The pregnant belly is "half soft and half hard", is the fetal treasure want to "escape"?Mother expectant mother clarified 3 reasons

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During pregnancy, fetal treasures can always bring various surprises and "frightening". How do fetal treasures move and how to kick, expectant mothers will not be angry, and the naughty fetal treasure is naughty.

But when some "accidents" appeared in the pregnant belly, the expectant mother was nervous enough to be overwhelmed without knowing what the situation was.One of the worries in various fetal movements is that the pregnant belly is half softened and hard. What is the fetal treasure doing at this time?In addition to curiosity, expectant mothers are also worried about whether the fetal treasure is safe and healthy.

Coco is 7 months pregnant. It is inconvenient to do anything bigger every day than a day. Sitting on the sofa observed that the fetus moved into her "entertainment method".

The fetal treasure sometimes "stab" a small bag, and sometimes it looks lively.But recently, the fetal treasure has been found to be "wrong."The strength of the baby’s movement is even greater.

I had this feeling of having breakfast a day. I quickly called my husband over to see what the situation was, but the husband laughed and said, "I see the child wants to run away, there is a kind of posture that wants to" break the belly ".Essence

Then the husband felt something wrong. He touched Coco’s stomach with his hands, and worriedly said that he would go to the hospital to see it.The two said that they hurried to the hospital and rushed to the hospital. The answer was that the baby was safe and the adult was okay. This is normal.

Pregnant women have a half -softer and half -sidelines, mostly in the second and second trimester of pregnancy. At this time, the pregnant belly is obvious and the fetal treasure activity is strong.related.

1. The reaction of the fetal treasure to the external stimulus

When there is a particularly loud sound outside the pregnant belly, or if some people have a strong strength of the pregnant belly, the fetal treasure can be perceived.Although he would not "escape", he might move his body to the other side when he was afraid, or approached interaction when someone touched his pregnant belly.In this way, the side of the baby’s body is relatively hard on the side of the body, and the pregnant belly on the other side is relatively soft.

2. Soft and hard pregnant belly is related to the "activity method" of fetal treasure

The baby’s body is not curled up into a "ball". When he moves around, the back, hips and heads are close to, and the pregnant belly looks more hard.

The place where the fetal and feet are in the hands and feet do not fully support the pregnant belly, it looks soft than other places.

3. It is related to pseudo contractions in the third trimester

At the stage of the expected period, the expectant mothers occasionally feel that the belly is tightened for a while, and the occurrence time is not necessarily and the interval is not regular. There is no pain in each time to ten seconds.When pseudo -contractions occur, the pregnant belly will also be soft and semi -hard.

If the expectant mother feels that the pseudo -contraction is very severe, and if it reaches more than ten times per hour, pay attention to whether it is a sign of childbirth. You can relax and go to the hospital for a examination.

In most cases, the softened and half -softener of the pregnant belly does not mean that the fetal treasure is dangerous. The expectant mothers pay attention to the fetal movement, distinguish whether it is pseudo -contraction or the signal of childbirth, and the fetal treasure will not be dangerous.When the pregnant belly is soft and hard, the mother -in -law pays attention to 2 things.

★ Stop touching the pregnant belly

Many expectant mothers find that when the pregnant belly is hard, she will be curious to press it with her hands. This will not only make the "timid" fetal treasure scared, but also aggravate false contractions, which will cause the pregnant belly to be delayed.Essence

When the pregnant belly is not the same, it is different when the pregnant belly is not the same.

★ Relax and take a deep breath

When you feel the half -sidelines of the pregnant belly, the prospective mother should not stare at her head kept down, and find a comfortable sofa or chair to sit slowly. If the expectant mother is lying on the bed, she can adjust her posture.Then relax and breathe slowly.When the expectant mother’s body is relaxed, the fetal treasure will also follow the relaxation and pseudo contraction.

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