The physical fitness of these six types of pregnant mothers is easy to have a miscarriage. Do you know which one is?

The little couple living next door has always been that simple love look. After the hostess is pregnant, the male owner really takes care of the pommel.Last weekend, I met the male owner in the elevator. Seeing that he was still carrying fresh catfish in his hands, he asked casually: "Little T is now, and you are taken care of by you during pregnancy."Unexpectedly, the male owner’s drooping was in exchange for, and said, "Well, she was aborted, and she was making a small confinement now."

I was curious, and I asked the reason. The reason why the small T miscarriage turned out to be because she had genital diseases, which led to an early abortion in the early pregnancy.After listening, I said why I didn’t keep the fetus?The male owner said that the abortion of Xiao T is not suitable for fetal protection, so … next, we are all silent. Fortunately, the opening of the elevator door relieves embarrassment.

Therefore, the physique of pregnant mothers directly determines the baby’s stay.In the following situations, it is easy to pass by the baby.

The causes of miscarriage are intricate, but abnormal pregnancy is one of the main causes of abortion in the early stages of pregnancy.The so -called pregnancy egg abnormalities refer to the defects of sperm or eggs, and abnormal pregnancy eggs are formed after binding to each other’s reproductive cells.The abnormal pregnancy can no longer grow normally in the uterus, and it usually has a natural abortion in the early pregnancy.This is the survival of the survival of the pregnant eggs. It is a very natural reproductive choice function, which greatly reduces the generation of deformities, so parents do not need to consider.

Therefore, for abortion that may occur early in the early pregnancy, do not rush to protect the fetus. If you are sure to protect your fetus, you should go to the hospital for relevant examinations before deciding whether to protect the fetus normally.

Female genitals include gland, genital tract and genitals.Female reproductive organs are an important factor in infertility.It includes vulvar development, vaginal development, fallopian tubes, uterine, and abnormal gonad development.Therefore, before pregnancy, women are best to go to professional hospitals to conduct relevant inspections of reproductive organs. Most of the genital abnormalities can be pregnant normally after surgery.

For fetal baby, the uterus is the most important place for residence. Here must be healthy to affect the baby’s growth.The malformed uterus will directly affect the bed. After that, the baby’s uterine deformity will cause miscarriage, because the space of the uterus, is round, if the deformity is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.In other words, when the embryo grows to a certain degree, the space becomes narrow, and the fetus can only be suffocated to death. Therefore, the malformed uterus is easy to have a miscarriage, or it cannot be produced smoothly.

In addition, Gong Han’s pregnant mother, due to insufficient yang, cannot promote the growth of fetal growth, and is also susceptible to miscarriage.

Those who suffer from some urgent and chronic diseases should temporarily conceive.Such as acute heating, infection, infectious and allergic diseases (such as acute hepatitis, tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, etc.).If women suffer from chronic nephritis, heart disease, and hypertension, they should conceive after the cure of acute diseases or stable chronic diseases. At the same time, the doctor should decide whether to get pregnant according to the severity of the disease and the impact of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

The fetus grows in the mother’s body and depends on the mother’s qi to maintain the fetus. If the pregnant mother is weak and weak, the muscles will be lost to the fetus, which will easily lead to abortion;Hot disturbance of the uterus, irritable the fetus, and even repeated bleeding in the vagina, eventually leading to abortion.

If female friends have repeatedly abortion or abortion of drugs, they may cause thin and smooth fertilized eggs in the uterus after the Qing Palace, which is not easy to bed and cause infertility. Natural abortion is also normal.Therefore, Xiaobian reminds you of your friends, please be self -esteem and reduce abortion.If you are habitual abortion, you must also adjust your body before you are under the guidance of a doctor. This is the responsibility of yourself to your baby.

In addition to the physical reasons of the above pregnant mothers, there are some external causes that can also cause abortion, and be vigilant in life.For example, you cannot contact pets that have not been immune for a long time, cannot contact radiation electronic products with radiation for a long time, sedentary or long -standing for a long time, long -standing, and unable to perform vigorously.

If vaginal bleeding occurs multiple times, after eliminating other causes, it is necessary to consider abortion.Because the vaginal bleeding during pregnancy means the separation of velvet firing in the uterine, the open blood vessels, and bleeding or embryo death. At this time, you should go to a nearest regular hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible.

In order to prevent abortion, the best way is to do a good job of pre -pregnancy examinations, and prioritize the physical function of the prospective father and mother.Take every birth test during pregnancy and do a good job of guarantee during pregnancy.The rest is to maintain a happy mood and look forward to meeting the baby.

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