The posterior uterus affects pregnancy?### 2019 Life Conference#

Some people often say that the post -uterine rear throne affects fertility. Is this really the case?

The position of a woman’s uterus includes three types in the pelvic cavity, namely the front uterus, the median, and the rear uterus. They are the normal positions of the uterus.Although the position of the uterus has a certain relationship with whether it is good for pregnancy, from the clinical experience, the uterus with normal function, no matter what position, is not the root cause of infertility.

The shape of the normal uterus is a inverted pear -shaped, located below the pelvic cavity.It is an important organ in the female reproductive system.The main responsibility is to give birth to the fetus.The impact of hormone levels in the body, periodic falling off.Formation of women’s menstruation.

The uterus is in the middle of the pelvic cavity, the front is the bladder, the rectum is behind, and the cervix under the palace body is connected to the vagina.You can see the outer and part of the cervix in the vagina.The two sides of the uterine angle are connected to the fallopian tube.There is a round ligament on each side on both sides of the uterus. It maintains the forward leaning of the uterus. There are wide ligaments on both sides of the uterus and the main ligament on both sides of the cervix. Maintain the level of the cervical level. There is a pair of bladder cervical ligaments in front of the cervix.In front of the front, a sacral ligament on each side of the cervix maintains the position of the cervix.In fact, the uterus was stretched by 4 pairs of ligaments to maintain a balance.

The uterus forms a shaft in the pelvic cavity and the vagina. The position of the uterus is called the front position in front of the axis, and the axis is called the median.According to the relationship between the uterine body and the cervix, the forward pour (the uterine body flexes forward the cervix forward) and the back tilt rear flexion (the cervix of the palace body is folded to the back)., Neither forward nor leaning backward and back).

The front position of the uterine refers to the pitch to the vagina back dome, and the back of the uterine refers to the pouring of the entire uterus backwards, and the cervix is upturned.The anterior, backward position, and back position are normal physiological phenomena, and the elegance is relatively small.The front position and the rear position of the uterus are common uterine positions, which will not affect normal sexual life.

The position of the uterus is to judge when doing gynecological examinations.Most people’s uterus is ahead.This position may be good for pregnancy.The latter position of the mild uterus generally does not affect health and does not require treatment.If there is a severe uterine back position, there may be a feeling of waist soreness. In severe cases, even the entire waist, the tail of the sacral tail and the iliac sides of the iliac is sour and unbearable.When we are tired or menstrual period, it will worsen.This situation is often caused by chronic inflammation of the pelvic cavity.

After the uterine position, after pregnancy, the uterus slowly increases into a position or anterior position. After three months of pregnancy, the uterus slowly occupies the entire pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity.In normal positions, it will not affect pregnancy.

After giving birth to a child, the uterus slowly restores to the pre -pregnancy state. The position of the uterus may change before the child is born.The posterior uterus does not have any effect on pregnancy. It can be pregnant normally unless it is extreme post -flexion.So you don’t need to worry about tangling for the position of the uterus.

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