The pregnant mother eats watermelon madly, and the doctor said: No control will affect the intellectual development of the fetus

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Xiaowen went to the inspection in April and finally became pregnant. The husband and wife were married for a year and a half before they were pregnant. They were full of expectations for the children’s arrival, and her mother -in -law packed her luggage from her hometown to take care of her.Buy food and cook every day. Xiaowen did not vomit in the early pregnancy, but his appetite was not good. After the appetite improved, the weather started to get hot again. The mother -in -law changed her pattern every day.When Xiao Wen loves to eat watermelon, he puts a large watermelon every day at home, and Xiaowen eats half of the watermelon a day.

But Xiaowen found that eating too much watermelon to sleep at night, and always got up to the toilet.And I seem to eat more watermelon, I always feel full, I don’t want to eat.

Later, when I did it for 16 weeks, the doctor discovered that the symptoms of anemia had anemia, and the growth and development of the fetus were still a bit backward. The doctor Xiaowen quickly went to see the nutritional department and corrected the diet.

And Xiaowen went to see the doctor of the nutrition department. After the doctor understood Xiaowen’s diet, it was said that Xiao Wen should eat too much watermelon every day. Half of a watermelon must not be more than 2 pounds.That’s why this happens.Let Xiaowen be paid attention to. Mom is currently iron deficiency anemia. If it is not correct, it will affect the fetal brain development.In addition, watermelon sugar is fast, and it is easy to cause pregnancy diabetes. Poor blood glucose control levels during gestational period will affect futures intelligence and neurological development.

Many mothers arrive in summer because of the hot weather and the temperature of the pregnant woman’s body temperature is higher, so the loss of water will be less. The digestive fluid secretion is less secreted, resulting in the poor appetite of pregnant mothers, and the sweet and sour fruits have become mothers.The object of favor.And many mothers think that eating more fruit vitamins, a lot of water, good for the mother’s skin, and the skin of newborns.But I do n’t know if you eat more fruits, you will eat less in the meals, so that protein, fat, calcium, iron, etc. are prone to insufficient intake.Therefore, the anemia is because of less iron intake.

Many of our fruits are listed in summer, but pregnant mothers must pay attention to these three aspects:

A fans said that they had a meal in the early days of pregnancy. They had two pounds of oranges a day. After eating for a month, they found that their skin would be the color of the oranges, orange and orange.

Later, I learned that there were too many carotene in oranges. If the body could not digest so much, it would cause the skin to become yellow.

Later, in the summer, Litchi Dragon Eye Mango came out, and it was also ate several a day.I was very happy when I was eating, but I didn’t want to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I did diabetes.

Eating a large amount of fruits for a long time (more than 300 grams a day) may have adverse effects on the following adverse effects

1. It affects the amount of rice, leading to malnutrition

Our belly is just so large, and the digestive ability is just the same. Naturally, if you eat too much fruit, you do n’t want to eat, and the fruit is mainly water and vitamins, protein, and fat, and there are few calcium, iron, zinc.

2. It is easy to cause gestational diabetes, which is also a major reason for pregnancy to control the amount of fruits

It is recommended not to exceed 300 grams of fruits every day, fruit sugar in the fruits, fructose makes the fruit delicious, and the mother’s blood sugar is also raised faster.

Especially some fruits such as pineapple, lychee, and watermelon lift index higher than 55 will increase our blood sugar quickly, and the increase in blood sugar will also cause insulin to increase. High insulin will promote protein in the body, better digestion and absorption of fat, Lead to diabetes during gestational diabetes and even hypertension.

3. Some sweet fruits can also cause gingivitis

Our gums will be sensitive during pregnancy, and if you eat too much more sweet fruits and do not drink water in time, these sugar will stay in the oral cavity to stimulate the gums and cause inflammation.Reason for fire.

1. Litchi

Every year, there will be people who cause litchi disease because of eating lychee, and it is not easy to name a disease with fruits.

In this place where Litchi was produced in Qinzhou, Guangxi, 71 children’s litchi disease was reported in 2000.

10 cases.There are a lot of history of lychee in the case of onset of onset. Eat 1000-2000 grams per person per day. It is almost or completely or completely without porridge rice 1 to 2 days before the onset.

Mom Jing still remembers that when she first came out of work, Uncle Mao was also easy to eat litchi, but every time he bought lychee, he said that he should not eat on an empty stomach. Eating on an empty stomach would die. At that time

Eating too much lychee on an empty stomach will mainly cause hypoglycemia. Why is lychee that is so sweet? Why cause hypoglycemia?

Mainly three reasons:

(1) lychee seeds contain A to Pigrachlorylocvel Chloropate, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar, and we will inevitably encounter the seeds of lychee when eating lychee.

(2) Litchi has extremely high concentrations of fructose (lychee gravy contains 81.2 % of fructose) stimulating islets P cells to quickly release large insulin

That is, there are many fructose, but there are more insulin that digest these fructose. A large amount of insulin is hypoglycemic. If it is too fierce, it will hypoglycemia.

This is why people with diabetes will put sugar in their pockets. Take medicine or injection insulin. It will cause hypoglycemia. You need to eat a piece of sugar to ease it.

(3) When eating fructose and cause acute inhibitory glucose production

That is, when you see that there are more fructose, the liver rests. I did not expect that the fructose that came over was descended from insulin, and the liver did not produce glucose, and there was no sugar in the body.There will be symptoms of hypoglycemia.

Litchi disease can be manifested in a lot of sweat, the limbs are wet and cold, weak, and even convulsions and coma.The pregnant woman itself starts to fluctuate large blood sugar.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women have to eat lychee without gestational diabetes and hypertension. After meals, they can eat about 100 grams of addiction.

2. Mango

Mango is also favored by many pregnant women, but mango is also one of the most likely to cause allergies in summer.A friend of Jing Jing is a dermatology department. Every summer, the season of mango is always visited from time to time.

The biggest thing is to encounter allergies for pregnant women. Generally, the skin will be sensitive after pregnancy. Once allergies, it is relatively troublesome. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women should be cautious and cautious.By analyzing the allergen database Allergome, there will be 9 types of allergens in mango.Some allergies can express contact dermatitis, such as the mouth swelling.Some are skin allergies and even cause kidney damage.

According to some researchers in Taiwan, two mango varieties (local youths and Hadon Haden varieties), 3 different edible parts (peel, subcutaneous flesh and pulp), and process the flesh into water -soluble compounds and fat -soluble compounds.The processing method of processing, through the leather test experiment of 179 volunteers, found that the different parts, different varieties and processing methods of edible mango can lead to different degrees of human allergies.

3. Pineapple

Pineapple has also been favored by many pregnant women. Xiaoxue especially likes to eat pineapple before she was pregnant. She ate pineapple all day all day, but after pregnancy, she often spent some eczema.I was often awakened in the middle of the night. I went to check that the doctor said that bile is not high. It should be caused by allergies. Just wait for a child.

Xiaoxue also likes to eat pineapple, and her husband often made pineapple beef for her one night. Half a few pineapple was put down and cooked. The beef didn’t eat a few slices, but the pineapple was eaten.And it is addicted, and the remaining half of the pineapple is soaked in salt water.As a result, the whole body was too itchy for ten minutes, and his tongue was numb.In the evening, the couple had to go to the emergency department. The doctor knew it and said that it should be caused by pineapple allergies.But only some washing and rubbing medicines were prescribed.Let her not eat these allergic fruits in the future.

Pineapple contains pineapple enzymes that cause food allergies. Some people feel tongue numb, and even severe allergic shocks.

4. Cafe

Cafe is a kind of toxic fruit that has been ignored. Many people think that the sweet and sour manga can cook or eat raw, but I do n’t know that there is a kind of caramel toxin. This kind of toxin is generally eaten.The impact is not great, but if a large amount of eating can be eaten, a large amount of toxins will be discharged through the kidneys, but if the kidneys are not good, it may cause poisoning symptoms.

Mother Jing was a relative herself as an elderly mother. She was 38 years old. The family had a history of hypertension. As a result, she didn’t find that her blood pressure could not be controlled after pregnancy. She had to use the medicine to control it. Later, she found that nephritis was found.One day I went to the countryside to see the current pickingacre. It was very delicious. I ate three, but I vomited. It didn’t take long for a coma.

Fortunately, I rescued it later, and I was afraid that the family was scared.Do n’t eat stalemate if you have a bad kidney. I do n’t know if the kidney is good or bad.

Cafe toxin is a kind of lipid -soluble substance, which has the functions of excitement, convulsions, and nerve suppression.

Now that the sun is relatively large in summer, some pregnant mothers want to go to work, and some are not sitting in the office every day, and they have to go out to work outside.Xiao Zhang is the company’s finance. She often wants to return to the company and banks. She feels that this state of work is not bad. She can go out and walk. After pregnancy, she dare not rub sunscreen.It is also good to add calcium to the sun.

Xiao Zhang particularly likes to drink lemonade and eat mango, and drinks one or two lemonade and eat one or two mango every day.Mango used to eat at home at night, and later got the company to eat.

I ate a big mango before going out a day, and drank a glass of lemonade. I just had to go to two places, because she was not too far away. She was not easy to take a taxi, so she rode a bicycle.

Who knows that returning to the company, I feel that my face seems a bit uncomfortable and itchy. My colleague said what happened to your face?She took the mirror to see that her face became red and swollen.

Later, I went to the hospital to see. The doctor said that it was photosensitive dermatitis. After understanding her diet, she said that she should be caused by eating mango and lemon before going out of ultraviolet rays.Because these two fruits are light -sensitive foods.

After digestion and absorption of these photosensitive foods, some optics substances will enter the skin, and they will work together with the ultraviolet rays in the sun, which will cause the skin to become swollen and swollen, rash, and be accompanied by obvious itching, burning or tingling sensation.Actilular dermatitis appeared.After eating light -sensitive foods, it also caused dermatitis that the skin was not covered or without sunscreen and ultraviolet rays.

To prevent skin allergies from going out after pregnancy, you should prevent skin allergies: these three points:

1. Use physical sunscreen

It is a sunscreen that babies can use. The main ingredients are zinc oxide and silicon, which can also reduce light dermatitis.You can also use some mild sunscreen for some pregnant women.

2. Pay attention to the time of going out

It is also good for pregnant women to get sunlight, which can make our mood better and promote the absorption of calcium.

But don’t pass it, it is not recommended to directly expose when the sun is too large.From 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, it is not recommended to go out.

3. Eat less light -sensitive fruits and vegetables before going out

Fruits are mango, figs, orange, oranges, vegetables, and more common foods such as gray lettuce, fennel, amaranth, amaranth, celery, radish leaves, spinach, buckwheat, coriander, saffron, rapeseed, mustard.

The photosensitive substances in these foods reach the skin and the sun to allergies together.

Topic: Do you pay attention to these fruits during pregnancy?

I am a mother of Jing, a girl’s mother, trainer in the mother and baby industry, the original author of the multi -platform, the physician, pharmacist, nutritionist, and psychological counselor of the childcare industry, providing childcare consulting for thousands of parents.I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing your baby!

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