse effects on the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to scientifically care for the navel.

1. Three forbidden -squeezing, banned pressure, and prohibited

In life, some pregnant mothers see that the navel is dirty, and she will subconsciously pull out the dirty Dongxi inside with her hands. In the end, because she did not master the strength, the skin in the navel was broken, which caused the problem of infection.

The navel is not only part of the body of the pregnant mother, but also related to the connection between the mother and the fetus.As a result, once infection occurs, it will cause inflammation of the skin’s belly button skin, which will cause abortion of the fetus.

On the other hand, after all, the navel is part of the abdomen. If it is squeezed, it will put pressure on the entire abdomen, and the fetus will be affected.

Therefore, whether the navel is convex or inner concave, pregnant mothers should not pick or squeeze.

2. One clean -keep the navel clean

When cleaning the navel, you need to pay attention to three points:

① Do not clean it directly with your hands. You can use cotton swabs and towels to reduce bacterial infection;

② You can use water and neutralized bath liquid to clean the navel eyes and umbilical eyes. During the cleaning process, don’t be too strong;

③ The purpose of cleaning is to remove dirt and prevent bacteria from breeding, so it does not need to be cleaned.

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