The problems that the second child will encounter during pregnancy is basically here. Let’s take a look!

Since the opening of the second child policy, many mothers have prepared to welcome the arrival of a little angel.So what are the problems with the second mother’s pregnancy?The editor sorted out some actual cases, and everyone came to see if there was a similar situation.

Question: For more than 6 weeks of pregnancy, the left abdomen on the left side of the past two days is like acupuncture, and the others are normal.

Answer: Sometimes the abdominal pain during early pregnancy is caused by the increase of the uterus and pulling to the ligament, but the pathological factors need to be excluded first.This situation is recommended to follow up and conduct B -ultrasound inspections in about 8 weeks.

Question: I am drinking yak milk now, is this helpful for me?

Answer: Yaka can supplement calcium and folic acid and zinc to pregnant women.Vitamin B12 can increase red blood cells to prevent anemia. Α-linolenic acid, taurine, and choline can promote baby’s intellectual development.These nutrient yak milk contains.And the calcium and high -quality protein in yak milk are higher than ordinary milk products.

Question: It is 25 weeks during pregnancy, but the four -dimensional one is 23 weeks. After two weeks, what should I do? The doctor said, the baby is small, and I have nothing to eat. I do n’t know what to eat for the baby.Answer: Small fetal fetuses need to be eliminated whether there are abnormal development, such as whether chromosomal examination is abnormal, four -dimensional and heart ultrasound and no abnormalities.Considering whether there are nutritional factors, fetal development is small.Only by clarifying the reason can be targeted.Question: Is there no fetal heart or germ in 48 days of pregnancy for 48 days of pregnancy?

Answer: Comprehensive judgment of the size of the gestational sac, most pregnant women should have germ and fetal heart at this time. If there are no other symptoms, it is recommended to follow up and review.

Question: I am a second -born mother. I am 35 years old and 13 weeks pregnant.From 56 days of pregnancy, there were brown secretions from a few days after you were pregnant. It was good to go to the hospital for examination. Every time you came, the doctor could not say the reason.what is the reason?Answer: The symptoms of threatening abortion in the early pregnancy are still very common. Dark brown secretions should be old. Do n’t be too nervous. As long as the doctor checks all indicators, it is normal, relaxed, rest more, and follow -up.Question: How many days after pregnancy, how many days to go to the hospital B -ultrasound fetal heart?

Answer: It is recommended to be about 8 weeks.

Question: It is less than five weeks of pregnancy. I know pregnancy in the past two days. The values are normal, and progesterone 27. There was a brown redness of the coffee last night. So far, I have not appeared again. What should I do?Answer: One of the 4-5 people during early pregnancy will have symptoms of threatened abortion. In the end, whether the abortion is actually largely determined whether the embryo itself develops well, which is what we often say.Pay more attention to rest and follow up closely.Question: My Dabao is a caesarean section a week and a half.What I need to pay attention to when I am pregnant with my second child, I was pregnant before two years.Answer: As long as the first cesarean section surgery is smooth, it is generally relatively safe.It is recommended to B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy to understand the position of the embryo and incision to eliminate the incision pregnancy.Regular delivery during pregnancy, pay attention to nutrition and weight control during pregnancy to avoid the occurrence of complications and complications during pregnancy.Question: I found out that the placenta was low today, what should I do?Answer: The position of the placenta is low. It depends on the gestational week. If it can only be called the placenta before 28 weeks, there may be changes in the later stage, so don’t worry too much, follow up closely, and do a good job of checking.Question: I am 27 weeks of pregnancy. People around me said that my stomach was too low. I asked me to pay attention. I was tested because I was uncomfortable for a uncomfortable doctor at 21 weeks and 25 weeks of pregnancy.Is it necessary to rest in bed today?

Answer: Some mothers may have physiological contractions in 27 weeks. They do not need to be too nervous, but physiological contractions must first exclude some pathological factors to consider. If you feel abdominal pain and abdominal distension, it is recommended to check the hospital as soon as possible. Of course, it is certainly necessary to rest proper rest.of.

Question: My first child was in a caesarean section in January last year, and now I am pregnant again. The doctor said that my palace mouth was not recovered well. What should I do?

Answer: The interval is a bit shorter for a year. This situation needs to be combined with whether the surgery was smooth and the recovery of uterine incision.It is recommended to understand the position of the embryo and incision through the B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy to eliminate incision pregnancy.

One more member of the family is a happy thing, but Xiaobian wants to remind you that older women who want to have a second child should pay more attention to pregnancy examinations, and more importantly, nutrition must keep up!This is very important for mothers or children, but you must not be sloppy ~

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