The realistic version of dreaming and making money: The old man dug out fish springs at home, 15 years out of fish, and the highest time is a pound of time

If you do n’t need to struggle, as long as you have a dream, how good it is! This is a question you can only think in secret, because if you say it, you will be the goal of everyone’s attention!You have to know that this is your own business.Everyone will tell you not to dream, this is impossible!But you need to know that this is impossible.

But in Chongqing, a 70 -year -old man found a treasure at home for a dream 15 years ago. He not only got rid of poverty and gets rich, but also changed the fate of the family, and even became the richest man in the village.

In the middle of the night in November 2007, Li Changquan, who was suddenly awakened from his dream from his dream.

He clearly remembered that a kind old man in his dream said to himself."You are suffering throughout your life, as long as you dig out the things at home, life will get better!".

In his dream, he obeyed the advice of the elderly and dug around the house for a long time, and finally dug out a bundle of things.He was preparing to open the package and see what it was inside, but suddenly woke up!"He said.

Li Changquan felt that this dream was particularly real, as if it had really happened.Although this dream was a bit strange, he didn’t think much at the time!

It was just that the next night he had another dream, this time he couldn’t sit still!

He told his family about this dream that he thought this dream was very strange. It was a clue. There was gold and silver under his house. He had to dig it out!

The family did not mind his dream and laughed at his idea of "digging treasure".

But Li Changquan, like a demon, stubbornly believed that someone asked him to give him a dream and told him that there was treasure under the ground. This was a good opportunity to get rich, so he had to dig the treasure anyway.

Where does the required funds come from?

When he saw the water, Li Xianhui was very angry. After digging for so long, he only dug a well.

Just as he was discouraged, he suddenly saw a large number of small fish, and the palm trees mixed with the water flowing from the ground.

Seeing so many fish, Li Xianhui excitedly shouted to the father on the well. There was a "fish spring" below, all of which were fish, and the fish.

Li Changquan did not believe it at the beginning, but when Li Xianhui raised a bucket of live fish, he was very happy. Although he did not dig gold and silver, there were so many fish, and he continued.

The news of the "Yuquan" unearthed from the Li family spread quickly, and people came from all directions to watch "Yuquan".

In order to facilitate people to watch Yuquan, Li Xianhui specially built walls and steps around Dajing, and installed filter fish devices. It also opened the river channel of the Daning River, so that the fish was left and the water flowed out.

However, with the famous "Yuchi", the number of visitors has exceeded the threshold. From the beginning to dozens of people to the five or six hundred people, in the face of people who cannot be controlled every day, some people suggest that the Li family collects the cost of visiting the fish pond.

Although the tickets are very low, there are not enough people in spring, and their income is considerable.

And not only the entry fee, but also a lot of income for selling fish.

At first, people did not know this kind of fish and dared to eat it. Li Xianhui sent the fish to the city. After asking the chefs to make it, the courageous people felt particularly delicious.

At this moment, the Li family, known for its wild fish, came here every day. There were more people who bought it. From the beginning of a dozen yuan, to a few hundred yuan, it was still in short supply.

According to expert analysis, the father and son of the Li family were excavated by the Dark River. When the flood season rose, the source of the dark river was diverted. Now the flood season has passed, the water level has fallen, and there is no water from fish.

Now the flood season has passed, the water level has fallen, and water and fish will not come out again.

As the experts would expected, once the flood period was over in the second year, the fish spring of the Li family was drowned by the fish again.

Especially when raining, there are more fish.

One day, less than 100 pounds, as many as one thousand pounds.

The Li family rely on the income of fish and tickets, with a maximum income of 300,000 yuan a year.

In the end, a few years later, artificial reproduction was successful.

Later, he proposed to his father that he took out the fish in the fish spring to sell money, put it in the reservoir, and then put it in the Daning River in front of the house, so that the wild fish resources would not be exhausted.

This time, Li Changquan agreed.

After more than ten years of development, the main income of the Li family has no longer relying on tickets and selling fish!

They demolished their old house and built a three -story villa, which was very large.

They run a farm that integrates food, live, visit Yuquan and sell fish, and their income has risen several floors!

This incident caused a hot comment on netizens on the Internet:

Don’t believe that it can be dug for sixteen or seven meters in vertical ways, will the earthwork be dropped?All are stones. How can you dig so deeply in the original method?

I also went back and dug. I often dream of a lot of gold in the house, and I was scared by gold every time.

The hourly adult told.He forgot himself, and now he has been activated again

One two hundred pounds of fish are mostly a day of thousands of pounds of income from 10,000 to 200,000.

No one can prove that Li Changquan did not have that magical dream …

This story should be true. I have seen it in the news a few years ago that I haven’t said it in detail here. I used to say that I had to get a fortune by receiving the door.

I really believe it!There is nothing unique in the world.I hope you will come true and be good in your life!IntersectionIntersection

One two hundred pounds of fish are mostly a day of thousands of pounds of income from 10,000 to 200,000.

There are treasures in a continuous dream, but just editing lies. In fact, he is sure that there is a fish spring in the ground. I have to say that this old guy is not easy to be tough, and his luck is good.

Many people question, but I believe it is definitely true!Because I have had a dream, I am in the second day of three digits. Unfortunately, I bought less, everything is God’s will!

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