The pregnant woman dreams of a big snake, and her mother -in -law asserts that she must be pregnant with "boy". Can the baby dream really indicate gender?

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Since ancient times, we have said that "there is something in the day and nights and dreams", especially for pregnant women. Because of the pressure of physical hormones, we will have all kinds of dreams, and then spread the revelation of dreams!

My daughter is now more than three years old and goes to kindergarten, but I can still remember a lot of strange dreams when she was pregnant.

For example, a giant carving that can speak;

For example, foreign fantasy manor;

For another example, dream of a big snake!

But this big snake made my mother -in -law assert that what I was pregnant with was the boy.Facts are better than arguing, and in the end I gave birth to my daughter!

Judging from my experience, it is obviously not possible!

So what’s going on with the dream of fetal dreams, let’s take a look at the folk statement-

1. Dreams of nature and things.For example, if my mother dreams of gorgeous and beautiful gems, it means a good baby dream.Dreaming of picking beautiful riverbags is a good dream of his son in the future.

2. Dream of animals.Chinese folks believe that dreams have great significance and are considered to be a dream of symbolizing power and family glory. They have more specialties than others in terms of personality.Dreaming of a lively fish means that the baby is active.

3. Tire dream about plants.The difference between sex and consciousness, the probability of dreaming of peanut daughters is very high, and the probability of red fruits is high.

4. Tire dream about celestial bodies.Dreaming that the sun will be more likely to have a male baby.The moon suggests that the probability of giving birth to a girl is relatively high.Dreaming of meteors implies that there will be a son with artistic talents.

5. Dream of numbers: If the mother dreams of two chestnuts of the same size, the probability of twins with the same gender has a higher probability.

1. Fetal dream is the continuation of psychological state

This is what we call "thinking about the day, there is a dream at night", that is, if you look forward to having a boy or a girl, you will show something in your dreams, but it really has nothing to do with you to have a boy and girl!

2. Emotional ups and downs during pregnancy, physical fatigue

It is affected by hormones after pregnancy. In addition, the fetus grows up, the body burden of pregnant women is getting heavier, and emotional is easy to anxious, so it is more likely to have a dream phenomenon.

People are accustomed to guessing children’s gender based on the characteristics of the objects in the dream. In fact, there is no scientific basis. It is better to relax. Don’t think so much!The gender of the fetus largely depends on the combination of sperm chromosomes of the father.

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