The pepper flavor, so heavy!

Chinese people like to give food "surnames".

Ginger in Sichuan is good, so it is called Shu Jiang.At that time, Cao Cao was a guest at a big banquet in Henan.

The peppercorns are earlier in Qin land, so it is also called Qinjiao (but the current Qinjiao usually refers to the pepper produced in Shaanxi).When you look at these two words, you can imagine the taste -whether it is the peppercorns of the year, or the pepper today, there is a feeling of the fierce sunshine of the three Qin earth on the body.Give food for "surnames", similar to three digits starting with ID card to prove orthodox meaning.

The source of foreign food is basically clear.The surname "Hu" comes from the Western Regions; the surname "Fan" comes from the sea.If the Chinese writing style of a certain food is unified or phonetic, it can be judged that it is not a native origin: Jasmine -fragrant comes from India; pipa -sounds from the two river basins.This ruled font is full of taste of being gently recruited by Chinese culture.

Pepper and pepper belong to the flower vine. After the fruit is dry, it can be used as spices and seasonings.G Franz Eugen Köhler

The protagonist of this article was crowned with the surname of "Hu" because it came from the west along the Silk Road from the west.In my country’s historical materials, the earliest literature record about its literature was provided by Sima Biao’s "Continued Han" in the Western Jin Dynasty: "Tianzhu Kingdom (now the area of ​​mainland India), honey, pepper, and black salt". It is the same route, but it is more cute than black salt, stone honey (that is, sucrose) and pepper than the important element religion that shapes the spiritual world of the Chinese people.Ji Gong said, "Wine and meat are through the intestines, and the Buddha’s heart stays." Eating can be placed in front of faith.

The global trade and many characters participating in the Silk Road have blurred the real origin of the pepper. In history, there are different sayings such as the Western Regions, the South China Sea, and Persia.When any country is a non -original country, it is an out -of -the -box luxury goods."A camel bell rang, golden and two thousand", and the irritating spoil of pepper is mostly like the taste of the desire wrapped in it.

In the Tang Dynasty, which was opened, Hu Shi gradually conquered the tongue of the Tang people, and there was a saying that "nobles are imperial, and they all provide forh food", and one of the main differences between hut food and local food is to season.The protagonist seasoned.In the earlier "Qi Min Yao Shu", there was a "Hu artillery meat", which was buried under the fire with lamb in the fire with lamb belly.Pan Meat ("Puyang Miscellaneous" states: "Today’s people are used for meat foods"), cakes ("Tang Yulin" Volume 6 records: "A pound of mutton, layer in giant cakes, in the middleBecklin, moisturize with crispy, enter the furnace, wait for meat cooked food ").To this day, the Chinese like to use pepper when cooking lamb. This taste has gone through thousands of years and has never been cut off.

In Norway, there is a Förikål made of lamb, cabbage, chili, and salt stewed.© Mat Prat

At that time, pepper was also used to make wine and cure diseases.Qi deficiency, accumulation, cholera, pain … can be cured, a pair of fairy Dan.It is both "Xian Dan", and it is naturally expensive. This situation continues until the Ming Dynasty.There is a famous story that confirms the value of pepper. When the Tang Dynasty Yuanzai was copied, he copied eight hundred payments of pepper. This was one of his giant and greedy iron certificates.Sentence for whom.In the Yuan Dynasty, Quanzhou became one of the largest ports in the world. It continuously transported the silk and porcelain produced in China to the world. In the goods used to exchange soft silk and jade porcelain, it was indispensableThe figure.When the Yuan Dynasty was destroyed, the Ming Dynasty also took over a large number of pepper from the Yuan people’s Fujian warehouse, which was considered a lot of accounts.

Later, ordinary people can finally afford pepper.The first is because since the Tang Dynasty, in order to join the global trading system in order to join this prosperous world, pepper has been actively planted. When the Song Dynasty, the Chinese no longer thought that pepper was a Persian product, but in Southeast Asia.The pepper produced by the three places produced by the three places of the three places of the three places of the three places of the three places (Java and Sumatra), the three Buddha Qi (Malay Peninsula) and the wives (Java Island and Sumatra).Secondly, the vast regional Yuan Dynasty also further promoted the prosperity of global trade, and used pepper as an important commodity to trade and store it.In the end, the most important thing is that Zheng He’s seven to the West in the Ming Dynasty promoted the tribute trade of Yangda Mingguo. So far, pepper really flew into the home of ordinary people.

Zheng He went to the west, and the history of Zhengshiye each had its own opinions, but the indisputable fact was that it effectively promoted the connection between the Ming Dynasty and other countries.Zheng He not only brought back a large number of overseas production, but also opened up the trade path.In the tributary trade, the countries that given the Gong of the Ming Dynasty often get a return gift far higher than the value of tribute, and it has also stimulated the trend of the nation’s come from the DPRK.It is a tribute of all countries with generous return. In short, at this time, huge amounts of pepper poured into China.

Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang.D Wikimedia

In the seventh year of Hongwu (1374), through a pardon of Zhu Yuanzhang, we can see that pepper has become the heart disease and savior of the court at the same time.On the one hand, the pepper from the three Buddhas reached more than 400,000, and the accumulation to the warehouse reached more than 1 million; on the other hand, the opening of the medium salt method after the implementation was just implemented.Military food, horses and other materials) are not good.The emperor moved: Otherwise, we use pepper to replace salt to solve the problem of military food in the frontiers.This stuff is thick, light and light, how good.

Although this decree was not implemented in the end, the court of the Ming Dynasty distributed pepper and Su Mu to the officials of the officials of the Ming Dynasty was famous.The pepper brought back by Zheng He, the pepper brought by the tribute, was distributed as a reward during the holidays, similar to the rice noodle oil that the staff returned from the company today.During the Hongwu period alone, Zhu Yuanzhang rewarded the pepper given to Nanjing’s sergeants as many as 2 million kg.I don’t know if the current taste composition of Nanjing diet is related to the once huge "heaven" pepper, but at least in duck blood fan soup, the spicy stimulation of white pepper is real and specific.

When the "bonus" is not counted, when the treasury is tight, pepper and Su Mu can also be directly converted into "salary".The most exaggerated time, half of the year, officials received pepper and Su Mu.This approach began to form a system from the Ming Renzong period (1378 ~ 1425), that is, the folding support.This method can not only stabilize the banknote method, but also consume a large amount of pepper accumulated in the treasury.The huge amount of pepper that was sent to the officials of the officials will naturally flow into the market. The price changes with the relationship between supply and demand. By the way, pepper enters the three meals of ordinary people a day.What needs to be specifically explained is that the value of pepper is still not low at this time. Otherwise, in "Jin Ping Mei", Li Ping’er will not take out "private house money" including 80 pounds of pepper as a dowry, and give it to Ximen Qing to go to Ximen Qing to goBuild a house.

Pink pepper, white pepper, black pepper, green pepper, pepper and mountain pepper.

The next thing is much simpler: eat.

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, pepper finally arrived in China from South America. At first, it was appreciated by the eyes of literati, and soon began to be appreciated by the poor people.In the Qing Dynasty, the foundation of modern Chinese food was finally ready.Pepper has also become a more daily existence. It is no longer a luxury product that is high, and it is no longer used to fold the Lu Lulu.The incarnation of the larger world is to cross the mountains and the sea, as if it has always been there.

At present, due to the widespread application of pepper in the global diet, and the restrictions on its origin, it has become a type of global commodities. It has traded and circulated worldwide with wheat, corn, and rice.The data of the year, the transaction volume of black pepper at that time was as high as 3.9 billion US dollars, and would rise to $ 5.4 billion in 2027.

Black pepper and white pepper are actually fruits of the same tree. The difference between them is picking time.© Lisa Lin

Black pepper, white pepper and green pepper are all things. The difference is that the processing methods are different.Black pepper is the product of dried or dried pepper trees. White pepper is the seeds of pepper fruit removed after the pulp, which is mostly made of mature pepper fruit. It is often used in aesthetics in French food.When seasoning with light -colored dishes, black spots appear.Green pepper is either freshly used in fresh and immature pepper fruit, or after freezing and pickling.The pink pepper or the commonly known Brazilian red pepper comes from different plants -the fragrance of the painting tree family and Brazilian milky fragrance. Because the peppercorns mentioned above are rarely waiting for the fruit to pick it, it is almost derived from it.Red pepper products.

At present, like the trend of boutique coffee beans and boutique cocoa beans, there are also practitioners who re -discover the "boutique pepper" other than commodities, and incorporate the territory of the origin into a small grinding bottle, so that all Western families are in the Western familiesThe pepper bottle, the essential pepper noodles in the oriental family have more special faces.

Interestingly, the "pepper" named named pepper and pepper (pepper) is the earliest referring to peppercorns in Chinese, which is an important spices originally originally in my country. Sichuan Pepper, as an iconic taste of Chinese food, is linked globally with the high -end and high -end and boutique Chinese food.British writer Fuxu Dunlop, who studies and promotes Chinese food, has played an important role in the popularity of peppercorns and even Chinese food in Western consumers. Her famous work "Fish fins and peppercorns" is an important medium to introduce Sichuan cuisine and Chinese food in the West.It is composed of controversial ingredients, shark fins and Chinese -unique fragrant raw peppercorns. I have to say that it is a wonderful pen who has a deep understanding of Chinese food.

Hu Qiaotang is the opening of the day of Henan people. It is the most famous for "Xiaoyao Town" and "North Dance".© Lin Qinglu

Although there is a saying in Sichuan cuisine, there is a "three pepper and three incense", but compared to the person who has no self and pepper overbearing, the visibility of pepper pepper in Chinese cuisine is slightly lower.Taking Sichuan cuisine as an example, few dishes named after pepper. It is often hidden in the spiced powder and brine of Sichuan cuisine, becoming a dark line in the composite taste.But thinking about it: Pepper has long abandoned the surname of "Hu", and has also stepped into the high stage, becoming the spices in the public’s kitchen, which originated from the pepper of Southern Asia.The pepper that Arabs sold to the world have long become our pepper.The last time I clearly felt the presence of pepper is to drink Hu spicy soup with my friends in Xi’an. The first time my friend tasted this dish named after the pepper. He said: The pepper flavor is so heavy!

The pepper flavor is so heavy!These six words can be told by our minds and slightly unexpectedly. The story behind it can tell for thousands of years and go straight to the end of all human trading paths, live and fragrant.

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