The rabbit surface is very cute, but the reproduction ability is bursting. It can breed the same year and four seasons.

The rabbit is so cute, but it is actually delicious.

Many people like rabbits because this kind of biomedy and animal is harmless and looks quite cute.But in fact, rabbits can be called the "color magic" of the animal world. The reproductive ability is simply explosive. We all know that the flooding incident in Australia is caused by the high breeding ability of rabbits.

The rabbit’s nest can produce 5-8 little rabbits, and it can have a nest in a month. This breeding ability is simply too strong.But in fact, this is also determined by the rabbit’s status in nature.In the wild, rabbits are a beautiful meal of many carnivorous animals, which determines that rabbits must maintain the continuation of the population at a high breeding rate.In nature, the stronger the breeding ability of animals, such as whales and tigers. Animals on the top of the food chain generally have one child. Even if there are a few more, there are only one or two that can survive in the end.This is similar to humans. Although there are many twins or even trigree, most people can only have one child at a time.

For rabbits, there is no ability to survive except running and digging in nature. Of course, the cruel nature selling cute is no effect.That’s why the rabbit evolved so much breeding ability.

In addition, we know that any animal has a period of estrus, some time is long, and some time is short.But rabbits are different. It is the same as humans. It can be estrus all year round. Otherwise, can you give birth to a nest of little rabbits in a month?The strong breeding ability of rabbits is also related to its special physiological mechanism.

First of all, when the rabbit mats, when the ovulation is ovulated, which leads to a high surrogacy rate of rabbits.This is too bad in nature.Let the rabbits be almost continuously stipulated, one month and one month, and eventually reproduce a huge rabbit family.

Secondly, rabbits can also repeat conception, that is, rabbits can still conceive another child when they are pregnant.This is simply not the ability of Earth creatures.The rabbit can produce different placenta, a rabbit rabbit, and even the three nests at a time. This ability is simply terrible.

Third, in the face of a harsh environment, rabbits can also "absorb" the fetus.

Rabbit breeding ability is so strong, it is also huge energy consumption for female rabbits.Once the rabbit is sick or the food becomes less, the rabbit can even "change his life against the sky", directly reverse the fertility process, absorb the little rabbit in the stomach, and supplement themselves for themselves.

Because of this, rabbits in many countries are regarded as a symbol of prosperity because it is too capable.

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