The polycystic is naturally conceived, I hope all the good sisters are the same as me

I was troubled by polycystic. Because my hometown had no computer, I wrote this article with my mobile phone. I hope that the sisters who can help the polycystic ovary syndrome are naturally not a dream. My experience is described in the order of time.

In late October 2015, I was inaccurate because of the menstrual cycle. When I worked in Beijing, I heard a colleague say that a certain pharmacy has an old Chinese medicine medicine. The female is in her 60s, so I went.Ovarian syndrome, it is said that Chinese medicine can be conditioned well, but it takes 3.4 months, but because it may be a child in the next two years, it is still the same condition, so she still allows her to regulate, but the registration fee is 100 yuanAt that time, I felt that it was small. I prescribed the traditional Chinese medicine for the traditional Chinese medicine after the pulse.So I still accepted it cruelly (my husband and I were Beidiao, but because of hard work, this cost can be temporarily acceptable). As a result, it is repeated every Friday afternoon.The price is too high, so take this medical insurance card to buy medicines in the Trinana Hospital. In order to discount, you can save some money, but when you put down the next Friday, the old Chinese medicine attitude changes when you go to the hospital.The good or bad will not be guaranteed, and the writing of Chinese medicine is becoming more and more blurred, so that the doctor does not know what Chinese medicine is. So I considers the attitude of old Chinese medicine, and this word does not know it in the three hospitals to buy medicines in the three hospitals.It is, but bought in that pharmacy, more than 2,000 per week, and after 2 months of drinking, I still did not feel the effect, and went to the hospital to draw blood to check the aminotransferase, which was 10 times higher than the normal value.I gave up like this, but because of the lack of knowledge about this disease, I didn’t scare much at that time.

In February 2016, I went to the Three Hospital for examination. It was still polycystic ovary syndrome.But because there was a test result, I did not come out at the time. When I took the results the next day, I forgot to give me the doctor who prescribed the medicine, so I changed another doctor. This doctor said that it is best not to take medicine.Many people are naturally conceived, so although I spent the money and took medicine, I didn’t take it, but I still gave up. I was very determined that the doctor said that weight loss can be conceived naturally.At that time, I was 166cm158 catties.

On December 3, 2016, it has been nearly a year since I lose weight, and weighs 27 pounds, but because I have just resigned recently, because I drank Chinese medicine seriously because I was severely lined with hair loss, my husband was in my hometown, my husband went from the week from my husband to from the week from my husband.Beijing came back to accompany me, there was less time together, but the accident was that the menstruation did not come, and the chest had been painful. Suddenly there was an idea sitting on the toilet, that is, the test, so the obvious two bars, I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it.I tested it 4 times, and the results were the same, so I went to the county hospital to take a bloody ultrasound examination in the morning on December 4th. Sure enough, I was pregnant, and my husband’s birthday was the day.

The above is my experience. Let me say what I have done this year and how to lose weight.

In fact, my heart is relatively objective. Sometimes when I am sad, I even think that if I do n’t give me the right to my mother, she may be to protect me, for fear that I have an accident when I have a child.

In my diet, I have a heavy taste, hot and salty, but since I knew my fault, I was deliberately controlled, but it was very difficult, so the hot pot would still eat it when I was raging.

In the past year, I lost weight intermittently, and I couldn’t control the madness, and I lost weight. I don’t know how many times I started.

Recently, I resigned for a period of time, so I have some exercise every day, and they will climb the mountains. Sometimes they will reduce fat exercises, but they are also intermittent, but they have never really given up to lose weight.

The above is my experience. I hope that the sisters of the polycystic ovary syndrome, don’t be discouraged, adjust the mentality, and lose weight to lose weight.Sisters, like me, wish everyone good luck, good pregnancy, come on.

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