The old people often say that the five taboos after pregnancy seem to be superstitious, but they are actually very reasonable!

Perhaps for pregnant mothers in the 80s and 90s, there will be no more particular attention except to ensure nutrition and pay attention to nourishing tires during pregnancy.However, for the older generation, that’s not the case. On the one hand, it is also due to the inheritance of the traditional inheritance of the older generation, and on the other hand, it is also concerned about the pregnant woman.From time to time, some "taboos" during pregnancy.

Some of these taboos seem to be superstitious. In fact, it is very reasonable to think about it.

1. Can’t move after pregnancy

Sometimes, due to the special situation, you may have to move soon after you are pregnant. For example, because of Dabao to school, in order to take care of Dabao, you can walk less, so moving to the school near the school has become the best choice.However, in the eyes of the older generation, it is not appropriate to move in the early stages of pregnancy. This is because they think that there is a so -called "fetal god", and moving will affect the tranquility of the fetus in the abdomen.

Of course, as a new century, we naturally do not believe in the so -called fetal gods. However, for pregnant mothers, especially for pregnant mothers who have just pregnant with children, moving really or less will affect the tranquility of the fetus.This is because the pregnant mother may be fatigue because of running around, or that they can’t adapt to a new environment at once, and may move the fetal gas.

2. Can’t say in the first three months

In the eyes of the elderly, the reason why the first three months was that they could not tell others that they were pregnant because they were afraid that the fetus would take the baby away.Of course, this statement will definitely not believe for young people.

However, it is reasonable to tell people everywhere after pregnancy, because this will cause pressure to bring pressure on the pregnant mother, and there may be certain variables in the early stage.If you accidentally have a miscarriage, you will ask if you see it again, which will bring psychological pressure.Therefore, it is good to tell others for three months after three months.

3. Can’t participate in the funeral

For the older generation, after pregnancy, he is very taboo to participate in the funeral, thinking that this will hit the fetal gas.Haha, I believe many people will be shocked after seeing it.However, pregnant women are not suitable for participating in funerals.

Because for pregnant mothers, emotional fluctuations are played, and participating in the funeral can easily make the mothers emotional low, which is not conducive to fetal development.So pregnant mothers are the best

4. Can’t be patted on the shoulders

There is such a sentence circulating in the folk, "There are two lights on the shoulder of a person. This cannot be shot randomly, and for pregnant women, it will cause abortion when it is taken." In fact, for pregnant women, it is indeed a pregnant woman.Can’t be patted on the shoulders casually.Because if you are shot suddenly, you are easily frightened and miscarriage.Therefore, it has a certain sense that pregnant women cannot be patted on their shoulders.

5. Can’t hold people’s children 抱

According to the folk, this statement is that pregnant women cannot hold their children, and the children in the stomach are "stolen", which is the so -called "stolen tire".In fact, aside from this statement, pregnant women should also worry about holding children, because children are more naughty, and pregnant mothers can easily be kicked to the stomach. In severe cases, they may cause abortion.

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