The pregnant female teacher was forced by the parents because she was exposed to her parents. She was arrested after being arrested: she deliberately seduced me

"I really did not deliberately murder her, and blame her, she seduced me first."

In the interrogation room, a man panicked this sentence, and it can be seen that he was lying because he had no confidence to say this.

A few days ago, because a pregnant female teacher became a student’s home textile, she was finally framed and led to two lives, and she was always separated from her family and her husband.

So is this pregnant female teacher related to the panic man above?If so, what is the relationship?

Although Gao was born in a rural family, her parents’ love and the love of her sister and brother made her feel that she was the happiest person in the world.

In addition, Gao’s parents are more visionary, and they do not have the thoughts of men and women. They treat Gao’s sister and brother.

In such a loving family, Gao’s three views and cultivation have been cultivated well since childhood, and people are also filial.

In terms of learning, parents have never been allowed to exercise any heart. Not only that, the grades have been among the best in the class.

Eventually relying on his strong knowledge ability and his hard work, he finally admitted to a normal university.

From the beginning of school, Gao Mou has a future plan, and he has always understood what he wants.

That is to be a diligent gardener to cultivate the talents of the country.Gao Mou also chose a major corresponding to his goal when he was selected.

For four years in college, it was fleeting, and Gao finally ushered in his graduation season, and then Gao Mou finally entered a school and became a teacher who was thinking about his heart.

When you first arrive, you must start from the bottom. The leader needs to inspect the strength, so he placed Gao Mou as a Chinese teacher in the first year.


So he positioned himself as a humorous and gentle teacher. If you want to encourage more students in this way, you can interact with yourself in the classroom.

Sure enough, most of this style of classrooms are willing to accept it by students, and relying on excessive professional ability and unique teaching methods to allow their class Chinese scores to sit first in many classes.

While his career is rising, he also attracted love. After hearing such a young and tender female teacher, young Li had always thought about knowing it.

After that, I started from time to time through their learning experience, and frequently listened to Gao’s lesson. The adult Gao Mou could not understand these. After seeing what Li did, he understood that Li’s thoughts about himself.Essence

After that, the two decided to meet between the parents of both parties and then got married.After getting married, Gao also promoted the class teacher of the Chinese class to the head of the third grade. While his career was promoted, Gao also learned that he was pregnant.

Although I am pregnant, the high school entrance examination is also a critical moment for the junior college students. Therefore, regardless of her husband Li’s dissuasion, Gao Mou resolutely pregnant, and he must accompany his student in his class to walk through the first turning point in his life.Essence

Within no presence, she can still stand on the podium.Li Mou watched Gao Mou so firm, so he stopped saying anything. What he could do, just when Gao Mou needed it, he could be called.

In a blink of an eye, eight months have passed. For Gao, you must ask the school for maternity leave, and you are about to be a mother.

However, during the holidays, I just took the situation with my colleagues in their class and the school’s arrangement for the school to visit the classmates. Gao wanted to bite everything on the same day.

But in the winter, Gao Mou didn’t wear underwear when he went out for comfort. He thought that his belly was so big, and his clothes were so thick. If you don’t wear underwear, it will not be too obvious.

So I went out like this. After visiting a few, I came to my class, a home named Xiao Xu.

This Xiao Xu is usually very naughty in the class. Gao Mou also wanted to communicate with Xiao Xu’s parents face to face, and Xiao Xu’s situation in school.

"Hello, is anyone at home?"

A middle -aged man who came to open the door was a middle -aged man.

It began to make a general summary of the performance of Xiao Xu in the school, but the middle -aged man did not have much expression after hearing it, and he did not mean to talk to Gao.

So Gao Mou appropriately gave the middle -aged man some suggestions, and the father of this Xiao Xu felt that Gao Mou might be thirsty, so he got up to Gao Mou, poured a cup of boiling water, and poured a cup of boiling water.He was handed to Gao Mou.

At this time, Gao’s loose sweater, all spring light appeared, was seen at a glance at the father who was standing by Xiao Xu.

Xiao Xu’s father’s vision flashed, changing his previous attitude, and began to listen to Gao’s suggestion seriously. Gao thought he was really attentive and accepted his suggestions.

During the conversation, Gao knew that Xiaoxu lived a single life. Although Xiao Xu’s parents had not divorced, the marriage name of the two died.

Therefore, the classmate Xiaoxu is usually neglected to discipline and is not valued at home, so in the school, naughty and troubles to attract the attention of students and teachers.

This is a manifestation of Xiao Xu’s lack of care. Gao believes that it is not too late to find it, and he told Xiao Xu’s father, and he must take the time to accompany the child properly. The child is now in a critical period., Can’t be sloppy.

Xiao Xu’s father quickly agreed.

Gao was almost the same time when I saw it. Before the family visits of my classmates did not do it, I stood up with a difficult belly. Xiao Xu’s father quickly stabbed Gao.

After getting in touch with Gao, he smelled Gao Mou’s fragrance, and Xiao Xu’s father was very excited.

So on the grounds of Gao’s pregnancy, he insisted on sending Gao Mou downstairs.Xiao Xu’s father, who looked at 180 degrees, even if he was doubtful, he was not easy to take off, so he agreed.

After the elevator arrived on the first floor, Gao Mou was going out, but in this way, one hand suddenly grabbed Gao’s wrist. Gao Mou wondered his back, and saw Xiao Xu’s father’s face with a bad smile.Essence

"Not good!" At this time, Xiao Xu’s father began to drag Gao and walked to the negative layer. Gao’s power really lost to Xiao Xu’s father.

After being dragged to the negative floor, Xiao Xu’s father began to go up and down, and he started to vent his inner desire.

"No, Dad Xu, my belly, there are children in my stomach. I beg you to let me go," at this time, the woman begging for mercy, even more inspiring the devil’s desire.

He couldn’t help it anymore. He took off Gao’s pants and began to move up and down on Gao Mou, which was really disgusting.

Because he was afraid of Gao’s shouting in the process, from beginning to end, Gao Mou’s father had been covered by Xiao Xu’s father, but he was too long to cover his death.

Because of this, Gao’s body had been stained with blood. When he saw this situation, Xiao Xu’s father realized that this was really something.

After he began, he was afraid, and wanted to move away from the city quickly, and wanted to go to a place where the police could not find, so he went home and started to clean up.

Li, who did not know here, after returning home, saw that no one at home, he thought that Gao Mou might go out, so after preparing for lunch, he looked at it, so he calledGao Mou, no one picks it up.

After a while, I played another, and no one answered, which aroused Li’s alertness. As usual, his wife would not answer his own call for so long.

So I quickly called my wife to do the colleagues. After the colleague said only after taking over, Gao left and went to the student’s house to interview, and he didn’t know which one he went.

Li had to call the police quickly, but in such a short period of time, he did not file a case. Li had to go to school to see if he could find Gao.

There is no, there is no school, no family, where Gao Mou went, after a night of fright, he could finally file a case, and the police immediately dispatched.

From the monitoring, you can only see that Gao Mou left this community and then retrieved the monitoring room of various sections. The picture was too vague and could not be seen clearly.

Helplessly Li had to look aimlessly.

"Hey? 110? There is a corpse here, you are coming, the address is …" The police thought that it might be the missing Gao Mou, so he immediately went to the scene.

After arriving at the scene, a female corpse lying in the dried blood was caught. In order not to cause the masses, they immediately brought back the corpse. After the injury, they found that there were a lot of DNA in the body of the deceased.

After that, the police informed Li to come over to see if the corpse was Gao Mou, Li saw his wife Gao Mou lying there, thinking that his wife was coquettishly told him to eat chicken legs on the day he disappeared, and he couldn’t help it anymore, and couldn’t help it anymore.Crying up, the police also moved, but could only represent "mourning."

Seeing Li’s mood may improve, he said, "Your wife died abnormally, and now he needs to capture the murderer immediately."

So he started a series of investigations, and finally contacted the police in Hainan, and successfully captured Xiao Xu’s father.

After capturing, the devil even said, "I really did not deliberately murder her, and blame her, she seduced me first."

Police said, "Let’s talk to the judge!"

He was sentenced to life imprisonment because of rape and intentional homicide.

The appropriate self -confidence of people is just right. Sometimes excessive self -confidence will cause a big disaster. Because Gao Mou wants to be more comfortable and does not wear underwear, he thinks that Gao Mou deliberately does it after seeing it.As a result, Gao’s life was ended.

The law is always our behavioral norms, and no one can touch or be crazy on the edge.

Children of adolescence should also give care appropriately, because the children need to guide and standardize their parents before the proper concept of forming the correct concept.

Don’t step by step, eventually fall into an irreparable situation.

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