The pain in the three parts of the pregnant mother is a good thing. It is normal, indicating that the fetus develops very well

Pregnancy is always painful and happy for expectant mothers. Although she is suffering from all kinds of discomfort every day, when she thinks about the health of the fetus, she can grit her teeth.In fact, sometimes some discomfort during pregnancy is not only the demand for the fetal problems, but the signal of the fetus is developing healthy and rapidly.Especially the pain of these three parts is just a good thing for pregnant mothers.

1. chest pain

After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones and hormones in the body, the expectant mothers will have obvious sensitivity and pain.This is because the breast needs to be prepared for postpartum breastfeeding to provide nutrition for the baby after birth. Therefore, during pregnancy, the breasts will change with the development of the baby.Too worry.

2. Back pain

With the increase of the gestational week, not only the expectant mothers will grow significantly, but the burden on the body will increase. Each waist will feel a clear soreness, and sleeping or turning over when sleeping will be difficult and sore.In fact, this is exactly a manifestation of the rapid development of the fetus in the abdomen.Because the fetus is increasing the load of the waist, the pregnant mother will feel so hard.

Third, pubic pain

In order to provide a better development environment for the fetus, and to be less difficult to give birth in the future, the pelvis of expectant mothers during pregnancy will be widened.Every time I stand and walk, I feel the pain of pubic bone thorns. This is the healthy development of the fetus and an increasingly larger response. Whether the pregnant mother has a lot of relief.

Although pregnancy is a very happy thing, for expectant mothers, after all, it has suffered too much risk and hard work.As the family of expectant mothers, especially her husband, we must do a good job in the following aspects during the pregnancy, give the fetus a good environment for growth, and give my wife a happy pregnancy experience.

Because of the pregnancy, some mothers who have been bent hard before pregnancy can no longer do it.At this time, it is the best time for the prospective dad to show his best time.Helping his wife to do some housework that she can’t do, I believe that not only will it be more promoted to the harmony of the family atmosphere, but also the improvement of the relationship between husband and wife.

Many expectant mothers will have anxiety, depression, and sentimental emotions during pregnancy. As a husband, the prospective father must be considerate of his wife’s hard work, and try to help his wife to relieve these negative emotions, maintain the joy and cheerfulness of the mood, and be healthy for maternal and infants.Prepare to escort.

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