The radiation by the plane is equivalent to 10 X -ray chest transparency?Can pregnant women take a plane?

As we all know, many people will worry that this radiation will affect the body.On the Internet, there is even a saying that "the radiation by the plane is equivalent to 10 X -ray chest through the chest". Is this really the case?For pregnant mothers, can I still have a plane?Let’s take a look together.

First of all, we must understand the unit of radiation. The dose measurement unit of the radiation is MSV (MSV Hushifer is one of the basic units of the radiation dose and is a unit suitable for calculating human bearing the radiation dose).Below we use data to speak. The CT scan the dose of about 2msv ~ 10msv at a time. Usually, the cardiopulmonary examination of X -ray is basically about 0.2 MSV, and the radiation of aviation is generally 0.005MSV per hour.In other words, the amount of radiation generated by a chest CT is equivalent to hundreds of aircraft flying from Beijing to Shanghai, and the X -ray examination is roughly equivalent to the radiation of dozens of aircraft.Therefore, the saying that "the radiation by the plane once is equivalent to 10 X -ray chest permeability" is completely untenable.

In fact, there are various radiation in our daily life. The radiation of the human body on the plane will indeed be slightly stronger, because the aircraft will become thinner at high altitude.The farther the aircraft is from the surface of the earth, the less gas molecules in the unit space, and the less gas molecules reflected from the ray of the outer space.In the case of weakening atmospheric shielding, the radiation received by the human body becomes more.Studies have shown that for each two kilometers of the aircraft flight height, the human body is doubled by the cosmic ray exposure dose.In the high altitude of 10,000 meters from the surface, the intensity of cosmic rays is about 0.006msv per hour.However, when there is a large radiation, it is when the sun spots erupted. At this time, the sun will generate a lot of radiation, but the probability of this situation is very small, and scientific researchers will also conduct warning, so do not need to be too needed too muchWorry.

So, can pregnant mothers take a plane?We know that during the pregnancy, especially in the formation and development of the embryo in the early pregnancy, pregnant women are quite fragile and sensitive.The US Nuclear Energy Management Commission recommends that the radiation dose of pregnant women during pregnancy should be less than 5msv per year, far lower than the recommended value of the annual radiation dose of adults 50MSV.So as long as it is not too frequent, it is okay for pregnant women to fly.

Xu Bangnian, a professor at the Professor of the Air Force Command School, conducts scientific control.

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