The pregnant mother will have these 4 physical changes after pregnancy, and the last point will make her particularly embarrassing

Pregnancy is a particularly important moment for each pregnant mother, because at this time not only is breeding a cute little life, but also transformation in identity.It is very simple to spend these ten months, but in fact, these ten months are not so simple. During this period, the changes experienced by pregnant mothers will make pregnant mothers have an unspeakable pain in minutes.After pregnancy, it should have been a happy thing, but Meimei is full of sadness every day. It turned out that after pregnancy, she found that she not only had stretch marks on her belly, but also her armpit.Thinky phenomenon, these phenomena all annoyed the beauty of beauty, isn’t it just pregnant? How can there be such a big change in the body, and now it is summer. How can I wear short sleeves?Things are very distressed. In fact, these changes that appear on Meimei are normal. So what changes will the pregnant mother’s body appear during pregnancy?

1. Long spots

Some pregnant mothers usually seem to have white skin, and they will find that after pregnancy, there are class on their faces, and this is not caused by ultraviolet rays. This is caused by the changes in the body hormone in the pregnant mother after pregnancy.These spots are faint. If you do n’t pay attention, you ca n’t find it. These spots will gradually become lighter, so pregnant mothers do n’t have to worry.

2. The navel eyes are protruding, and stretch marks appear

As the baby grew up day by day, the pregnant mother’s belly will grow day by day, and after the skin of the abdomen is opened, there will be some stretch marks, and the rectus muscles on the left and right sides will gradually be separated, and at the same time, plus addThe uterine is constantly increasing, so the navel eyes of the pregnant mother will gradually protrude, and the stretch marks will be obvious, but for stretch marks, pregnant mothers need to be too worried. Generally, after the production is completed, some related skin care products are the related skin care products.It can be faded, so at this point, pregnant mothers can also relax.

3. Deep hair

Generally, the estrogen secretion will increase after pregnancy, so the body’s hair of the pregnant mother will also be more vigorous. Some pregnant mothers will have fluff on the belly., But in fact, it is not necessary. Postpartum hormone levels will also change, and excess hair will subscribe by itself, so there is no need to worry too much.

4. Axillary and neck turning black

After pregnancy, some mothers find their armpits and necks darkened, and they are like the feeling of being sunny in summer. Some pregnant mothers pay special attention to their clothes. They are afraid of being seen.Pregnant mothers have caused the growth of progesterone in the body of the pregnant mother. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. Generally, as long as they care for the skin, they can be restored as long as they care for the skin.

In fact, these changes that appear in pregnant mothers are normal. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. Most changes can be recovered after delivery, and as long as the postpartum recovery is reasonable, pregnant mothers can become more beautiful than before.

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