The orange cat was thrown by the owner’s garbage dump, and the pelvic fractures were all overwhelmed.

Many people are impulsive

Seeing someone else’s cat cute

I want to raise

After raising cats, I found that it was particularly troublesome

To shovel, feed water and feed

Cats will bump at night

If you are unhappy, you will catch people

Cats will also lose hair a lot

The sick spending is also very high

When I imagine the cat’s cat life

When the live cat life is inconsistent

There will be abandoning cats

Even the phenomenon of cat abuse

This lady encountered this situation

She throws garbage like before

However, I found something struggling in the backpack in the garbage dump

Obviously there is a living thing inside

If no matter

It is likely that a life dies like this

It will be hungry

It is also very likely to be treated as garbage

Lady carefully pulls the backpack zipper

Eye is a orange cat

Lying in the backpack

It seems that the strength of the whole body is dry

Eyes are also confused by many secretions

Almost blind state

It’s really miserable and distressed

Because I am also a cat love

There is also a gray Burine cat at home

Seeing this cat’s illness

I really can’t bear it

So the lady hugged the cat to the nearby pet hospital

Decide to save it

After watching a cat

Do some columns for it first

I didn’t expect cats except the surface scars

Fracture pelvic fracture

And serious malnutrition

The good news is that the two secretions are confused "blind" eyes

Very likely to be treated

This has made the rescue a lot better

Under the doctor’s strong treatment

Cats gradually recovered health

The lady also decided to adopt this orange cat

Give it a home

I thought it had been hurt by humans like this

The cat that was abandoned again

Will be afraid and disgusting people

I didn’t expect that the orange cat was so docile

Not only is it very good to get along with the family of Maine cats at home

The two cats are good every day

And it is very sticky to his new shovel officer

Orange Cat’s favorite thing

Just lying in the arms of the shovel officer

Look up and watch the shovel officer

Pat the shit officer with your head

Obviously there is a cat’s nest

But I like to sleep on the shovel officer bed

Eight -fault

Exposed my stomach

Trust this new owner very much

Orange cats who are still in the recovery period

Because pelvic fracture

Cut off the hair in the second half

Although very distressed

But this shape is really funny

Worthy of the orange

Start eating and eating during the recovery stage

It is getting closer and closer to Fat Orange

Orange cat has been fully recovered now

Every day, I am full of energy

Run on the grass and run on the grass

Holding my beloved little rabbit 爱 toy

Standing at the window to observe when the shovel officer go home

Dry the sun in the early morning and slightly slightly slightly

Around the small shovel officer

Silently guard her

See the child a good hand

Go to the snow with Maine Cat

Cats are getting happier and happier

It’s so gratifying

I don’t know if such a cute cat

Why did the original shovel officer abuse it?

I abandoned it when it was sick again

Pet petitioning more is actually patient

Love to maintain

Mao children will bring you more comfort and happiness

But also you also need to take a lot of energy

Don’t be impulsive before raising pets

Can you accompany them for a lifetime

Is it possible to bring it to healing?

Do you have time to accompany it every day

Endure cat hair full of sky flying

Or the cat is super excited at night

Can you accept

Some cats are still very destructive

Like to grab the sofa and so on

All are factors that need to be considered

If one day you don’t love it anymore

Please don’t hurt it

Don’t let it wander

Wandering is for home cats without survival skills

Equal to death

Find the next warm home for it

Find the shovel officer who really loves it

After all, I have accompanied each other with each other

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