The pregnant wife has a strong temper, most of which are these four reasons. My husband is better to understand

Since pregnancy, Xiao Huang always feels that his wife’s temper has become bigger and bigger, and he often gets angry with himself for no reason, which makes him very unhappy.I believe that many male compatriots have experienced such a thing, and they must have doubts, why did they become like this?In fact, this cannot be blamed for them. There are many reasons for this situation. In addition to hormone secretion disorders during pregnancy, emotional problems are prone to problems. During pregnancy, they need to face too much pain.Okay, so we need to be more considerate of them.Here are the painful problems that 4 pregnant mothers are facing during pregnancy.

1. Frequent urination

I believe that many pregnant mothers have such experience. The number of toilets during pregnancy has increased significantly, and even if the amount of water is reduced, it cannot be controlled.This is actually normal. As the secretion of hormones in pregnant mothers during pregnancy is increasing, and the uterus continuously becomes larger than oppressing the bladder, it is easy to cause the pregnant mother to have frequent urination.Especially at night, the problem of frequent urination and urination can cause pregnant mothers to sleep well at night, which seriously affects their sleep quality and has a certain impact on physical health.It is recommended that pregnant mothers can put on a waist -type diapers before going to bed, so that there is no need to worry about the incomplete urine at night. In addition, in the choice of diapers, you must choose a good absorbent style. It can quickly absorb urine urine.The liquid, ensuring the dry body of the pregnant mother, made her no longer disturb her frequent urination.

2. Lumbar pain

As the abdomen continues to increase, it will constantly compress the pregnant mothers’ lumbar spine and exacerbate the pain of their lumbar spine.If the pregnant mother does not pay attention to this situation, it is likely to cause irreversible damage to their lumbar spine and leave sequelae.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay more attention. If necessary, you can use the belt band to help them support the abdomen, reduce its damage to the waist, and make the pregnant mother easier.

3. Below edema

Due to poor blood circulation during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have problems with lower limbs. This situation will bring soreness to the whole body of pregnant mothers and will seriously affect their ability to move.Pregnant mothers can accelerate the metabolism in their bodies by appropriate exercise to promote blood circulation and have certain benefits to eliminate lower limb edema.

4. Pregnancy

Most pregnant mothers have a mild or severe pregnancy reaction after pregnancy.This is due to the increase in the number of hormones in the body after pregnancy, the number of gastric acid and digestive enzymes suddenly decreases, and dizziness, nausea, and wanting to vomit.This problem cannot be completely solved, but pregnant mothers can eat more fresh fruits, which can to a certain extent to alleviate the effect of pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers are very hard during pregnancy, so male compatriots must pay more attention and consider their wives in pregnancy.

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