The original match grabbing Xiao San was dragged for 20 meters.

Recently, a video of Shijiazhuang was hot. After the incident was exposed, many netizens had public anger.A man in the video driving a vehicle and a face full of acne was pulling the little hand Qingqing me. The man’s wife suddenly saw his car and his man, so he stepped forward to grab the co -pilot inside the car on the woman’s hair.Essence

The man in the car was obviously guilty. Seeing his wife grabbing Xiao San’s hair without letting go, he stepped on the accelerator and wanted to throw away his wife. He did not expect his wife to grab Xiaosan’s hair and run away with the car.

The cruel man dragged his wife 20 meters, and finally stopped the car under the uniform of the surrounding people. At this time, the man’s wife still grabbed Xiao San’s hair.Mother was watching this scene silently.

Netizens who eat melon have already learned about the details of the incident. The true appearance of Xiao San was also exposed by the entire network.It looks like a funny face, so some netizens sent a soul torture: I am afraid that such a woman can only see such a soft rice man?

What’s even more amazing is that don’t look at the primary three looks, but the mouth is very sweet. In the process of being grasped by the original match, she has always been coquettish towards the man: brother, baby hurts, brother, baby hurts …

The crowds of the crowd almost did not laugh.That’s it, it’s really incredible.

The man comforted his "baby" with his face: "The baby is okay, my brother is here."

What is speechless?I think, after seeing this paragraph, you know what is speechless.

The man scolded his wife, "You let go, you let go, are you crazy" and comfort his baby.The three of them were in the car, one outside the car, tearing each other and let go.Pay attention to the details and feel that the original match is very sad. Her husband and primary three were caught on the street. The two of them were Qingqing me. There were also family planning supplies on the center console of the car…. but there is no slightest jewelry on the original body.

Through the original match of Ms. Xue, she went to work during the day and set up a stall at night. After all, there were two children to study. She just wanted to make more money, but the man in the car did not think for ahead.I asked her to buy a car to him. He wanted to run an online car. Ms. Xue thought that her husband finally knew how to understand her hard because the husband drove the car to make money.Drive the car she bought and went to this face with acne.

Ms. Xue, who was dead, saw her husband completely protecting the Primary Three and had no nostalgia for her and the two children, so she proposed to ask her husband to take her house’s house, the car she was driving, and the two children.

The man promised.

The man asked Ms. Xue to go home and said, don’t be shameful outside. Ms. Xue said that she was talking on the street. "I’m afraid you will hit me again", indicating that the man and the tendency to have domestic violence.

Many netizens are very angry when they see this video. Such a good wife is really hard to find under the lantern. How can she live up so disappointing her?What did the man look at Primary Three?Is it beautiful than Ms. Xue?Or will Ms. Xue make money and take care of it?

Netizens said: Does such a man still stay on the New Year?

Some netizens believe that if this man really goes home, will his "baby" follow him still?

Now, come here!

According to the people in Ms. Xue’s village, after the video continued to ferment on the Internet, "the original match was dragged by her husband for 20 meters" in the local area.Parents on both sides saw the original committee of the matter, and they also persuaded men and Ms. Xue to divorce.

As an outsider analyzed, Ms. Xue’s parents advised her not to divorce. It is likely to give the man a chance. After all, both of them have one child and a daughter. The divorce family is not complete, and it is extremely harmful to the child.

The man’s parents advised him not to divorce. The probability is to know that their son was the wrong prescription. After the divorce, the two baby grandsons were taken away by their daughter -in -law. They wanted to see a baby grandson and granddaughter, but it was more difficult than Dengtian Tiantian.Essence

As the saying goes, you have enough skin and eat enough.This man who caused the public full of anger on the entire network hadn’t been so much, so he regretted it!Do not acknowledge the words he said in front of everyone, give the children’s cars to Ms. Xue, but put forward two new conditions:

First, if divorce, his house’s house is property before marriage, and his house is him.And the car he bought for him for him was also under his name, and the car was his.

Second, if you do not divorce, Ms. Xue will tolerate the existence of Primary Three, because the third is pregnant, he will be a responsible "brother", and he cannot abandon Primary Three. In the future, they can live a polygamous life.

It’s really speechless again!What exactly does this scum man take himself?What do you think of marriage?What do you think of your wife?How can there be such a shameless "person", so shameless words, how can I say exit?


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