The probability of one blow is only 20%. How can I get pregnant quickly?

According to research, when the husband and wife are healthy, the chance of pregnancy is only 20%. Therefore, once any abnormalities occur, they will directly affect conception.And pregnancy is not a matter of one person. Only the husband and wife work together can they get pregnant as soon as possible.And if you want to increase the rate of pregnancy, you must first prepare for all preparations and skills to prepare for pregnancy. So, how can you get pregnant quickly?

1. Pre -pregnancy examination

For husbands and wives, you must do pre -pregnancy examination before preparing for pregnancy. First, see if there is a problem with the body and whether it will affect normal conception.If you find a problem, you can improve early, reduce some problems, and have the impact on conception, which will allow your pregnancy to take a lot of detours.Before pregnancy, it is a manifestation of responsible for yourself and the fetus.

2. Find the easiest time to get pregnant

According to scientists’ research on one day of pregnancy, if you want to get pregnant, the best time for sex is 5-7 pm.Studies have found that both sperm and quality have changed a lot during the day, and during the period of the afternoon, it reached a peak -it happened to be the most likely to conceive at this time.Choose the best pregnancy season. In July and August, it is better to produce in July and August.

3. The same room during ovulation

If it is a woman with a regular menstruation, the ovulation day is more than 14 days when the next menstruation comes, and the first 5 days before the ovulation day and the 4 days after the ovulation day will be counted as the ovulation period.The eggs can survive for 1-2 days, and the sperm can maintain the fertilization ability for 2-3 days, so in the same room in the same room before and after the egg excretion, it is easier to conceive.

4. Quit smoking and alcohol and quit coffee

Women’s tolerance for alcohol is lower than men, and alcohol is easily concentrated in the blood of nourishing the fetus, affecting the development of their body and brain.After drinking, the main cause of defects such as congenital malformations and congenital intelligence in the fetus.Drinking pregnant moms will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus.

In addition, it is necessary to remind: quit coffee and caffeine drinks.Caffeine, as a central nervous nervous excitement, although it is not toxic and is excreted quickly, it still has a bad effect on pregnant moms and fetuses.

5. Maintain a pleasant state, easily "one blow to the middle"

Speaking of psychological burdens, like my friend mentioned above, in fact, there is no problem with my body. For a long time, she can’t get rid of her too anxious and can’t get rid of her.Because it is too anxious, it will affect the endocrine, lead to disorders during menstruation, and even simply not ovulation.And men are too anxious, insomnia, bad mood, also affect endocrine, and the state of intimate contact with husband and wife, is not conducive to pregnancy.

Having said so much, have you remembered it? Preparation is not a matter of time, and it takes a long time to prepare, so in the whole process of preparing for pregnancy, you must relax and actively face the various difficulties encountered during pregnancy.In this way, you can usher in your baby as soon as possible.

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