The new Korean spicy fried rice cake, eat it in the same three, do it for your children and his family#Korean …

The new Korean fried rice cakes are also eaten in three.

Yesterday, I saw a new way of eating fried rice cakes. The fried rice cakes are basically the same as ordinary fried rice cakes.But after the production is completed, add some other auxiliary materials, which will produce two other flavors and taste fried rice cakes.So today I am going to try to make it here and share it with everyone to see if it is introduced in the video. It is really so delicious, so try to challenge today.

· Take out the water of the rice cake, this is a soaked rice cake.The auxiliary ingredients are onion and green onions and chop the onion.First prepare the seasonings, as well as chili sauce, onion and green onion, and sugar.

· Ready to open the fire, put less thrown oil after the fire, and after pouring a drop of oil, after the oil temperature is almost hot, put down the auxiliary onion and green onion.At this time, after the onion has become transparent, put two spoons of chili sauce. At this time, two spoons of pepper noodles are put in. If you cannot eat too spicy people, put less.Essence

· Then stir fry in low heat and stir -fry the onion and chili sauce together.After frying until it became this level, pull it to the side, put two spoons of soy sauce, and stir fry evenly together.My approach, this was just learned yesterday, and the approach of others is different.

· When the chili sauce is fried like this, how much water is now put on water, which is based on the amount of rice cakes, that is, the position of the New Year cake is only a bit, and the foam above it is squeezed out.

· After the water is boiled, turn to a low heat and put today’s protagonist rice cake, so slowly rush down.Put the rice cake in and start to make it.At this time, you can add some sugar to it in it, and you can add two spoons of sugar, and you can add two spoons.After the fire is boiled for five minutes, it looks like this.

The first step of fried rice cakes is completed. Let’s taste it for everyone. How about the taste of rice cakes and tastes good.Now show the second way of eating.

· It’s time to show the second way of eating. The cheese is the cheese rice cake.As long as you prepare a porcelain cup, you can put the cheese in one -half or two -thirds of the amount you want to eat.Prepare a cup, then put it in the cheese and prepare a microwave oven for a heating.Generally, when you think of it, heated it at a microwave oven, and prepare a lid for it. Many people usually cover this when they cover, but you think it is easy to slide like this.

So teach you a very simple way to come over.Open the microwave oven for a minute.After a minute of playing in the posture, why take a minute?It is to prevent it from being too sticky, so quickly stir it into the middle and sprinkle it on it.

· Cheese fried rice cake is made.Cheese fried rice cakes are completed, everyone tastes it, what is it like?Have you seen?There are even more spicy taste.You can give your child your girlfriend, your lover and wife at home at home.As long as you need to make a cake of fried rice cakes, he can try different tastes.Some people do not like spicy food and can make him comprehensively use this way, so that he will not feel particularly spicy, and the taste is particularly good.The full cheese feels so delicious.

· The last way to eat today: Add a little cheese, everyone likes to eat cheese, and then prepare a cup, pour 100 grams of milk, and pour 100 grams of raw cattle milk cheese.Open fire.This is a little left.Rice rice cakes and then pour the hot pot of milk and raw cheese into it, and start making high heat. This will turn into cheese cheese rice cakes.

To what extent?Boil until you brush the pot like this, and a track will appear when you pull this pot, but you must keep brushing this pot, because after putting milk and cheese, there are cheeseEasy to stick to the pan, collect the juice on high heat, get it.Let’s try it.

Today’s last work is the cheese cheese rice cake, and it tastes equal.In the last one, it is especially suitable for small friends to eat, and it is not spicy at all, do you know?

Its taste is like we usually eat that kind of pasta. It is not a taste of this taste or cheese pasta. It is similar to that taste. It has cheese, cheese and fresh milk, so the taste is quite good.I hope that if the family is free, you will give you your lover, girlfriend, and children to try to make it.

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