The normal physiological change process of breasts during pregnancy

After women are pregnant, many changes will occur in breasts. As the pregnancy month deepen, this change will become more and more obvious.From the moment the fertilized eggs are bed, the breasts will perceive the changes in hormones in women’s body, and the phenomenon of sensitive and painfulness will occur.

The tenderness of the breast is very similar to the breast bloating and pain of the menstrual period, but it will be stronger. Usually, it will gradually weaken and disappear after three months of pregnancy.The secretion of estrogen hormone during pregnancy has greatly increased, stimulating breast ducts and prostate hyperplasia to make breasts larger. During the big breasts of breasts, itching can cause itching of breast skin.Breast drooping in women during pregnancy, because breasts will stretch the breast ligament that supports the breast while becoming larger. Due to the extension of the ligament, the breast sagging is caused.Therefore, repeated fertility women’s breasts eventually droop for III breasts.


The nipple isola pigment is calm, and the phenomenon of turning black also occurs during pregnancy. This is the pigmentation of some parts of the body caused by the rise of estrogen levels.Many first pregnant women who love beauty will appear extremely nervous about turning black, fearing that pigment will not affect the beauty, in fact, there is no need to be nervous and uneasy, because such skin color will gradually return to the original appearance with the decline of hormones after giving birth.Essence


Women’s body will prepare for breastfeeding during pregnancy, and the nipples will gradually increase. At this time, there may be some small nodules on the nipples, responsible for secreting oil and moisturizing nipples, and avoid cracking.It is worth noting that expectant mothers should not apply white ointment due to changes in the breasts, so as not to cause harm to the body and fetus.Tick milk is also one of the common changes in breasts during pregnancy. It may appear on the first few days, weeks or even months before the due date, indicating that the breasts of women during pregnancy have been prepared for breastfeeding.The phenomenon of dripping is normal and no special treatment is required.It is worth noting that pregnant women are noticed that pressing the breasts during the third trimester may stimulate the body, increase contractions, and cause premature birth. Therefore, do not press and massage the breasts in the third trimester.

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