The operating cost of the Cat Palace Magama Cat House

Breeding is a difficult task for anyone responsible.But the outside world often understands this very simple.I feel that a few cats are put together, and then mating, and then selling cats can make a lot of money, but a cat can sell tens of thousands.And a lot of nests can be given a lot.

But is this in fact? We don’t discuss the backyard here.Only discuss the conscience cat house that is seriously breed.I see a place that simply lists the place where it takes money in the process of breeding a kitten. We do not list the cost price of everything, because the price of different grades must be different.I can’t write it.But you can go to, Taobao and pet hospitals yourself, and then account for cost.Or ask your home directly.

The content of this article starts with the planning of the cat house. Breeding must not be a tide. There must be reasonable planning and rational analysis.At the beginning of the course, I will share with you how to plan a cat house. These are the homework that must be done in the early stage of operating a cat house. Please read and think carefully.

Cost analysis of breeding varieties

I know a lot of cats to breed people. At first, I raised cats, but I just like to raise cats. Most people have raised to raise the road of breeding.The reason is simple, hobbies and money.Breeding variety cats is the closest work "combining hobbies with money".If you spend tens of thousands of yuan because you bought a variety of cats, and if you feel that if you have 5 nests, you can sell more than 100,000, then this is a tide. Before you start to breed varieties, let’s objectively analyze it objectively.The cost of breeding varieties of cats.

Mainly analyze the investment cost from the following sectors:

1. Buy cats;

2. Rental (full room can be ignored);

3. Cat food: dry food, bone and flesh, canned food, frozen dried, etc.;

4. Nutrition products: beauty powder, vitamins, trace elements, probiotics, nutrition paste, chemical cream, etc.;

5. Cat supplies: breeding cages, cat sand pots, cat litter, cat sand shovel, cat bowl, cat grip plate, cat toy, etc.;

6. Cat care: shower gel (dirting, oil control, cleaning and other effects), bathtub, drying box, special nail knife, comb (different functions), urinary pads, sticky hair (for man), etc.;

7. Standing medicines: insect repellent, cold medicine, anti -inflammatory drugs, dermatology, ear mites, eye medicine, kitten vaccine, syringe, etc.

The above investment is the most basic material investment, but the actual situation can be regulated by themselves. Everyone can have different configurations, unable to make unified recommendations, and just increase or decrease as needed.In terms of giving birth to female cats and nursing after birth, additional medicines, equipment, nutritional products, etc. are also needed. This is introduced in detail in the subsequent courses.

In addition, you also need to continue to communicate and learn problems that cats are often encountered, learn the breeding theory of this variety of cats, and learn to judge the appearance of the breed.When you have a kittens, you must learn the knowledge of new kittens and nursing knowledge in advance.

When calculating the cost of the cat house, you must be accurate and not generally calculated.

The purchase of cat food is maintained within 2-3 types. It is not advisable to change food frequently. Calculate the price of each catty, and then refer to the cost of cat food for about 100 grams per cat.It can only be roughly close, and the amount of cats at different stages of cats eat is not fixed every day. It will be damaged when returning to Nantian, cats and turning bowls, but not large.

Other cat supplies list procurement lists, the input cost is clear at a glance.As a breeding person, you must develop the habit of bookkeeping daily. Even if you buy a bottle of eye drops, you must remember it, forcing yourself to develop your habits, so that you can give yourself an annual report at the end of each year.In fact, in the process of raising cats, this price is not high, but the purchase frequency of items that are often lost is still very high.

Therefore, it must be rigorous and meticulous when analyzing the cost.The road to breeding can not be profitable in the short term. From the time you buy a cat, you start calculating. Usually you start receiving it in 5 months. It is recommended to mate until the age of December. Among them, the cycle is more than 7 months.Then mating, 63 days of pregnancy, and another 2 months.Then the kitten was born. If it goes smoothly, all of them grow up and grow up to the vaccine in March, and the cycle increases by 3 months.The above cycle statistics are about 12 months, which is only one year, only a lot.In this year, you cannot make a profit by selling kittens, which means that only the investment has not produced.

The 12 -month cycle is still optimistic, because you are a new cat house, there is no popularity, the kitten will not be sold at once when it is raised until 3 months. At this timeThe cost is also increasing every day.No one is sure when the kitten is sold.

In short, summarize the two cores of this article:

■ Catal cat houses are expensive for specific reasons.

■ It is not easy to breed and enter the industry with caution.

Let me think about the following questions carefully:

■ Why do I want to breed?

■ Do I have time, patience and tolerance?

■ Can I afford it?

■ Have I completely studied this problem?

■ Have I discussed this question with experts (other breeding people)?

■ What will my family think of this idea, will they agree?

■ Can I sell my kitten? (Maybe there are many well -known breeding people in your area)

■ I just want to breed a nest?

■ Want the child to witness the birth of "miracle"?

■ Don’t want to sterilize?

■ Want to make money by selling cats?

It takes time to breed, money, and work hard!

Yes, breeding is actually a "hobby", and hobbies are required for money

Of course, if you are excellent, you can also make money by your hobbies, any hobbies, and reaching a certain level, are the ability to monetize. This is a principle of economics.

But there is a fact that for most breeding people and cat houses, you can basically cover the cost of breeding you need to make cats.(Of course, excluded here, in order to raise cats, I bought a large house in the suburbs, and then doubled the house and made millions of cases)

I have the idea of breeding:

Research products, varieties standards, make friends with breeding people, visit cat exhibitions, and purchase various courses to learn breeding knowledge.

The knowledge you need to learn include: general knowledge of reproduction, female cat mating and postpartum knowledge, kittens first aid and breeding knowledge, common disease treatment knowledge, genetics, etc.

In China, the learning of these knowledge is very limited.Many novices breed people, and they can only ask their own homes, and many of their families may have crossed the river by touching the stones, and most of them will not be good.

More importantly, you have to pay a lot of your own personal time. If you do n’t make a joke, if you do n’t think about it, you may have to accompany the female cat 24 hours.In the following half a month, you take 24 hours to take care of the kitten, otherwise they are likely to die at any time.

So if you don’t stay up late before, you can not stay up late after you have breed.What’s more important is that you can’t give birth to only one nest a year, so you can count as much as you sleep.

I started planning to buy cats to breed:

■ Buy planting cats (a large amount of expenses)

■ Medical costs (including a tedious series of operations such as vaccine, physical examination, etc.) to ensure the health of cats

■ Demoded (deworming is not so simple. According to the response of the cat’s body, deworming is targeted. If you don’t understand, you can check the type of pet deworming medicine.There are a lot of knowledge in learning.)

■ Healthy feeding and hair care

■ Competition registration fee

■ Other fees for the competition (toll, hotel fee, beauty fee, there may be human affairs)

■ For the health of cats, those additional cleaning supplies (such as pet disinfection, ultraviolet rail lighting lights, disposable gloves, alcohol, iodine, etc.)

■ Gene test (HCM/PKD/FIV/Felv)

■ Various health products of pregnant cats

■ Various equipment (atomizer, oxygen absorbers, constant thermostat, etc.) needed for childbirth

■ Various items in the delivery toolbox

■ If pregnancy fails, all kinds of medical expenses needed

■ If the male cat will not match, the borrowing fee for borrowing

The birth of the kitten:

■ If you still have a job, then you may have to ask for leave with the leader. After all, the new life is very fragile.

■ If one or two kittens lose your life due to your negligence, then you may always blame yourself and sleep all night.

■ Drugs and nutrition recovered after cesarean section and postpartum recovery (different hospitals are different, but the cheap ones will not be cheap, foreign abroad is very expensive, nearly 10,000 yuan!)

other fee:

■ The registration fee of the kitten

■ Advertising costs selling cats (the promotion and drainage costs of various platforms, so many popular platforms, no examples of one by one)

■ Fitage of shooting equipment: If the kitten’s photos and videos are not taken well, a cat with a good quality, during the publicity process, will also be greatly reduced.

■ Vaccine and deworming

■ Various toys

■ Any disease treatment cost encountered during the growth of kittens

■ Those who are used for hair raising are much more expensive than shampoo for people.

■ Washing cats to the waist support

■ Stay up late and cook fine lines and dark circles

■ The time and energy for your next family: If you encounter a friendly next family, you encounter a problem that you do n’t understand, you are willing to listen to you explanation, and you are willing to learn like you. Congratulations, you are lucky.When you encounter some related knowledge, you can’t judge but "listening to the wind is rain", that can give you qi for half a month.

What is even more terrible is that once the cat’s nose and cat plague explode, all the costs that were invested before are all so on.Don’t think that I am alarmist. This type of infectious disease requires a lot of time and energy to take care of it. If it is a cat plague, the loss may be made (including finance and manpower, energy),All smoke disappeared.

The following is some summary of the breeder

■ Breeding people always long for knowledge and always fight with conscience and belief.

■ Breeding people sacrifice other interests, money, time, exquisite furniture and thick carpets.

■ Breeding people and abandoning the dream of traveling around the world.

■ Breeding people do not sleep, coffee Cola is the best partner.

■ Breeding people do not attend friends gatherings, because the female cat is about to give birth.To meet, come to my house.

■ The knee of breeding people is always the place where the master is fighting.

■ Breeding with back pain and rheumatism.

■ Breeding people’s arms.

■ The ears of breeding people are very powerful, and any cry of the kitten can judge what the reason is.

■ Breeding people often heartbreak, because they often go through life and death.

■ Breeding people are the most kind people in this world, because everything is because of love.

This is a lofty, but very, very difficult career. If you do this, are you really ready?

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