The risk of drug flow is higher than the painlessness

"I was pregnant unexpectedly and I felt very scared. I saw a lot of relevant knowledge about miscarriage on the Internet. I want to make a drug flow at home by myself?" On a healthy website, a netizen asked an online doctor.The reporter searched found that there are many topics about people on the Internet recently.

"Whenever the college entrance examination, during the summer vacation, school -age women come to the hospital to do abortion several times more than usual." Yang Huizhi, director of the Gynecology Department of the 458 Hospital of the PLA 458 Hospital, said that after accidental pregnancy, you must first calm down to this reality, and thenSelect the abortion timing and method rationally.After the flow of people, pay attention to rest, avoid intense exercise, talk about diet as much as possible, do not eat cold food, and minimize the damage to the body.

There are generally two types of abortion: drug abortion and painless artificial abortion.Yang Huizhi said that if the pregnancy (the first day of the last menstruation starts from the first day) is less than 35 days, the pregnancy sac is too small is not conducive to the painless flow of people.Under normal circumstances, the 35th-55th day of pregnancy is the best time to do painless abortion.At this time, the carcass has not yet formed, the uterus is not too large, the uterine wall muscles are thick, and the embryo is easy to suck out. Therefore, the surgery time is short, the amount of bleeding is small, and the body recovers quickly after the abortion. The surgery can be completed in the outpatient clinic.And if the month of pregnancy is large, the fetal bones have formed, the uterine volume becomes larger, the uterine wall becomes thinner, and it will be difficult to surgery.Moreover, the surgery time is long, the amount of bleeding is large, and the postoperative recovery time will be prolonged. The risk of pregnant women is also large.

The drug flow is combined with multone+macolytol, which can easily cause drug flow insufficiency and need to clear the palace.The abortion is more likely to cause endometritis and fallopian tubeitis than the painless abortion. Secondary infertility occurs, and the abortion of the drug requires professional medical staff to help observe the bleeding during the tires and abortion. Oral drugs may also have discomfort.Treatment, so you should not be at home.

Yang Huizhi reminded that whether it is drug flow or painless abortion, he must go to the hospital for blood HCG examination, B -ultrasound examination, and urine testing. It is confirmed whether it is internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy, and then the corresponding treatment.Do not do the master without authorization. Just by virtue of some symptoms, it is decided to do painless or medicinal flow.She also reminded that sexual life is prohibited within one month after abortion to prevent the pathogens from bringing pathogens into the reproductive organs.Otherwise, uterine endometritis may be prone to ectopic pregnancy in the next pregnancy.

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