The pregnant mother doesn’t come to menstruation after pregnancy. The doctor tells you where to go.

As a woman, I understand when I came to menstruation for the first time. This would be a thing that accompanied me for most of my life. Not only will it be very troublesome, but I also pay attention to diet safety during menstruation.I hope it can leave early.

Now that I am two children, my most afraid is that my menstruation suddenly did not come as scheduled one day. If it cannot come on time, I will think wildly, is it pregnant again.I have thought about the age of not getting married: after pregnancy, changing sanitary napkins will be a troublesome thing.

Think about how ridiculous the thought at the time.Now that the mother knows that the pregnancy will not have menstruation during pregnancy, where is the menstruation during pregnancy?In response to this problem, the young mother also wants to ask the obstetrician and gynecologist, so let’s hear how the doctor explained!

The process of the discharge of eggs in women’s eggs is accompanied by hormone secretion, and these hormones are the formation of menstruation.During the development of follicles, hormones in the body can cause endometrial changes. After the follicles form luteal, the body secretes estrogen and progesterone in large quantities, and the body will suppress the hypothalamus and pituitaryWith less, and the endometrium loss of these two hormones, the endometrium will cause the endometrium to fall off bleeding.This is the formation of menstruation.

Women will stop ovulation after pregnancy, which means that there will be no estrogen and progesterone. The process of disappearing these two hormones is to develop normally.After pregnancy, hormones in the body inhibit ovulation. Of course, this is also preparing to develop in bed for fertilized eggs.If the endometrium continues to fall off at this time, it will affect the fertilized eggs and bed unstable. This is also a kind of protection of the body’s fertilized eggs!

We describe a small story of menstruation during pregnancy: menstruation is like a guardian of the uterus. During the menstrual period, it will check whether you can eat randomly, and then regularly clean the uterus and clean up the garbage.Take out the body to ensure the health of the uterus.When the fertilized eggs are in bed, and the uterus has a "new owner", it will slowly disappear for a while, and whether this behavior of menstruation is particularly moved after listening.

Women’s menstruation every month can be recorded in the case. It is related to the health of the uterus, and whether the menstruation will come from time to time.Dangda, especially for women who are preparing for pregnancy.

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